Presentation design and delivery


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A Power Point presentation to give tips on how to make a proper design and delivery of a presentation. The goal is to educate people on how to use a power point in a presentation form and the slides are able to give people a look on how to do it

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  • In a presentation, the goal is to keep the slides as simple as possible. The way to do that is by not having many words on each of your slide because people will more likely listen to you if you are telling them about your topic rather them just reading it off the slide.
  • High Quality Images are a must in presentation design because it portrays a great background and it is also beneficial to use the images as a part of your story.
  • Make sure when you are using solid color backgrounds that you can easily see the font. The scheme must be correct or else people will be unable to see what is on the slide.
  • Use fonts that are easily seen and understood. For example, you can use Times New Roman, Calibri, and Arial.
  • Do not use many bulletpoints in your presentation. This will allow you to not read off your slide and people will have to listen to what you are saying.
  • Microsoft themes are ok but they should not be used. The reason for this is because it makes the presentation boring and bland.
  • Transitions and Animations are good in projects but should not be overused. The reason is because people will get tired of seeing certain things so it is better to keep the project simple.
  • Enjoy talking about your subject. You want to make sure that the audience feels that you like the topic and that needs to be portrayed by the way you speak and your body language.
  • Start your delivery off strong. The way your presentation starts will see if you will be able to keep your audience interested for the rest of the presentation.
  • Do not stand behind the podium. The best thing would be to move around and keep the screen clear.
  • Make sure you use your time wisely. Do not let your presentation run on. If your powerpoint was to go for 30 minutes try and cut it down to 25 minutes.
  • Make sure you keep your eye contact with your audience. You want to feel like you are including your audience in the conversation.
  • Make sure you dress appropriately for your presentation. Make sure that you are wearing a jacket and tie if it were to be a business presentation.
  • Practice, Practice, Practice. Make sure you go over all your slides before your presentation so you know exactly what you will be saying during the presentation.
  • Presentation design and delivery

    1. 1. Presentation Design and Delivery • By: Luke Wooters Microsoft Clip Art
    2. 2. Presentation Design
    3. 3. Simple Slides
    4. 4. High Quality Images
    5. 5. Correct Color Scheme
    6. 6. CLEAR AND CLASSY FONT Microsoft Clip Art
    7. 7. • Keep Bullet Points to a minimum!
    8. 8. Microsoft Clip Art Stay Away From Microsoft Templates
    9. 9. Limit Transitions and Animations
    10. 10. Presentation Delivery
    11. 11. Be Passionate About Your Topic
    12. 12. Start Strong
    13. 13. Move Around
    14. 14. Keep it Short
    15. 15. Keep Eye Contact
    16. 16. Dress Appropriately
    17. 17. Practice, Pract ice, Practice
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