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  • These two pictures demonstrate the differences in surgical wound between conventional open and endoscopic surgery. The big wound on your left was made by open surgery. In contrast, the same operation can now be performed with four tiny wounds shown on your right.
  • 2002 年ワールドカップサッカー! この大会は史上初めて日韓両国の共同開催という形で組織され、非常に成功裏に行われたことは、未だ皆様の記憶に新しいと思います。この大会を通じて日韓の友好関係が一気に加速されたことは誰も疑うことはないのではと思います。 しかし一般にはあまり知られていないと思いますが、この年にもう一つ、日韓両国の交流を促進する大きな出来事がありました。
  • Menu for my presentation is as follows. First, I would like to explain what the endoscopic surgery is to the audience for the first place. Then, I will show you the current network system working in our hospital to send our surgical movies on real-time basis. After that, Mr. Uchikubo from Olympus Company will tell us about actual plan for the present project.
  • 我々のプロジェクトに対しては、既に 韓国以外のアジア諸国からの関心も高く 、ハワイを始め、北京、バンコク、台北、オーストラリアのケアンズなどとも接続済みです。 また上海・シンガポールを始めいろいろなアジア地域とも 具体的な話が進行中 ですが、 今後は国が進めるアジアブロードバンド計画とも呼応する形で 、この計画を進める必要があると考えております。
  • 大学院生への講義をアジア諸国へ発信。専門家による最新の講義をモバイル端末でも受講可能。
  • 我々のプロジェクトに対しては、既に 韓国以外のアジア諸国からの関心も高く 、ハワイを始め、北京、バンコク、台北、オーストラリアのケアンズなどとも接続済みです。 また上海・シンガポールを始めいろいろなアジア地域とも 具体的な話が進行中 ですが、 今後は国が進めるアジアブロードバンド計画とも呼応する形で 、この計画を進める必要があると考えております。
  • First connection to Brazil and Mexico for endoscopic teleconference during Internet2 Meeting
  • s
  • An exciting teleconference was organized, connecting Central and Latin American countries.
  • 他施設を接続した心臓カテーテルのライブデモンストレーションが、タイで開催された APAN で企画された。
  • In conclusion, …..
  • Shuji shimizu

    1. 1. 1Kyushu University UI project Kyudai Taro,2007Shuji Shimizu, MDDirector,Telemedicine Development Center of Asia,Kyushu University Hospital,Fukuoka, Japan
    2. 2. Shuji Shimizu, MDDirector,Telemedicine Development Center of Asia,Kyushu University Hospital,Fukuoka, JapanMay 9, 2013, Cali, ColumbiaRemote Medical Education in Asia-Pacific- Possible expansion to Columbia-
    3. 3. 1000 km500 kmTokyoSeoulBeijingShanghaiTaipeiBusanFukuoka1500 kmSapporoOsakaJAPANJAPANCHINACHINAKOREAKOREAEast Asia
    4. 4. The World’s10 Hottest Cities1. Las Vegas/USA2.2. Fukuoka/JapanFukuoka/Japan3. Munich/Germany4. London/England5. Toulouse/France6. Nanchang/China7. Moscow/Russia8. Ghaziabad/India9. Goyang/Korea10.Florianopolis/Brazil1. Las Vegas/USA2.2. Fukuoka/JapanFukuoka/Japan3. Munich/Germany4. London/England5. Toulouse/France6. Nanchang/China7. Moscow/Russia8. Ghaziabad/India9. Goyang/Korea10.Florianopolis/BrazilJuly 2006
    5. 5. Today’s menuBackgroundActivitiesKorea-JapanAsia-PacificChallengesKyushu Univ., Fukuoka
    6. 6. Surgical revolution: One exampleSurgical revolution: One exampleOpen Endoscopic
    7. 7. Benefits of Endoscopic SurgeryBenefits of Endoscopic SurgerySmallwoundOpen Endoscopic1 week after surgery  Pain Walking Recovery
    8. 8. But, NOT popular in medical community yetWhy not?Why not?Remote education• New knowledge and procedures keep coming.• Young doctors do not have enough chances.• Save time & travel expenses• Scalability: Daily use & Large audienceHUGE demands in education!<Economical & Effective!>
    9. 9. Int’l Teleconf/Live demoExpensive!SatelliteSatelliteISDN/NarrowISDN/NarrowPoor image!?1990s
    10. 10. FIFA World Cup 2002FIFA World Cup 2002
    11. 11. Situations dramatically changed in 2002Situations dramatically changed in 2002Situations dramatically changed in 2002Situations dramatically changed in 2002We use BIG Internet!We use BIG Internet!Korea- Japan wasconnected with BigBroadbandNetwork (2G).Korea- Japan wasconnected with BigBroadbandNetwork (2G).JapanJapanKoreaKorea Hub inKyushuUniv.
    12. 12. Key technologiesKey technologies DVTS(Digital video transport system) Academic network(Research and education network)2000s
    13. 13. Actual bandwidth in each network0.430051015202530ISDN DVTSMbpsCompressed,degradedOriginalqualityD: DigitalV: VideoT: TransportS: SystemPoint 1: Big Broadband NetworkDigital VideoInternetMoving images
    14. 14. DVTS: Cheap and SimpleDV Camcoder DVTS PCMicrophoneUTP(Ethernet)AudioInternet• DVTS: free but powerful software• No special teleconferencing equipments>30Mbps>30MbpsCommercial network does not work!Commercial network does not work!Surgical instrumentIEEE1394
    15. 15. Point 2: Academic Networkfor Research and EducationColumbia: RENATAScience 1986, “Computer Networking for Scientists”
    16. 16. High-speed Network for R&E in JapanMinistry ofEducation• Government-funded  • No commercial use• All national universities are connected• No additional cost if connected• Big Internet is ready to use anytime• Government-funded  • No commercial use• All national universities are connected• No additional cost if connected• Big Internet is ready to use anytimePractical Telemedicine has started.
    17. 17. Today’s menuBackgroundActivitiesKorea-JapanAsia-PacificChallengesKyushu Univ., Fukuoka
    18. 18. OR Surgical movieNCC, KoreaKyushu Univ., JapanNeeds! Laparosc. Surg.Security software usedAug 1, 2003The first live demonstration of surgery
    19. 19. TV news reportsAug 22, 2003TNC in the evening newsRKBKBCNHKKBC
    20. 20. Routine Int’l Case TeleconferenceSeoul Univ., KoreaKyushu Univ., Japan2005.2.17
    21. 21. Tele-lecture: From Japan to Korea2006.9.22EquipmentKyushu USeoul NUDVTS package
    22. 22. Live Surgery from Korea to Japan2006.4.13Seoul => Fukuoka International Convention Center
    23. 23. Live Surgery for Medical Students2008.5Seoul/KRFukuoka/JP Video• Endosc Surg• Telemed• English
    24. 24. Today’s menuBackgroundActivitiesKorea-JapanAsia-PacificChallengesKyushu Univ., Fukuoka
    25. 25. International academic network (APAN)All connectionfee is free!Asia-Pacific Advanced NetworkKyushu secretariat
    26. 26. Taipei BeijingFukuoka Seoul2005.3.18The first multi-station teleconference by DVTSThe first multi-station teleconference by DVTSPancreatic Transplantation MeetingPancreatic Transplantation Meeting New technical breakthrough
    27. 27. KRKRChinaChinaGastric cancerIndonesiaIndonesiaThailandThailandIndiaIndiaVietnamVietnamMalaysiaMalaysiaJPJPTaiwanTaiwanSingaporeSingaporePhilippinesPhilippinesRecoveryLess costBack to workEndoscEarlyAdmissionRecurrenceDeathOpeAdvancedDiagnosis andtreatmentEarly detection is very important!
    28. 28. China-Japan Early Gastric CancerTeleconferenceTokyo/JPFukuoka/JPShanghai/CN2011.11.15Beijing/CNRegular meetingVideo
    29. 29. Continuous Medical Education in AsiaFukuoka, JP Cho Ray HospitalHo Chi Minh, VNCancer InstituteTokyo, JPShanghai, CN2009.6.26
    30. 30. Bariatric Surgery from AustraliaAdelaideFukuokaSingapore2005.11.16Learn from others easily
    31. 31. Endoscopic Demonstration with EuropeBangkok, THKyoto, JPHamburg, GR Kuala Lumpur, MY Taipei, TWXian, CNFukuoka, JPSeoul, KR2007.8• France• Italy• Belgium• Czech• Spain• NorwayVideo
    32. 32. Expansionof Networkto SouthAfrica2010
    33. 33. First to Cape Town in South AfricaKyushu U, JPCho Ray, VNU Cape Town, ZA2011.9.21 2011.314,000kmVideo
    34. 34. 1. Smaller bandwidth for better quality- better compression system- high-definition image2. Mobile technology- anytime, anywhereNew Technologies 2010sGeneralization!Generalization!HD-H.323/Vidyo
    35. 35. Global endoscopic conference with Vidyo2012.8.28INLKTW KRGEIN KRSGHKVideo
    36. 36. Post-graduate course across border2012.10.23KR 1KR 2KR 3JPVNTHSeoul Univ.Prof Kim HHSelect a system dependingon a program/conditions
    37. 37. Telemedicine Development Center ofAsia (TEMDEC) 2008.4 allprogramswith doctorsand engineers
    38. 38. 2004.7SapporoSapporo2004.1BeijingBeijing2004.122005.1TokyoTokyoBangkokBangkokShanghaiShanghaiSingaporeSingaporeKuala LumperKuala LumperNUSNUS2004.72004.1BrisbaneBrisbaneManilaManilaPhilippine UPhilippine UBandungBandungITBITB2005.112005.6IwateIwate 2005.72005.11TaichungTaichung2005.11New DehliNew DehliERNETERNET2004.10HaLongHaLong2006.62006.72006.7TaipeiTaipeiMumbaiMumbaiTata MHTata MH2003.2JilinJilinJakarta, UIJakarta, UIHanoiHanoiMelbourneMelbourneSydneySydneyAucklandAuckland2007.3CanberraCanberraANUANUHawaiiHawaiiHo Chi MinHo Chi MinCho Rai HospCho Rai Hosp2007.12007.1Before 2005After 20082006 - 20072007.1AdelaideAdelaideFlinder’s HospFlinder’s Hosp2005.112007.3CaliforniaCalifornia2007.1Stanford, UC IrvineStanford, UC IrvineHongHongKongKongBrazilBrazilFukuokaFukuokaYokohamaYokohamaCairnesCairnesEgyptEgyptCairo UCairo U2007.8<< Asia Medical ProjectAsia Medical Project >>34 countries221 institutions360 eventsSeoulSeoulEuropeEuropeSouth AfricaSouth Africa
    39. 39. Today’s menuBackgroundActivitiesKorea-JapanAsia-PacificChallengesKyushu Univ., Fukuoka
    40. 40. Network in Latin America
    41. 41. First DVTS trials with Latin AmericaMXTX BRSeattleCLNot so good…U San Paolo, BR2009
    42. 42. Dr Miguel/BODr Pablo/ARDr Nicolas/CODr Mauricio/MX
    43. 43. Dr Franco/CLDr Carlos/BZDr Alberto/UYDr Gabriel/CRDr Carlos/BR
    44. 44. Visiting Latin America with engineersAlemana Hosp/CLUSP/BRUniv. of La Plata/ARINNSZ/MX
    45. 45. Endoscopy teleconf. with Central/Latin America2013.1HawaiiMexicoBrazilChileAPAN venue  Dr Yao  Dr UedoUNAM  Dr TanimotoUERJ  Dr FatimaREUNA  Dr Ignacio
    46. 46. RENATA is expanding networkRENATA is expanding networkin Columbiain ColumbiaGood timing to start the project!You need…•Engineers (network & system)- who make it possible•Doctors (programs)- who make it meaningful
    47. 47. Engineers: Network to the very endEngineers: Network to the very end1) Internationalnetwork2) Domestic(NREN)•APAN•RedClaraRENATA/CORNP/BRInternet2/USNetworkPointBig academicnetworkConnectedto hospital?NetworkPoint3) HospitalNetworkPointSupport ofengineersBig enough and stable network at all stepsFirewall
    48. 48. Doctors: Make attractive programs• Surgery/Endoscopy• Cardiac intervention• Rehabilitation• Dental• Bird flu, SARS, HIV• Basic Science• Nursing• Medical students, etc.A lot more needs…
    49. 49. Cardiac Intervention: live demonstration2012.2.16APAN-Chiang MaiTaiwan Univ.Osaka Univ./JPSingapore Univ.Thai main venue
    50. 50. Int’l EndoscopicNurse TeleconferenceKyushu UU MalayaSingaporeBrisbaneThailand
    51. 51. Team buildingTeam buildingNational RENEngineersLocal Engineer(Network &Audio-visual)The success depends on how good team you can make.MedicalDoctorsMedicalDoctorsLocal Engineer(Network &Audio-visual)National RENEngineers
    52. 52. Conclusions1. Quality preservation of moving imagetransmission is essential in telemedicine.2. R&E network has made the clear and smoothmedical streaming possible with low cost.3. Good time to foster continuous remote medicaleducation programs in Columbia.Let us start working together!