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Community for Calderdale Foundation Workshop - Social Media overview / LinkedIn / Twitter
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Community for Calderdale Foundation Workshop - Social Media overview / LinkedIn / Twitter


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Published in: Technology, Sports

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  • Edit your profile (top)Claim your personal brand – change the URL of your page.Very few people do this, but it looks so much more professional.Helps google search resultsAdd to your email signatureAdd to your business card
  • 120 charactersKeywords – what do people need to know about you / what you do / who you work for?Show later how important these keywords are – they help others to find you on LinkedIn.Change your headline as / when appropriate.As you go through the screen adding your details, couple of other things to think about.Company website – select other – change description – link to specific page – up to 3Select your industry – you personally or your company?DISCUSS HOSPITALITY / EVENT SERVICES / HIGHER EDUCATION / MUSIC / FUNDRAISING
  • Change your profile photo & visibility – visible to my connections / my network / everyone else … don’t be shy, make it visible!Show / hide viewers of this profile – on your profile page. This is quite useful insight – are people viewing your colleagues / competitors?!
  • Jeff Bezos, Amazon founder, says your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room.Your LinkedIn profile is your place on the web – everything we’ve talked through means you have control on what that profile says.Part of having the 100% profile completeness is recommendations.Don’t do tit for tat joint connections – see as though patting each other on the back.Less is more – seek recommendations from credible professionals – not husband/wife!Recommendations for each position on your profile.Don’t have to make all recommendations visible on your profile (example).Endorsements – new feature – love it or hate it. Join in.
  • When you complete your profile, you select the organisation you work for.This is an active link – which viewers of your profile might click to find out more about the company / other employees. This makes all employees marketers and, in my opinion, is an argument for having a clear company policy!Who is following your company page? Monitor, add to your database, engage with them!On the new LI profiles you can see what companies someone is following – I’m guessing the visibility of this will also be in the settings.Sales person and want to find a contact name (avoid gatekeeper) – check a company page and few employees. I’d be some much more impressed by a personal contact than Dear Sir/Madam – there’s really no excuse for doing this now.Need to have a company email address and have on your profile that you currently work at a company to update a company page.Update your company status regularly – appear in newsfeed. Include information about products / services.Expand the reach of your PR. LinkedIn is not about having to create new content – it’s about extending the reach of the content further.
  • This is why the headlines in your profile are so important – they help people to find you. This practice also helps you find other people!Use InMail as the last option – you will have to pay to upgrade your account to use it. There should be enough information on a person’s profile to contact them in another way – reason to connect, through a group etc.The group information I showed you earlier – this is how I obtained that information.It’s also the strategy for building the CIM SW group.For example a search for profiles containing the keyword 'CIM", within a 25 mile radius of Cheltenham shows 322 results.  A search by industry (marketing and advertising) within a 25 mile radius of Cheltenham shows 2,580 results.  A search for a job title containing 'marketing' within a 25 mile radius of Cheltenham shows 5,177 results!It’s time consuming – but it’s detailed, personalised and no financial cost. B2I (not B2B / B2C)
  • Social media is full of jargon. Basically about using technology to interact – to be social.Twitter is about social networking. It’s called micro-blogging. Users follow people – which means you see all of their updates or tweets. You can send open messages or private messages as long as you know their twitter name. All done is 140 characters or less.
  • People like to share what they are doing, what they are feeling.Beyonce’s half term show at the superbowl on Sunday night: 5.5 million tweets.Boris Johnson – the most talked about moment of 2012 on Twitter – London Mayor Boris Johnson dancing during the Olympics closing ceremony.Olympics:2 weeks. 306 billion items on the web. Every person on the planet creating 44 pieces of information.Usain Bolt was mentioned more than 960,000 times during the games. Before he finished his 100m sprint – 2 million mentions.Sponsor McDonalds generated more than 150,000 mentioned.X Factor sing off between James Arthur and Ella Henderson third most talked about moment (football second).NHS biggest political issue discussed on Twitter. Hunger games most discussed film.Credible platform for news, opinion, debate: SHARING.Also negativity around Twitter. Trolls. Tom Daley during the Olympics. Riots. What was missed about the riots was how Twitter was used to co-ordinate the huge clean up the next day.
  • Couple more negative examples – not to frighten you, just to make you aware that you need to think before you tweet.
  • Choose your twitter name – or handle – carefully. Mine was easy @luanwiseIf you are a company and your name has been taken, it is possible to get it assigned to you if it’s trademarked. Twitter are very helpful.Add a photo or company logoBio: 160 characters – can change it as your strategy develops! Include keywordsAdd a web addressAdd your locationCompanies – brand your background.Set email alerts for notificationsCan protect your tweets so that only people you have approved can see them – defeats the object of being social!
  • Difficult to achieve when you first start out – but ratio really need to bear it in mind.Unless you’re a famous celebrity, there’s no overnight success when it comes to building your following. It’s a bit chicken and egg … but plan your strategy in advance and it won’t take up quite so much time. I tend to put together a long list of people I want to follow and add gradually. I also regularly monitor the people I’m following – if it’s not engaging, I unfollow them.Ideally greater number of followers than people you follow. Demonstrates influence and authority.Following 1,000 but 100 following you back – poor quality content. To send private messages via twitter – need to be following each other. Very rarely use private messaging – take to another medium, email or phone.
  • Who to follow.People you follow – will see their updates in your timeline. Can still see other people by going to their page, just won’t receive updates in one place.Influencers – have reach, greater impact (add credibility).People who will add value.Want your company to be following your client list – no. Too obvious to people like me. Use a different account – lurk.When someone follows you – check them out – if relevant follow back. Only way of knowing if relevant – their profile and content. Same applies to you.You need to check Twitter Profile’s before you follow anyone – yes there are wierdos and there is spam. Very easy to spot and ignore.It’s the start of a conversation – if you want to have one. Etiquette – thank people for following.
  • Tools to help you identify who to follow. Twitter page makes recommendations on your home page. Twitter will also send you emails. Also an advanced search tool – remember those keywords in bio’s. Select criteria to match your target audience.Followerwonk.
  • Followers are people who want to see your tweets in their timeline.Three ways: Tell people you are on Twitter and ask them to follow you! Email signature. Business cards. Website.Follow People – hope they will follow you back … remember they will only do this if can find out who you are – your profile / your content. Can forgive limited content, see that you are new. Can’t forgive a blank profile.Content: use Hashtags in your tweets (later)Manage your followers. Whounfollowedme. NutShellMail.
  • Remember the rule of thirds.You are mentioned / how to mention.Respond to mentions / RTsChampion your stakeholders – if relevant to your content strategy.
  • As with anything else, you need to cut through noise. Pick the best time of day to be at the top of followers newsfeed.Knowing your target audience.Built followers: Tweriod.
  • Can repeat messages – blink and you’ll miss it!Apps to include photos and video via your smartphone
  • How much you tweet is completely up to you! Tweet too much and you’ll be unfollowed. Tweet infrequently and you won’t be remembered.Desktop. Phone. Tablet.Dashboard- Tweetdeck / Hootsuite. Manage multiple accounts. Tweetdeck is free. Hootsuite free for up to 5 profiles.Tweetdeck – FB and Twitter. Stopped supporting LI about a year ago.HS – Twitter, FB, LI, G+, 4Sq ….SCHEDULE ON TIMERS. Then just have to focus on managing your timeline, retweetsand latest news.
  • 2012 word of the year.Unless you’re French – who have just banned the word hashtag for being too English – want to encourage the presence of the French language on social media networks.Simply a keyword preceeded by the #symbol. To work correctly – no spacesNot registered or controlled by anyone. Follow hashtags like you follow people. They are hyperlinked.Easy to pick up on – show on TV, see them in your timeline. #Trending topics#nowplaying#news#quoteTry not to over do them. 3 or 4 max per tweet.#journorequest#glosbiz#FF#charitytuesday#eventprofs
  • Biggest challenge for organisations. Biggest barrier to using social media.
  • If I had to answer ‘what’s the point of Twitter’ in one slide – this would be it.