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12 most beautiful villages ineurope
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12 most beautiful villages ineurope


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  • 1. 12 MOST BEAUTIFUL villages in Europe
  • 2. MOST BEAUTIFUL VILLAGES IN EUROPE 1 They may not be as spectacular and well known as NYC, London, Paris or Rome but those 12 villages in Europe are charming and make traveling back in time a fact. We’ve selected 12 amazing spots in different part of Europe to inspire you to get off the beaten track and discover the less known destinations.
  • 3. NAZARÉ, PORTUGAL 1 Nazare, named after the Biblical “Nazareth” in the 4th century, is Portugal's most famous fishing village, now becoming important as well in the world of big wave & surfers.
  • 4. BIERTAN, ROMANIA 2 A must see in Transylvania - Biertan Fortified Church, one of many unique settlings in the land of famous Count Dracula.
  • 5. BLED, SLOVENIA 3 Small Alpine town in northwestern Slovenia at the shore of Lake Bled, which pristine waters surround a tiny island and its small Baroque church.
  • 6. HALLSTATT, AUSTRIA 4 Hallstatt in central Austria enjoys an amazing setting on the bank of the Hallstätter See, between the crystal-clear lake and a lush mountain.
  • 7. GRUYÈRES, SWITZERLAND 5 Gruyères is a medieval hamlet in the upper valley of the Saane River in western Switzerland, famous for its namesake cheese.
  • 8. MANAROLA, ITALY 6 Manaraolaisfamousforitsjumbleof pastelbuildingsthatclingvertiginouslyto thesheercliffsofTellaro,whichoccupiestheeasternmosttipof theGolfodeiPoeti.
  • 9. CONG, IRELAND 7 The picturesque village of Cong is famous for numerous stone bridges, the ruins of a medieval abbey and Ashford Castle.
  • 10. TELČ, CZECH REPUBLIC 8 TelčisasmalltowninsouthMoraviawhereonebuildingislovelierthanthenext. AgrandRenaissance-erachâteauandlargefish-filledpondssurroundthesquare.
  • 11. PUČIŚĆA, CROATIA 9 Pučiśćaontheislandof Bračisaseasidevillagethatenchantswithwhite-stone villaswithterracottaroofs,narrowcobblestonedalleys,andastone-pavedsquare.
  • 12. REINE, NORWAY 10 ReineisafishingvillageintheLofotenarchipelagowithmanyofthebrightredfishermen’s cabinsconvertedintocomfortablecottagesforvisitorsofferingdirectaccesstotheNorwegian
  • 13. COLMAR, FRANCE 11 French and German influences resulted in range of architectural styles, from German Gothic to French Neo-Baroque, that can be spotted in this old town.
  • 14. BIBURY, ENGLAND 12 Bibury in southwestern England is one of its loveliest villages in Europe where verdant meadows about ancient stone cottages with steep pitched roofs.
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