Assignment 5 done


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Assignment 5 done

  1. 1. Assignment 5 : Researchof newspapers adverts.By: Luara Pires
  2. 2. Information about the sun.What kind of things are in the newspapers? News about celebrities and their lifestyle. Lottery advertisement. Sports news. Real life Information of what is happenings. happening around the world.
  3. 3. How is the newspaper organised.Front page. Price near the name, so that the person can see the price as soon as they get the The name of papers. the newspaper on the top. Advertisement right next to the price and name as it catches andThe main story title attention thereforeon the left hand side the person looks atof the paper, big and the advertisementblog , with clear on the side.writing and colour,to stand out. Main picture placed to theA little introduction right hand side of the pageto the article to so that there would be nocatch readers distraction on the title or theinterest. picture, this makes readers pay attention to both. Subtitle.
  4. 4. How is the newspaper organised.Inside the newspaper. Boxes to A lot of picture separate to give text. evidence. Big and bold font for title mid left hand Subtitle for side. each box of text.Main picturebig andstands outright in the Smaller pictures don’t catch so much Text put allmiddle. around. attention.
  5. 5. Week schedule.Monday: Sun Woman (diet and fitness)Tuesday: Including Sun Woman (fashion) and Jon GauntWednesday: Including Sun Woman (2pg spread), Jane Moore and extendedSports coverageThursday: Including four page health section and Ally Ross on TVMidweek Supergoals: During the football seasonFriday: Including Fit Squad, Fergus Shanahan and Something for theWeekendSaturday : Including Lorraine Kelly, Gardening, Jeremy ClarksonSupergoals: On Saturday (during the football season)The Favourite: During racing seasonBuzz: TV News and listings, plus LifestyleSun World: TravelSun Women: Party GirlsStreet Chic: Erica Davies
  6. 6. Advertisement in The Sun.• The sun newspaper is only 45%, they concentrate more on the showbiz and celebrities. Here is a page of advertisement.
  7. 7. What do they advertise?Filmadvertisement. Film advertisement.Filmadvertisement. Lottery advertisement
  8. 8. Who is the target audience.Age : 15-24 highest readership:1055Gender : Male and female : celebrities gossip/sports news.Status: Lower to middle class statusEducation: at least attended hight school.It is for a younger audience as thelength of the articles are quite small.
  9. 9. Where is it available? • online. • On the newsagents. • Through post. • Café’s • Train stations. • London • Ireland • Poland • Scotland
  10. 10. Size of adverts Large. They take various sizes from small to large… The bigger it is the more expensive it is. small.Medium.
  11. 11. Research of newspapers adverts.
  12. 12. What kind of this are in the newspaper? Title. Pictures of inspiring people in society. Newspaper Title.Newspaper title. Other stories inside. 2nd story.Story title. Main story.Main story. Main picture.Main picture. Advertisemen Quotes.
  13. 13. How much advertising is in it?There is roughly 15-20% of advertising in this newspaper, as they concentratemore on sending news and information. They have a small space at the bottom hand corner of the page.
  14. 14. What to they advertise? The advertisement in this newspapers are usually all about -shops such Dfs -Universities. -Trips - They tend to be more cultural.
  15. 15. Who is the target audience. • The target audience of the guardian is from 24-60 as this is the age university is completed, therefore the reader has good knowledge and only up to 60 as this is roughly the age workers get retired. • Middle to higher class. • The price of the newspaper is £1 and during the weekends it is £1.20 it is quite expensive, and not accessible for many.
  16. 16. Where is it available?• The guardian is available in London:• online.• On the newsagents.• Through post.• Café’s• Train stations.• London
  17. 17. Size of adverts.• Adverts in The guardian tend to be very small at the right bottom corner of the page.
  18. 18. Stage 2
  19. 19. Channel 4advertisements .
  20. 20. The titles are big and eye catching as all of them are inblack with a white background.The symbol of channel 4 is situated in in the middle at theright.The picture takes over the whole advertisement.Information such as the time is given aswell.
  21. 21. Context of text.• There isn’t a lot of text as they want the picture to send out the message.• There is always a title usually at the top• The date and time is usually put , when they are permanently defined.• Sometimes there is some text in the middle of the snap giving out hints.
  22. 22. Style of font.• The font is very clear and bold.• It is usually white as it has a black background• Or if it is a white background it has a black font• They always use the same font, as it a font owned by channel 4, so people can recognise it immidiatly.
  23. 23. Graphics• One thing channel 4 has, that is very noticeble in their graphic effect, usually the images are shown in the logo of channel 4, therefore the person know the channel and sees the advertisement.
  24. 24. Photo manipulation.The photos tend to have a greyish effect on them along with blurred effects sometimes, this is all done to create excitement and mystery for the audience, so they can get curious of what is shown to them.
  25. 25. Organisation. Picture on t he Picture on t he whole page. whole page. Title TitleTime andinformation Time and Channel 4 logo information. Channel 4 logo