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JSF On Rails - Devoxx 2008
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JSF On Rails - Devoxx 2008


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Presentation from the Tools in Action Track at Devoxx 2008. It shows rapid development of an EJB/JPA & JSF application using ADF 11g, resulting in a rich and attractive application. Then it introduces …

Presentation from the Tools in Action Track at Devoxx 2008. It shows rapid development of an EJB/JPA & JSF application using ADF 11g, resulting in a rich and attractive application. Then it introduces the 'on rails' part through the JHeadstart plugin that brings a model and meta-driven zero-code generation experience especially suited for CRUD++ applications.

Published in: Technology, Education

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  • Transcript

    • 1.
    • 2. JSF on Rails – JDeveloper 11g, ADF 11g and JHeadstart
      • Lucas Jellema
      • Expertise Manager
      • AMIS (The Netherlands)
    • 3. Overall Presentation Goal
      • Demonstrate the rapid, declarative development of Rich Internet Applications (EJB/JPA or ADF Business Components, JavaServer Faces) using JDeveloper 11g & ADF 11g
      • and the “warp-speed” on-rails model driven development using JHeadstart 11g
      • (entice you to try it out for yourself)
    • 4. Speaker’s qualifications
      • Lucas Jellema is CTO at AMIS – an Oracle, SOA & Java specialist in The Netherlands
      • Lucas Jellema is Oracle ACE Director
      • Lucas Jellema regularly writes articles for media like JDJ, Java Magazine (Dutch), JavaLobby, Oracle Technology Network, and various Oracle related magazines
      • Lucas Jellema presented in 2008 on Dutch Java User Group conference, JavaOne, Oracle Open World, Devoxx and various Oracle User Group events
      • Lucas Jellema makes frequent contributions to the weblog
    • 5.
      • Java developers spend most of their time on solving non-functional problems that have already been solved:
      • In other technology stacks
      • In existing Java frameworks, libraries or tools
      • By their (former) colleagues
      • And sometimes even by themselves
      • Over 90% of developer effort can be and should be oriented towards functional business requirements
      • No focus and little effort on programming generic plumbing code or developing functionality available from frameworks
      • Exploit declarative, predefined options in your technology stack and start programming in anger to go the ‘extra mile’
    • 6.
      • Demo: JEE Application Development – EJB 3.0/JPA & JSF using JDeveloper 11g with ADF 11g
      • Discussion of remaining challenges
      • Introduction of JSF on Rails with JHeadstart
      • Demo: Declarative, model-driven, zero-code generation of JEE Applications using JHeadstart
      • Summary
    • 7.
      • ADF = Oracle’s Application Development Framework
          • (rich) JSF implementation (ADF Faces aka MyFaces Trinidad) – as well as ADF Swing and Struts/JSP support
          • its own persistency framework ADF Business Components (fka BC4J) – as well as support for EJB/JPA, EclipseLink/TopLink, WebServices and 3 rd party persistency solutions
          • Infrastructure for Data Binding – to decouple Model and ViewController (and implement rich JSF backing models)
          • Note: each of these elements can be used with or without the others
      JEE Web Application on ADF
    • 8. The Data Model for the demo
    • 9. DEMO
      • Demonstration rapid JEE Web Application Development
      • JDeveloper 11g with ADF
      • Business Tier: EJB 3.0/JPA
      • ADF Model
      • Web Tier: JavaServer Faces (ADF 11g Faces Rich Client Components)
    • 10.
      • Step One – Master (table) Detail (table)
      Rapid Demonstration Result
    • 11.
      • Step Two –
            • Wrap Employee Table in PanelCollection (Detach and run-time Column Management) &
      • Enable Sort on Employee Table
      Rapid Demonstration Result
    • 12.
      • Step Three – the Real Estate Challenge:
            • Accordion with Employee Table and Salary Graph
            • Popup with extra context details (Department Manager)
      Rapid Demonstration Result
    • 13.
      • Master-Detail synchronization
      • Table-Table
      • Sort & Column Manipulation
      • Accordion
      • Popup
      • Chart
      • ============ (+ 10 minutes
      Rapid Demonstration Result
    • 14.
      • Even though a lot of drag & drop, still a lot of manual activity involved
      • Because of that, keeping the pages consistent – look & feel, structure, interactivity – can be a pain
      • Absorb/Apply global changes in either the Model or the layout and interaction structure and pattern is quite hard
      • Implementing common UI patterns – List of Values, Search Forms, Navigation, Breadcrumbs – can be made easier
      • The learning curve is quite steep – even though initially little programming is involved
      Some Remaining Challenges
    • 15. JHeadstart =JSF on Rails
      • JHeadstart generates an ADF – JSF application from the model and a declarative definition of pages & data usages
      • For CRUD + + style applications
            • or a headstart for process/task oriented applications
      • Many common data, interaction and layout-patterns are supported with out-of-the-box generation
            • Master-Detail(-Detail-….), Shuttle, List of Values
            • Form, Table, Tree, Overflow areas, File upload/download
            • Menu, Deeplink Navigation, Breadcrumb trail
            • Run-time management of Resource Bundles and Custom Items
            • Integrated Role based authorization for pages and items
    • 16. Develop iteratively with JHS
      • Preparation
              • Install JHeadstart extension for JDeveloper
              • Enable JHeadstart on Web application
              • Build (initial) business service with ADF BC
              • Create (default) Application Definition
              • Generate (initial) application: JSF pages, Page Flows, Managed Beans & Navigation rules, ADF Data Binding
      • Repeatedly, in iterations
              • Edit Application Definition
              • [Change Generator Templates]
              • [Modify Model (ADF BC Business Service)]
              • Regenerate
    • 17. DEMO
      • Demonstration JEE Web Application Development on Rails - Introducing JHeadstart
      • JDeveloper 11g, ADF & JHeadstart
      • Business Tier: ADF Business Components
      • ADF Model
      • Web Tier: JavaServer Faces (ADF 11g Faces Rich Client Components)
    • 18.
      • Menu
      • Master-Detail
      • Search Form
      • Edit/Delete/Duplicate
      JSF on Rails Demo Results
    • 19.
      • Editing the Application Definition
      JSF on Rails Demo Results
    • 20. JSF on Rails Demo Results
    • 21. Summary
      • ADF 11g helps create rich JavaServer Faces applications on top of EJB/JPA, WebService or ADF Business Components Business Services
      • ADF 11g Data Binding allow drag & drop style data binding of complex data driven components (form, table, tree, shuttle, many graph types, slider, pivot table, …)
      • ADF 11g Faces (Rich Client Components) provide rich layout components (popup, panelsplitter, accordion, tabs..)
      • JHeadstart 11g puts JSF/ADF ‘on rails’ with extreme productive no code generation of CRUD++ applications
    • 22. Concluding statement
      • Development of JavaServer Faces applications can and should be fast and productive yet rich and attractive with full focus on business functionality
      • ADF 11g allows for rapid JSF application development. JHeadstarts adds the highway (railway) to a jumpstart, especially when creating CRUD++ applications.
      • Both can easily be enhanced by Java programmers
      • Give it a try (all software can be downloaded from OTN)
    • 23. Q&A
    • 24. Thanks for your attention!
      • See: for resources, more demonstrations, examples and presentation material
      • Email: