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TED powerpoint by Gabrielle A Moss Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Feat. Kevin Allocca
  • 2. Kevin AllocaA trends manager andprofessional analyzer ofvideo trends for YouTube
  • 3. In his speech, “Why Videos Go Viral,” Allocca claims that there areTHREE things that make a video go viral.
  • 4. Those things are:tastemakers, communities and participation, and unexpectedness
  • 5. Kevin uses one ofmany viral videos tograb the audience‟sattention,which gives them thechance to have a laughand keep their interest onwhat he has to say.
  • 6. Kevin kept the audience engaged in hisspeech by frequently displaying samples of well-known viral videos and relating to his audience through stories.
  • 7. Out of the TED Commandments, Allocca connected with his audience‟s emotions the best by making them laugh often in his presentation through the sample of viral videos he included.
  • 8. Dynamism Rating 3 out of 5Although I could tell Kevin Allocca new what he wastalking about and was well-prepared I don‟t feel 100% sureof his passion throughout the speech. His presentation wasvery informal and did not match up with his professionalmanner of presenting causing him to come off as being„fake‟ so to speak. I would have liked to hear more of whathe had to say rather than so many video clips.
  • 9. Kevin included a couple of stories about himselfthat he could use to relate with the audiencesimilar to the advice of Nancy Duarte, and usedsimple presentation slides containing onlysnippets of vital information following GarrReynolds‟ tips.
  • 10. After watching Allocca’s speech I beganto really grasp the proper set up of aspeech such as how to begin and endstrongly.I’ve also learned the value of humor andhow it affects the audience and myspeech delivery.
  • 11. Compared to Sir Ken Robinson,Kevin Allocca differed greatly in both Energy and Presentation
  • 12. EnergyKevin had a more open/obvious humor to his speech,while Robinson seemingly „stumbled‟ upon his jokesnaturally as if they were funny but not really planned to be.
  • 13. Presentation Kevin Allocca used many premade video clips and images for his presentation, while Robinson used only his speech in one and a unique full-length animation of his speech in action in the other.
  • 14. My suggestions for my fellow classmates would be towatch out for how often and when you use video clips inyour presentation. Timing is just as important as relativity.Also, it is important to have a positive attitude whilepresenting. You don‟t have to be funny to give a greatspeech, but more than anything passion is a must.
  • 15. ©https://twitter.com/TED_TALKS ~Image Citations~ ©http://www.callcentrehelper.com/th e-top-five-uses-of-speech-recognition- technology-1536.htm ©http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a080hNn3_A4©http://lapublica.net/corresponsales/videos/conferencias-ted/ ©http://us.123rf.com/400wm/400/400/pixelsawayitem/122-kevin-allocca-en-conferencia-ted-como-los- /pixelsaway0909/pixelsaway090900012/5514284-videos-se-hace confrontation-conflict--clashing-of-forces-or-ideas-n-virales concept-presented-with-two-facing-white-chalk-ar.jpg ©http://simpleemotion.com/ ©http://escap3.deviantart.com/art/Dot s-Wallpaper-155495024?q=&qo= ©http://www.electro-sound.com/wp- content/gallery/images-electro-fantasy/hd-©http://www.nasa.gov/images/content/295513main_image_ abstract-wallpaper-flame_hd-wide1.jpg1235_946-710.jpg ©http://thoughtsbecomeyou.blo gspot.com/2012/09/thought-of- day-thinkng-for-change.html ©http://www.seomoz.org/blog©http://i.ytimg.com/vi/ZeYjuMDxFfE/0.jpg /presentation-skills-for-seo