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Panel e salud shimizu
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Panel e salud shimizu


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Published in: Health & Medicine

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  • Menu for my presentation is as follows. First, I would like to explain what the endoscopic surgery is to the audience for the first place. Then, I will show you the current network system working in our hospital to send our surgical movies on real-time basis. After that, Mr. Uchikubo from Olympus Company will tell us about actual plan for the present project.
  • Quatre-16 demonstrated the connection of 14 sites with DVTS, proved to be another technical breakthrough.
  • An exciting teleconference was organized, connecting Central and Latin American countries.
  • In conclusion, …..
  • Transcript

    • 1. 1Kyushu University UI project Kyudai Taro,2007Shuji Shimizu, MDDirector,Telemedicine Development Center of Asia,Kyushu University Hospital,Fukuoka, JapanPANEL
    • 2. Shuji Shimizu, MDDirector,Telemedicine Development Center of Asia,Kyushu University Hospital,Fukuoka, JapanMay 10, 2013, Cali-2, ColumbiaTelemedicine over Academic Network- Lessons learned and future plans-
    • 3. TelemedicineTelemedicine Doctors to patients Examination Tele-surgery Doctors to doctors Consultation Education
    • 4. 4Kyushu University UI project Kyudai Taro,20071. APAN Medical Working Group1. Possible case studies in ColumbiaTopics
    • 5. APAN: Asia-Pacific advanced networkTechnology AreaApplication Area•Non-profit internationalconsortium in Asia-Pacific regions•Formed in Jun 1997•One primary memberfrom each country•General meeting every 6monthsMedical WG was formally approved in 2005.
    • 6. APAN-Medical WG @ Taipei 2005Medical sessions at every APAN meeting
    • 7. First multi-station live surgery to East Asia2006.1.25• Fukuoka• Tokyo• Seoul• Taipei2006DVTS& IPsec@ APAN-Tokyo@ APAN-Tokyo
    • 8. BangkokBangkokBandungBandungSingaporeSingaporeKyushu Univ.Kyushu Univ.HealthcareHealthcareFirst connection toSouth-East Asia @APAN-SingaporeSingaporeSingaporeIndonesiaIndonesiaThailandThailandJapanJapan2006
    • 9. First 8-station @ APAN-Manila• Manila venue• Peking U• AustraliaNational U• Stanford U• Nagasaki U• Chulalongkorn U• National Hospitalof Pediatrics /Hanoi• Indonesia UBird flu teleconferenceBird flu teleconference2007
    • 10. Tokyo, JPSingapore, SNManila, PHBordeaux, FRXian, CNSydney, AUSeoul, KRFirst connection to Europe @ APAN-XianVideo2007
    • 11. Medical sessions every 6 monthsMedical sessions every 6 monthsin APANin APAN1. Adequate frequency2. Enough bandwidth3. Engineering help on site4. Technical trials5. Invite new hospitals6. Discussion between doctors and engineers
    • 12. Medical sessions at APAN-Thailand13(M)AM-1AM-2LunchPM-1PM-2PlenarytestEndosc1,2Endosc1,21Live, 2Quatre8, 3H323, 4MedRic, 5Quatre4, 6Vidyo, 7HD-SCRAug 15(W) 16(Th)14(T)testtesttesttestTech6testCardiol1,5Activity3Health3*Health3Health4Fetus217(F)testSurg1,7GeneralGeneral
    • 13. Successful connection with 14 sites with DVTS2013.1.14HICNVNJPHKVNSGTWVNCL USKRVNVNQuatre30Mbps X 14
    • 14. Technical Challenge: Un-compressed HD2007.3.23Surgery/HDSurgery/HDOperating room/Operating room/DVTSDVTSChairman1.6G1.6GThe first APHPBA CongressThe first APHPBA Congress
    • 15. 15Kyushu University UI project Kyudai Taro,20071. APAN Medical Working Group1. Possible case studies in ColumbiaTopics
    • 16. We need chianpion doctors in COWe need chianpion doctors in CO1. Clinica Reina Sofia- Dr Luis Sabbagh (Endoscopy)1. Hospital Central Policia Nacional- Dr Elias Alfonso Forero Piñeros (Endoscopy)1. Hospital Universitario Medico San Ignacio- Dr Claudio Brando (Surgery)1. Centro Medico Imbanaco- Dr Reynado Carvajal (Epidemiology)
    • 17. World Gastroenterology Organization- Endoscopic training centers Project-Connecting all
    • 18. Dr Luis Sabbagh• Director, training center• Past president,Colombian SocietyGastrointestinal Endosc.• President, Pan-AmericanSociety of Gastroenterol. Annual Live Workshopfrom his hospital toMarriott Hotel International Congressat Cartagena in 2014No RENATA Connection
    • 19. Dr Elias Alfonso Forero PiñerosDr Elias Alfonso Forero Piñeros1. Training experience in Japan and San Paolo2. Live workshop late June3. “I think its almost certainly my hospital finally willcoordinate with Renata and Rumbo to make ourevent´s transmission on time. The current difficultyis the time it takes the Police Hospital (statehospital) in doing all the contract process togenerate their payment.”4. Remote lecture from
    • 20. Need more discussionNeed more discussion1. Dr Claudio Brando- Head Medical Education- Universidad Javeriana is connected to RENATA- Hospital San Ignacio is not connected- Sandra/Rumbo, Jaime/JaverianaCali1. Dr Reynado Carvajal- Virtual campus-
    • 21. List of the hospitals to be connected• Argentina Medical School of La Plata• Bolivia Hospital de Clnicas• Brazil University of São Paulo Medical School• Brazil USP Ribeirão Preto• Brazil U State of Rio de Janeiro• Brazil U of Minas• Columbia Clinica Universitaria Colombia• Costa Rica U Autonoma de Centroamerica• Chile Universidad de Chile (Clínica Alemana?)• Mexico Instituto Nacional de Ciencias Med. y Nutr.• Uruguay Universidad de la República
    • 22. ConclusionsConclusions1. Doctors in Colombia strongly want to join thetelemedicine activity.2. We need to talk with them to start it.3. We hope that more and more telemedicineprograms will be available soon in Colombiaand expand into all Central/Latin America.