Luan wise - a short guide to twitter
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Luan wise - a short guide to twitter

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A short guide to getting started on Twitter. Includes glossary and a selection of useful tools.

A short guide to getting started on Twitter. Includes glossary and a selection of useful tools.

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  • 1. © Luan Wise 2013A short guide to TwitterWhat is Twitter?Twitter is a ‘micro-blogging’ communication platform that enables users to send shortmessages (up to 140 characters) that can be read by anybody else on Twitter.What can it be used for?Having a huge marketing budget doesn’t mean anything in social media – you can’t buyattention, you have to seek / earn your audience.Before you can really get started, you need to be clear on your purpose for using Twitter,how you want to present yourself and what messages you are going to communicate.For example, Twitter can be used to:• Develop and promote your brand• Interact with your customer base• Track what people are saying about your company and brand• Create buzz around upcoming events• Promote other content you‘ve created, including webinars, blog posts or podcasts• Develop direct relationships with bloggers and journalists for potential PR placement• Generate sales leads for your businessFor many, Twitter is an opportunity to become an authoritative voice and key influencer inyour industry/sector.The currency in social media is meaningful engagement, participation and value creation.Web 2.0 has provided a real-time opportunity for two-way conversation. Once you havegrasped it, I can assure you, you will be hooked!
  • 2. © Luan Wise 2013How to set up an account• Go to where you will be asked to enter your name, passwordand email address• Choose a username that is clear, concise and direct• Select the notifications you wish to receive by email• Using the settings tab to personalise your profileo Add a photo (or company logo)o Use the bio field to explain who you are in 160 characters or less. This is reallyimportant and should include keywords that people may search for. Personalitywill also attract more followers.o Add your chosen website address in the URL field (this may be a companyhomepage, a specific landing page or a blog)o Add your primary location – be specific (again people may search on this criteriato find you)o Do not select the protect my tweets option if you want to be found!• Use the settings / design tab to add a branded background image (you may wish toseek the help of a graphic designer with this).How best to manage TwitterYou may wish to manage Twitter simply via the website. This is fine to getstarted, but as you progress you may find the use of an application such as Hootsuite orTweetdeck more helpful – particularly as these tools have the functionality to scheduletweets in advance.
  • 3. © Luan Wise 2013Getting startedListeningBefore starting or joining in any conversation, it’s important to observe and listen.It’s useful to have a strategy for how you wish to listen to people on Twitter and what youexpect to gain from it, for example:-• Listen to customers: hear what they are saying about you• Listen to influencers / thought leaders / competitors: keep track of industry trends anduseful information you could share• Listen to journalists and publications: share information to raise your profile with themAfter listening, then you have the appropriate baseline and credibility to join theconversation.Content (tweets)Sufficient content will need to appear in the twitter stream before you can really start tofollow anyone.As soon as you follow someone they will receive a notification – it is at this point they willcheck out your profile / content and decide whether or not they wish to follow you back.This is a golden opportunity … and why it is important to have some content on your feedbefore you start to add followers.FollowAddcontentListen
  • 4. © Luan Wise 2013How to construct a tweetTweets should be written with the aim of being retweeted (RT).140 = maximum length of a tweet9 = length of username (eg @luanwise)10 = space to say it’s a retweet / to include a comment15 = use of a shortened URL (via 106 maximum length for a tweetTweet regularly, and often. An average account would tweet about half a dozen times aday.It is preferable to plan some content in advance and schedule tweets. It is OK to repeatmessages – not all followers will see / respond to each and every tweet one of your tweetsin their timeline.Rule of ThirdsThis is a good guide to preparing messages that will lead to quality and engaged followers.1. Recommend lots of interesting stuff; new sites you’ve found, new music, good coffeeshops etc. Chances are if you like it someone else will.2. Let us get to know you. Tell us interesting things about what you’re doing.3. Promote your work and yourself.HashtagsA hashtag is simply a keyword preceeded by the # symbol. When you add a hashtag toyour tweets, your updates can be seen not only by the people that follow you specifically,but also by anyone who happens to be following that particular hashtag (it is therefore agood idea to follow keywords that are relevant to you / your business).Hashtags are not ‘registered’ or ‘controlled’ by anyone. It is easy to pick up on a popularhashtag such as #Olympics and you now often see hashtags on a TV screen for aprogramme / news item (eg #bigbrother).You may also spot the use of hashtags for business events –this is a great idea to createonline buzz for your own event, or to follow events that for some reason you have beenunable to attend.(Note: to work correctly hashtags cannot have spaces)
  • 5. © Luan Wise 2013Who to followFollowing someone on Twitter means:• You are subscribing to their Tweets• Their updates will appear on your homepage / on your timeline (if usingan application such as Tweetdeck / Hootsuite)• That person is able send you direct messagesYou may already know people who use twitter – that’s a good start!You can use the search box on Twitter or simply use a search engine with a search termsuch as ‘Luan Wise Twitter’ to find the details.As you start to follow, you will receive recommendations on others you might follow(because they have similar profiles to those you already following or whom are followed byothers you are following).Take a look at who other people follow – particularly those who have an established twitterprofile and appear to have similar objectives to yourself (eg industry sector / targetaudience).Remember, you can unfollow at any time.How to build followersFollowers are people who receive your Tweets. If someone follows you:• Theyll show up in your followers list• They see your tweets whenever they log in to Twitter• You can send them direct messagesAs soon as you start to tweet / follow you will attract your own followers (it is possible toblock unwanted followers if someone is offensive). It is good etiquette to thank someonefor following.Followers Vs FollowingAt all times it is important to maintain a follower:following ratio of at least 1:1, but ideally agreater number of followers than those following.This demonstrates influence and authority. (If your following number is significantly lower itindicates that those you follow just don’t want to follow you back / have unfollowed you dueto the quality of your content).
  • 6. © Luan Wise 2013SummaryBe clear on your objectives for using Twitter, have a clear plan for content and tone; thentweet often and regularly.Remember to think value in everything you do, make sure you know your audience and begenuine to who you are.If you would like further support or have any questions about getting started with Twitter,please do contact me, I’d be happy to help.Luan WiseEmail: me on: 0845 519 8288 / 07738 122817Follow me on Twitter: @luanwiseConnect with me on LinkedIn: my website:
  • 7. © Luan Wise 2013Twitter Glossary / Useful Tools@ The @ sign is used to call out usernames in Tweets, like this: Hello@luanwise! When a username is preceded by the @ sign, it becomesa link to a Twitter profile.@username can be used anywhere within a tweet to mention anotheruser.If you send a tweet with @username at the beginning of a messagethen only that person and any followers you both have in common willsee that tweet in a timeline (it is still public).To overcome this, use a fullstop in front of the @ sign to ‘fool’ Twitter.Eg ‘.@luanwise ….’ A free online tool that can be used to shorten weblinks (and not take upquite so many of your 140 characters). Using a account can alsoprovide valuable clickthrough statistics not available elsewhere.www.bit.lyBuffer A free app for scheduling content for Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.www.bufferapp.comDM There is a direct message function to communicate privately with oneof your followers. Just start your tweet with ‘d luanwise ….”Follow Friday Twitter users often suggest who others should follow on Fridays bytweeting with the hashtag #FFFollower Followers are people who receive your Tweets.Followerwonk A useful tool to find influential people to follow on Twitter.www.followerwonk.comFollowing Following someone on Twitter means you are subscribing to theirTweets and will see their message on your home page / timeline#Hashtag A hashtag is simply a way for people to search for tweets that have acommon topic.When you add a hashtag to your tweets, your updates can be seen notonly by the people that follow you specifically, but also by anyone whohappens to be following that particular hashtag (you can click on thehashtag to see all relevant messages)Once you start getting involved in twitter you will soon pick up onhashtags, and often spot those that are being used for key news items/ events.
  • 8. © Luan Wise 2013Hootsuite A social media management platform. www.hootsuite.comMention See @Nutshell Mail A free email service that provides a snapshot of the latest updates forFacebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Yelp, MySpace, Foursquare andCitysearch. www.nutshellmail.comTweet The individual 140 character message posted on TwitterTweetdeck A social media management platform. www.tweetdeck.comRetweet The act of reposting someone else’s tweet and giving them credit. Ifyour message is retweeted you should receive a notification. It is goodetiquette to thank someone for re-tweeting.Tweriod A free twitter tool that provides a free analysis (of up to 1000 followers)by letting you know the best time of day to tweet. www.tweriod.comTwitsprout A free twitter reporting tool that provides a simple analysis of yourTwitter activity over the past 7 days. www.twitsprout.comWhounfollowedme A free tool to check your unfollowers, see who is not following you backand who you are not following back.