Windshield survey of grasmere, staten island


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Windshield survey of grasmere, staten island

  1. 1. Windshield Survey ofGrasmere.Lyubov GroysmanCommunity Health NursingEmpire State CollegeFall 2012
  2. 2. Introduction● The method of observation I used for this survey was walking and driving around the neighborhood. Internet resources were also used for addition information● The neighborhood of Grasmere, Staten Island has a population of 44,061. The borough of Staten Island has a population of 470,467.● The population of Staten Island has grown 0.4% since 2012.
  3. 3. Business & Population facts ofStaten Island ○ The median income of the population in 2006-2012 is $71,084 ○ Percentage of population living below poverty level is 10.3% ○ 51.5% of the population are women ○ Racial demographics ■ White 77.9% ■ Black 11.7% ■ American Indian/Alaska Native 0.6% ■ Asian 7.9% ■ Native Hawaiian/Other Pacific Islanders 0.1%
  4. 4. BoundariesPublic School 48 is apart of district 28. Theschool is borders the neighborhood ofGrasmere in Staten Island, New York.Students from nearby neighborhoods suchas Stapleton, Old Town, Emerson Hill, SouthBeach, and Rosebank.
  5. 5. Housing● There are 176,819 of housing units on Staten Island with 70.3% of the population being homeowners.● 40.4% of these housing units are multi- unites (two family housing, apartment unit, etc).● The median value of housing units is $461,700.●
  6. 6. Multi Family Home
  7. 7. Single Family Home
  8. 8. Apartment Complex
  9. 9. Townhouses
  10. 10. Air Pollution & Air Quality TrendsAir Quality Index level ○ City: 30.8 vs US: 32.0Carbon Monoxide level ○ City: 0.376 vs US: 0.334Sulfur Dioxide level ○ City: 2.46 vs US: 2.43Ozone level ○ City: 23.6 vs US: 28.3Particulate Matter level ○ City: 9.43 vs US: 9.59Nitrogen Dioxide level ○ City: 14.8 vs US: 9.4Lead level ○ City: 0.0125 vs US: 0.1072
  11. 11. Signs of Decay
  12. 12. Open SpacesLakes/Reservoirs ○ Stump Pond, Wolfes Pond, Brooks Lake, Grasmere Lake, Ohrback Lake, Walker Pond, Cameron Lake, Valley Lake, Bradys PondStreams/Rivers/Creeks ○ Richmond Creek, Lemon Creek, Springville Creek, Mill Creek, Main Creek, Fresh Kills .Parks ○ Barrett Park, Hero Park, Willowbrook Park, Wolfes Pond Park, Arthur Von Briesen Park, Allison Park, Schmul Playground, Lemon Creek Park, Miller Field
  13. 13. Bradys Pond
  14. 14. ShoppingFood Environment Statistics ○ Grocery stores 166 ○ Supercenters 2 ○ Convenience stores 76 ○ Restaurants 258
  15. 15. Shopping cont...
  16. 16. Shopping cont...
  17. 17. Shopping cont...Most Common Businesses ○ 7-Eleven, Baskin-Robbins, CVS, Dunkin Donuts, FedEx, H&R Block, Subway, UPS, Wendys, McDonalds
  18. 18. TransportationMTA Buses● Local and Express
  19. 19. Transportation cont...Staten Island Railway
  20. 20. HospitalsRichmond University Medical Center
  21. 21. Hospitals cont...Staten Island University Hospital
  22. 22. EconomicsMost Common Industries (male)Finance and insurance (11%)Public administration (11%)Construction (9%)Other transportation, and support activities, and couriers (7%)Health care (7%)Professional, scientific, and technical services (6%)Administrative and support and waste management services (5%)Most common Industries (female)Health care (22%)Educational services (15%)Finance and insurance (14%)Professional, scientific, and technical services (8%)Public administration (5%)Accommodation and food services (4%)Administrative and support and waste management services (3%)
  23. 23. Economics cont...Most Common Occupations (male)Law enforcement workers including supervisors (5%)Other management occupations except farmers and farm managers (5%)Electrical equipment mechanics and other installation, maintenance, and repair occupationsincluding supervisors (4%)Other sales and related workers including supervisors (4%)Sales representatives, services, wholesale and manufacturing (4%)Other office and administrative support workers including supervisors (4%)Material recording, scheduling, dispatching, and distributing workers (3%)Most Common Occupations (female)Secretaries and administrative assistants (11%)Other office and administrative support workers including supervisors (8%)Preschool, kindergarten, elementary and middle school teachers (6%)Registered nurses (5%)Information and record clerks except customer service representatives (4%)Nursing, psychiatric, and home health aides (4%)Other management occupations except farmers and farm managers (4%)
  24. 24. Protective ServicesFire Department ofNew York
  25. 25. Protective Services cont...New YorkPolice Department
  26. 26. Protective Services cont..SanitationDepartment
  27. 27. ReligionCatholic Church 79.6%Muslim Estimate 2.4%Evangelical Lutheran Church in America 1.2%Assemblies of God United Methodist Church 1.0%Episcopal Church 0.7%Non-Charismatic Churches Independent 0.6%American Baptist Churches in the USA 0.5%Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America 0.3Other 12.6%
  28. 28. SchoolsElementary School● William C. Wilcox School, Public School 48Middle School● Michael J. Petrides SchoolHigh School● Concord High SchoolCollege● College of Staten Island● Wagner College● St. Johns University
  29. 29. Schools cont...
  30. 30. EvaluationThe widespread survey revealed interestinginformation about the community. Learningabout the diverse population showed me theevolving population. I learned about newparkings and other natural preserved areas.I also learned the different neighborhoodsand boundaries on Staten Island.
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