Counterculture Movement
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  • 1. CountercultureMovement
    Leah Turbeville
    8th period
  • 2. We care about you
    We should care about this movement because it was a time when people protested for the better use of resources and people started questioning politics.
    Peace was a key point in the movement.
    People found a way to protest while still being peaceful.
  • 3. 60’s man
    The 60’s were a lot different than today.
    Long hair styles were the norm and flowers were the power.
    Protest songs were popular and tie-dye was radical.
    Pot and crack were just a few of the things people did too.
  • 4.
  • 5. Bellamy Brothers — Old Hippie lyrics
    Chorus:'Cause he's an old hippieAnd he don't know what to doShould he hang on to the oldShould he grab on to the new.He's and old hippieThis new life is just a bustHe ain't trying to change nobodyHe's just trying real hard to adjust.He was sure back in the sixtiesThat everyone was hipThen they sent him off to vietnamOn his senior trip.And they forced him to become a manWhile he was still a boyAnd behind each wave of tragedyHe waited for the joyNow this world may change around himBut he just can't change no more
  • 6. Popular singers and bands
    The Beach Boys The Beatles The Mamas & the Papas The MonkeesThe Rolling Stones Simon and Garfunkel
    The Bee Gees The Jimi Hendrix Experience Cream Pink Floyd
  • 7. Important enough to be a flower power leader
    Timothy Leary
    Helped start a renaissance
    Talked to public about his observations of the mind.
    Dr. Benjamin Spock
    Vocal political activist speaking out against disarmament and the war in southwest Asia.
    ran for President in 1972
    He was a pediatricion and spoke out for many families and children.
    Al Haber and Tom Hayden
    Hayden and Haber co-founded Students for a Democratic Society, (a group of students unhappy with involvement in Vietnam.)
  • 8. Tom Hayden
    Timothy Leary
    Al Haber
  • 9. Who? What?? No way dude!!
    There were many people involved such as:
    Flower children
    Young people especially
    They protested and had campaigns against civil rights, social injustice, and the Vietnam War.
    long hair, rock music such as Woodstock, tye-dye, free sex, and drugs are many ways they showed their values.
  • 10. The special grass is being referred to as weed. People generally thought hippies were crazy because of their likings to do pot, weed, and any other type of drugs.
  • 11. Questions anyone?
    What was the point of the movement?
    do you think it was fair?
    What would you have done?
  • 12. summer of love
  • 13. webpage
  • 14. Song clip
    This song talks about loving people and the hippie era was more or less about people coming together and being peaceful
  • 15. To every story there must come an end