Top tips for promoting your event via twitter
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Top tips for promoting your event via twitter






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    Top tips for promoting your event via twitter Top tips for promoting your event via twitter Document Transcript

    • Say hello…T 0845 519 8288M 07738 122 817E @luanwise
    • Top tips for promoting your event via twitter
    • What is Twitter? Twitter is a ‘micro-blogging’ communication platform that enables users to send short messages (up to 140 characters) that can be read by anybody else on Twitter. What can Twitter be used for? Having a huge marketing budget doesn’t mean anything in social media – you can’t buy attention; you have to seek / earn your audience. Before you can really get started, you need to be clear on your purpose for using Twitter, how you want to present yourself and what messages you are going to communicate. For example, Twitter can be used to: • Develop and promote your brand • Interact with your customer base • Track what people are saying about your company and brand • Create buzz around upcoming events • Promote other content you’ve created, including webinars, blog posts or podcasts • Develop direct relationships with bloggers and journalists for potential PR placement • Generate sales leads for your business For many, Twitter is an opportunity to become an authoritative voice and key influencer.1 Top tips for promoting your event via social media | twitter
    • What to tweetAs a starter, what’s the number one reason that peoplecited for liking a tweet? Answer: It’s informative!As a business you can think of Twitter as an interactivenewsfeed. People use it to gather information andstreamline the content they care about.And getting the balance of content is a skill, which manyrefer to as the “rule of thirds”One third of your time, post about you and your brand:This covers everything from sharing your own blog posts,to posting updates about you and your company, or evenprofessional achievements.One third of your time, post about your areas of interestsand expertise … but use material from an outside source:By using links you can spread news about your company(or industry) from other publications.One third of time, just be yourself: Interact, ask questions,and answer questions. You can also retweet or repostinteresting things people in your network have shared.When to tweetTwitter “busy hours” are described as between 7:00amand 8:00pm. While most followers embrace a healthyamount of brand-related tweets, it’s important to figure outhow to pace your tweets throughout the day.Today, more than ever, people are overwhelmed withadvertisements and marketing. The solution is to ensureyou stand out from the crowd to capture your audience’sattention. 2
    • To make sure your approach is planned carefully, create a content calendar of events and information in advance. Then it’s a case of scheduling content for release and following your own timeline to focus on sharing and the latest news (that can’t be pre-planned). You should schedule (a great tool facilitated by a number of social media tools) according to the days your tweets ‘perform’ the best. Industry research, as well and testing will support this strategy. Once you have built a solid following you will also be able to identify when your audience are most likely to be engaging online, and schedule accordingly. A great option for this is Tweriod. MON TUE WED THU FRI SAT SUN3 Top tips for promoting your event via social media | twitter
    • How to construct a tweetTweets should be written with the aim of being shared,or retweeted (RT).For example:140 = maximum length of a tweet9 = length of username (eg @luanwise)10 = space to say it’s a retweet / to include a comment15 = use of a shortened URL (eg via = 106 maximum length for a tweetFollowers Vs FollowingAt all times it is important to maintain a follower:followingratio of at least 1:1, but ideally a greater number offollowers than those following.This demonstrates influence and authority. (If yourfollowing number is significantly lower it indicates thatthose you follow just don’t want to follow you back /have unfollowed you due to the quality of your content).In addition to the ‘who to follow’ recommendations thattwitter itself might provide, a useful tool to find keyinfluencers is Followerwonk.Twitter should be a two way street, and not a numbersgame; if you follow me, and I follow back, then you decideto end the conversation (unfollow me) than I shouldreciprocate and unfollow back. This should not be appliedin full to your strategy, but in part it will be relevant.Here are two tools that will help with this.Whounfollowedme• You sign- in with Twitter•  ee who is not following you back and who you S are not following back 4
    • •  imply ‘sign in with twitter’ and click S ‘who unfollowed me’ •  hen you Sign in with Twitter, and check ‘Who W Unfollowed Me’ it asks twitter for a list of your followers. If it’s your first time using Who.Unfollowed.Me, it simply stores that list of followers until the next time you come back •  therwise it takes the new list of followers and the old O list of followers and compares the two. Pretty simple Untweeps The main purpose of Untweeps is to unfollow Twitter users who don’t tweet often enough. •  nter the number of days in the past you want to check. E If you enter 30, then anyone who hasn’t updated their Twitter status (tweeted) in the past 30 days will be shown on a list •  he users in the list that have a check mark in the T checkbox are the ones you want to unfollow •  f you are following people who don’t tweet very often, I but you still want to follow them, you add them to a ‘whitelist’ Hashtags When exploring the world of Twitter you will soon become familiar with this little symbol - #. This is a hash and is used on Twitter to create what is known as a #hashtag The official definition of a hashtag from Twitter is: “The # symbol, called a hashtag, is used to mark keywords or topics in a tweet. It was originally created organically by Twitter users as a way to categorise messages.”5 Top tips for promoting your event via social media | twitter
    • What are hashtags used for?The primary purpose of a hashtag is to bringconversations on the same topic into a single thread tomake it convenient for those seeking information to trackviews and comments.Because a hashtag is prefaced by a # symbol, it becomesa clickable link by which a user can then find other tweetsrelated to that category. Importantly the hashtag andword/phrase must be written without spaces:e.g. #IlovehashtagsWhy are hashtags so important?There are several advantages that come with hashtags.They can be used for casual or business purposes or toincrease awareness… as well as improve your standingand reputation in an online environment.In a micro-blogging community as vast as Twitter, thehashtag is what will collate all ideas under one thread sothat you get more targeted user experience, instead of justrunning through thousands of random tweets and wastingvaluable time.Is it easy to get started with hashtags?The simple answer is… yes!It doesn’t take fancy tools to apply a hashtag to yourmessages, all you need to do is type your text and thenhashtag at any part of the message… and then send.But be careful with hashtags – don’t just use any word orphrase. Carefully think it through and use a keyword thatis reliable. In that way other Twitter users will be inspiredto use it for their own purposes as well. 6
    • When the hashtag you’ve created has developed a following, clicking on it will lead you to the list of Twitter users who have adopted it in their own conversations. This is a great way to find new relevant Twitter user accounts to follow. Is the hashtag new? A quick search through will lead you to a list of hashtags that have already been used in the past or are currently active, if you find an existing conversation on the hashtag you’re considering… you might want to go with something that is equally targeted but not as frequently used. Best practices for hashtags So now you’re up and running but remember that hashtags should be used sparingly. Use it to describe your tweet but not overwhelm it. A good practice is to use between one and three hashtags per tweet. In that way you provide context and to allow your tweets to be searched and tracked. More than this and hashtags can quickly become confusing and even annoying and may even lead to people unfollowing you on Twitter. Use hashtags to add value to your tweet – not to detract from it. Why would I use event hashtags? One of the primary reasons is that you need to manage your brand, if you don’t create an event hashtag for yourself… it is only a matter of time before your attendees create one for you!7 Top tips for promoting your event via social media | twitter
    • Short is sweet when it comes to event hashtags. Tweetshave a 140 character limit, so make sure attendees don’tuse up most of this space just to include the hashtag!Another reason is that you will most likely want topromote, monitor, engage and analyse the people talkingabout your event online.Many events now have a dedicated event hashtag forattendees to follow as part of an overall event marketingstrategy. Attendees can share opinions, ask questionsand start to build up engagement… all while watching thekeynote speaker’s presentation.But how can you make sure that your hashtagreaches its full impact?This is marketing… so spread the word about your eventhashtag, the sooner you start telling people about thehashtag – the better. Plus it means attendees and potentialattendees can start networking before they even attend theevent.Make sure you include it in your promotional material andinclude it in all event-related tweets you send out and putit in all marketing communications.Examples of useful hashtags on TwitterOnce you know exactly how to use hashtags the nextchallenge is to find the best hashtags to incorporate intoyour tweets.Two key hashtags for event professionals are #eventprofsand #eventpeeps 8
    • #eventprofs Eventprofs is established as a community of smart event professionals from around the world. Part of their remit is to support and improve the events industry. • As a first step it’s essential to follow @eventprofs • There is also an official Facebook Group page •  he success of #eventprofs is very much based on T people sharing articles and participating in chats… which helps grow the community Participation and event invitations are encouraged BUT product and company promotions are discouraged. People who promote their own event are also encouraged to participate in chats and help others in the community. #eventpeeps Event Peeps is a professional and social network made up of professionals from across the live event industry. •  embers span event marketing, trade shows, design M and build, virtual events, meetings, event management, logistics, planning etc •  escribed as the most effective way to use social media D for events #eventpeeps is where you can promote your events and read what people are saying about events. Live tweeting at events It’s not always easy to keep with the pace of an event but if you’re prepared, live tweeting can add real value to those who couldn’t attend (they will next time!) and to engage with those that are present around you.9 Top tips for promoting your event via social media | twitter
    • 1. Do your research: Make sure you have details of twitteraccounts for speakers, exhibitors and even the venue.Use them when citing quotes and ensure everyone gets amention / post-event thank you.2. Give a heads up: Before you start live tweeting, informyour followers that you will be tweeting at a more frequentpace than usual.3. Who, what, where, when, and why. Tweet interestingpoint and questions raised. Your audience members arerelying on you to sift through the broad picture of thingsand provide them with the important key facts. Think ofyour tweets as a story being told through the duration ofthe event. Include photos if you can.4. Spectate where necessary: Acknowledge otherstweeting about the same event and reply / retweet whenappropriate.5. Don’t forget to use the event hashtag!And here are some really useful resources thatwill help you find more… is a tool that offers a simple interface tosearch for hashtags and their trending popularity.•  or example if you search on #business… Hashtags. F org will graphically display the times of day/ days of the week when business hashtag is most popular•  his tool also lists a number of topics along with their T related hashtags…So, instead of using the #business hashtag in your tweets you might consider alternatives such as #networking, #consumer or #marketing 10
    • What the Trend This is a tool that helps you find what’s trending on Twitter and why. When a new topic becomes popular on Twitter… it’s listed as a “trending topic.” These topics may take the form of short phrases (e.g. Michael Jackson) or hashtags (e.g. generalelection) •  hat the Trend offers a Top 10 board which shows you W current trending topics •  he most active trends of the day T •  rends marked as spam T •  ost popular trends within the last 30 days M If you don’t see the trend you need, you can use the search box to see more data about a hashtag you’re interested in. Twubs Twubs is a unique site that lets Twitter users form groups around popular hashtags. Twubs is one of the few sites where you can find hashtags grouped into categories. •  nformation is user generated… so you can see what I hashtags are popular within specific categories e.g. books, conferences, news etc •  ou can create groups, event pages or just seek to find Y information on favourite topics Tagalus Tagalus is a twitter tool that provides definitions of various hashtags. •  he collection of hashtag definitions is put together by T the “tweeple” who use them11 Top tips for promoting your event via social media | twitter
    • •  n interactive tool that allows users to vote on the most A adequate definitions of descriptions of any given hashtag•  hen you start typing a hashtag idea… Tagalus will W auto-suggest related hashtagsTagdefDescribed as tool that ‘helps you discover what hashtagsreally mean, and add your own definitions in seconds.•  agdef has columns of information about trending T hashtags including “Top Today”, “Top This Week” and “All Time High”•  t you can click on any of the hashtags A to learn more information about the various hashtags•  ou can also click on the accounts that have tweeted Y that tag and go directly to their Twitter profileTrendsmapAnother useful tool, at you can viewa real time mapping of twitter trends and hashtags acrossthe world. All you do is click on a word to get started.•  y clicking you get the latest tweets for that topic… B in real time•  seful if you’re looking for location specific trends for U your local business•  ou can also view trending analytics graphs for Y each topicStatweesticsWith statweestics you can view many statistics abouttwitter•  ncludes live updates about the hottest hashtags, users, I words and locations 12
    • •  ontinuous live updates available… updated every hour C •  s with Tagdef… you can get statistics on hot topics for A today, week, month & year Twazzup The real time nature of Twitter makes it a great option for finding updates on trending news topics •  wazzup allows you to put in a hashtag… and it will T show you the tweets going on right now that contain it •  hey also identify community influencers who are T helping the hashtag trend There are many more tools available to help you manage and effectively use hashtags, but hopefully these provide a flavour of what has been developed in the hashtag space. Managing / monitoring social media activity Somebody needs to be responsible for monitoring the event hashtag. Fortunately there are also a host of valuable sociable media dashboard management tools to make life easier and maximise your potential. Depending on how many people are likely to attend your event, it could be worth your while having a dedicated social media manager. Whoever is responsible, they need to be able to keep track of what is being said during the event and answer any queries as soon as possible. Tweetdeck Tweetdeck is a twitter client application for desktop, web and mobile devices. It’s described as a social media dashboard application for management of multiple accounts.13 Top tips for promoting your event via social media | twitter
    • •  weetdeck allows multiple column viewing. So you can T keep up with several different streams of posts at a time•  ou can include various #keywords searches and view Y the current trendsHootsuiteDescribed as the leading social media dashboard tomanage and measure your social media networks•  imilar to Tweetdeck, but attracts a monthly fee S•  y hosting all of your social profiles and pages in one B dashboard (including #files) you can monitor for brand mentions and respond to your hashtag audiences in real time 14
    • More useful social media tools for event marketing There are a number of freely available social media tools designed specifically to help individuals and organisations promote their events via twitter. Here are some examples:- Eventifier This is a smart way to archive all your event photos, videos, slides, tweets, conversations and much more from the entire web. •  ou create an event and Eventifier will start collating all Y your event data •  edicated attendee dashboard… to check the noise D being created and to interact with others •  eal time analytics… gain insights on your event based R on real time analytics Lanyrd A social conference directory. Find conferences your friends are going to, see what’s happening at conferences right now and build up a speaker profile. •  ee what your contacts / friends are going S to / speaking at •  rack what’s going on during a conference – even if T you’re not there •  atch-up on things you may have missed… discover C slides, videos and podcasts from conferences you attended or tracked15 Top tips for promoting your event via social media | twitter
    • PlanspotAn all-in-one event marketing tool to run campaignsacross social media, press and media channels.•  esigned to save time, money & resource in promoting D your event•  ou can create your own event via Twitter or Facebook Y•  each your audience using Planspot’s one spot R event distribution•  here is also the ability to create professional Press T Releases that automatically includes your eventEventCHOCOLATEThis tool enables you to find new people to attend your event.•  reate your event once and instantly publish to C all relevant sites. You can add photos, details, and descriptions to show up on your listings everywhere, all from one single account•  chedule your marketing messages to target the right S people at the perfect time. Engage your audience across the web•  hows you what channels are working and what’s not. S Know exactly where your event traffic is from, then you can optimise for best resultsEventlyThis creates a tailored package based on what you need,making each ‘Evently’ package unique.•  otal software solution which crosses e-mail, mobile etc T•  reate online event pages, eflyers, mobile flyers and C social media event marketing content•  lso enables you to understand your event marketing A success with event page analytics and e-mail reports 16
    • Bizzabo A multi-event networking app… described as the new hot name in the meetings industry. •  t’s a free platform that enables you to mobilise (and I socialise) your event in less than 5 minutes •  vent organisers add and control their event through an E intuitive and easy to use ‘Organiser Dashboard’ •  izzabo also helps to interact with attendees via B real-time push messages that can be used for special announcements and last minutes updates •  hey also recently added an Eventbrite integration to T auto-import your events effortlessly and save you time Twebevent This is a tool for those wishing to have conversations around hashtags, interviews or other interests. •  ou can go directly to an event through a custom Y event URL •  ist your event in the twebevent calendar for L additional exposure •  rivate event option is also available if you want to keep P your own invite list17 Top tips for promoting your event via social media | twitter
    • Notes 18