Tutorial how to create a video subtitle


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Tutorial: How to create a video subtitles

Tutorial: Como criar legendas em vídeos

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Tutorial how to create a video subtitle

  1. 1. Lucas Bertoli Freitas Tutorial Subtitle Workshop - How to create a video subtitle Lucas Bertoli Freitas TUTORIAL: HOW TO CREATE A VIDEO SUBTITLE
  2. 2. Lucas Bertoli Freitas Tutorial Subtitle Workshop - How to create a video subtitlePART ONE: SOFTWARES AND RECOMMENDATIONSIn this tutorial, we use Subtitle Workshop 4. You can download this software at:http://www.urusoft.net/download.php?id=sw4&mirror=1Before starting, make sure your computer has all necessary codecs. We recommend downloading the “K-Lite Mega Codec Pack”that can be easily found in a Google search.After installation, launch Subtitle Workshop and begin creating the subtitle for your video.PART TWO: CREATING THE SUBTITLESTEP 1. LOAD YOUR VIDEOChoose “Video -> Open” to load your video.
  3. 3. Lucas Bertoli Freitas Tutorial Subtitle Workshop - How to create a video subtitleSTEP 2. CREATE A NEW SUBTITLE FILEChoose “File -> New Subtitle” to create a new subtitle file.STEP 3. INSERT THE FIRST SUBTITLEClick button “Play” to play the video. Once the first dialogue started, click button “Play” again to pause the playback (another way todo that is by clicking on the video image).Click on the “Set start time”(1) button to set the starting time for the first subtitle.
  4. 4. Lucas Bertoli Freitas Tutorial Subtitle Workshop - How to create a video subtitleEnter the content of the first subtitle in the Text field (paste from your translated Word file).Then click button “Play” to continue the playback. When the first dialogue ends, click button “Pause” again and then click on the“Set end time” (2) to set the final time for the first subtitle. If the sentence is long, you can divide it in multiple lines by hitting ENTER. There is also a command that does this automatically.You can activate it clicking on Edit > Texts > Smart line adjust or by the shortcut Ctrl+E.
  5. 5. Lucas Bertoli Freitas Tutorial Subtitle Workshop - How to create a video subtitleNow the first subtitle is successfully added. You can see its details as in the example below:Pay attention to the synchronization of subtitles with the voice, the start time and end time of speech. If necessary, correct the timeusing the menus located above the edit text box.STEP 4. INSERT THE NEXT SUBTITLETo add new subtitle, use the “INSERT” key on your keyboard or choose “Edit -> Insert subtitle” in the software menu. Then repeat theprevious operations: set start time, enter the content, and set end time, until all subtitles are added.
  6. 6. Lucas Bertoli Freitas Tutorial Subtitle Workshop - How to create a video subtitleSTEP 5. SAVE THE SUBTITLE FILEWhen you finish including all subtitles you need, choose “File > Save” to create an external subtitle file for the video. The mostindicated format to save your file is SubRip (*.SRT), which is like a text file and can be conveniently edited with a text editor later, butthe format choice depends on the Video format you have.Save the subtitle file using the same file name and folder as the video file, so that the subtitles can be correctly displayed andconverted.STEP 6. EMBED SUBTITLES TO THE VIDEOTo embed the subtitle file to a video, we have used “Total Video Converter” a software you can download athttp://www.effectmatrix.com/total-video-converter/index.htm but there are many other video convertion softwares that do similarsubtitle embedding.OPTIONAL: MANUAL SUBTITLE ADJUSTMENTIn some cases, after creating the subtitles, you need to check and adjust the show/hide times for each line, to have the subtitlesdisplayed more precisely. You can do that with Subtitle Workshop or simply edit the subtitle file with Windows Notepad.To edit with Windows Notepad, follow these steps:Open the subtitle file with Notepad and you can see the text is divided into separate subtitle segments in chronological order. Eachsegment has four parts: a subtitle number, a time code, subtitle text, and a blank line. Subtitle number: The chronological order of subtitle Timecode: Specifies when the line of text should be shown and hide. Time is measured from the start of the video in these units: HH - Hours starting at 00 MM - Minutes (00-59) SS - Seconds (00-59) FS - Fractional Seconds (0-999) The timecode construct is like this: HH:MM:SS,FS --> HH:MM:SS,FS (Subtitle display starts at the first time, and stops at the second time) Subtitle text: One or more lines of text. Blank line: a blank line is used to mark the end of each subtitle.After you understand the segments and the construction of the subtitle file, you can easily modify the data using Notepad. This tutorial was put together by the Lucas Bertoli Freitas, with content mostly found on the internet. If you have any questions, feel free to contact at lucas_bertolifreitas@yahoo.com.br