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It is the final presentation of our team research on the Lancome strategy as global leader in the beauty industry.

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  • Wistman had a strong impact to the fame of the brand among VIP
  • High end position implies higher prices than L’oreal collections, because Lancome belongs to the luxury products division, called L’orealLuxe. L’oreal acquired Lancome to have in its portfolio a luxury brands that spreads the French feeling all around. Moreover, Lancome wishes to convey the values of femininity and care for women.The luxurious marketing strategy is achieved through remarkable campaigns, in collaboration with popular testimonials. The style of the packaging is smooth and elegant, recalling the French finesse. Lancome also provides the customers with free trials in shops and tutorials available online and through other channels.The company chooses an intermediate solution in which the word “Lancome” is combined with the specific name of each product;
  • Remember use the word PUBLICITY
  • Easy to register: you are asked just few necessary information such as first and last name, age (18+) and address in order to create an account useful to buy online.Free gifts with every purchases. Price of delivery is 6 euros for purchases below 60 euros.If a product is not available, they will contact the customers as soon as it becomes available again.In order to get a refund, shipping costs are charged to the sender.
  • Lancome

    1. 1. Lancôme
    2. 2. History 1935 Armand Petitjean, a 20-year veteran of the cosmetics business, launched Lancôme. The new company debuted at the Exposition Universelle in Brussels with a line of five fragrances. 1937 Lancôme created Nutrix, its first skincare product described as a “miracle cream”, and its first lipstick line, Rose de France. 1952 Trésor fragrance debuted in an elegant diamond-shaped bottle designed Delhomme, Coty’s artistic director. by Georges 1955 Lancôme products were already available in 98 countries around the world.
    3. 3. 1964 Close to bankruptcy, the company was acquired by L’Oréal. Marcel Petitjean only accepted L’Oréal’s offer provided that its CEO, François Dalle, would have continued to honor Lancôme’s original mission. 1981 The popular model Isabella Rossellini signed an exclusive deal as the international testimonial for the brand. The relationship lasted for fourteen years. 2003 Gucci Westman was hired as international artistic director. 2013 Lancôme started a partnership with Alber Elbaz, Lanvin`s designer. The aim is to create a collection in step with the company’s intrinsic values, conveying an allure of haute couture and avant-garde feeling.
    4. 4. The name and insignia are inspired by the wild roses in the Château de Lancosme in the central France. Philosophy and Values: “Beauty with an unmistakably French accent” First Lancôme Slogan- 1956 Vogue  Femininity  Joie-de-vivre  Elegance Brand Strategy: Premium  High end position in the beauty industry  Luxurious marketing strategy Upper-bridge Mass brands Campaigns Packaging Services
    5. 5. Facts and Figures:  Jean-Paul Agon is the CEO of L`Oréal  It belongs to the L`Oréal Luxe division  4,4% of market share in premium cosmetics  4th favourite skin care brand (after Chanel, Clarins and Dior)  Visionnaire is the best-seller serum in Italy  3 R&D centres in France, USA and Japan International Exposure:  Products sold worldwide  Global market growth through country-specific advertisement Where Can You Find It?  Department stores  Exclusive beauty stores  Duty-free shops
    6. 6. Fragrances Skin Care 10 Foundations 7 liquid 3 compact 10 shades avg 3 Face powders 3-4 nuances each 2 Lipstick lines L’Absolu 2 textures (Rogue and Nu) 47 colors 1 revitalizing base In Love 32 colors 1 pink baume 2 Gloss lines Gloss in love 12 color 2 Blush 7 shades and a palette 3 Concealers 3 shades Lip Pencil 7 colors Juice Tube 6 colors 4 gloss combo box Price Ranges: EYES FACE LIPS NAILS € 16-55 € 19-30 € 17 € 39-56 Bronzer 2 textures 1brush dispenser FACE 1 Crayon Sourcils  SKU: 705 6 Eyeliners 4 pencil v. 2 liquid v. 5 colors avg 30 Colors NAILS Make-up 3 Mascara lines 5 different declination 2 Waterproof versions LIPS Eyeshadow 25 Colors + 12 Palette combinations EYES Product Analysis
    7. 7. La via est belle Eau de parfum (30, 50, 75 ml) Shower gel Moisturizing milk € 51-97 Make-up Fragrances  SKU: 38 Skin Care Hypnôse € 42-95 Hypnôse senses Hypnôse Uomo Eau de cologne (100 ml) Eau de toilette (50, 75 ml) Box (75 ml) Ô de Lancôme Eau de toilette (75, 125 ml) Shower gel Moisturizing milk Ô de l’ Orangerie (75, 125 ml) Ô de Oui (75 ml) € 52-83 Ô d’Azur (75 ml) Miracle (50 ml) Miracle so magic! (30, 50, 100 ml) € 57 Trésor € 47-110 Eau de parfum Eau de toilette Eau de parfum (30,50, 100 ml) Shower gel Moisturizing milk Trésor in love Eau de parfum (30, 50, 75 ml) Trésor midnight rose Eau de parfum (30, 50, 75 ml) Magie noir (75 ml) € 92 Poême (30, 50, 100 ml) € 50
    8. 8. 6 Skin Care Lines: Dreamtone, Renergie, Absolue, Make-up Genifique, Hydra Zen. They all have a specific target and price range. For instance: ` Fragrances  Absolue Top Prices line Price Range €96-330 Target Baby-Boomer Purpose: deeply reconstruction  Renergie Core Prices line Price Range €62-115 Target 40-something Purpose: Lifting effect Skin Care  SKU: 43  Core business: Make-up (SKU:705)  Every year Lancôme releases new a/w and s/s collections.  Since 2013 all mascaras and eye shadows are available in the Alber Elbaz special edition.  Hydra Zen Entry Prices line Price Range €33-60 Target 30-something Purpose: 24 hours hydration
    9. 9. Digital Marketing  The Facebook page aims to involve the customers, by sharing insider information, asking opinions and promoting events. 4,9 mln  The YouTube channel provides the customers with insights on the best way to use products and shares the company`s commercials  A weekly newsletter is sent to all the registered customers highlighting the currently best-sellers and the advantages of the e-commerce.  The blog collects all the news, videos and tips about the Lancôme world, to let the customers being always updated about the latest beauty trends  Lancôme Virtual Palette app simulates a realistic make-up.  Strong relationship with the top beauty specialists.
    10. 10. E-Commerce  Lancôme E- shop deliveres  Maximum purchase: 500 euros  Maximum quantity: no more than 3 pieces per item  Delivery time: 2-3 weekdays  Payment methods
    11. 11. Comments  Delays in delivery  Promotions inadequately organized at the retail level  Mismanagement of the customer service  Sample products not always distributed Did you know?  Lancôme does not delivery in Sicilia and Sardegna  Experiment animal-free BUT CSR document not available Our considerations:  Lancôme is part of the L’Oreal group, therefore only the consolidated balance sheet was available  The supply of some products such as the foundations is so wide that the customer could be confused and this could lead to cannibalization.
    12. 12. Thank you Fabiana Di Flaviano Antonella Fraioli Luciana Tornabene Elisabetta Zoffoli