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  • 1. Crowdsourcing#NewCrowdSM4 Leigh Ortman Alexandra Dolan Charlotte Schaefer Tim Killian
  • 2. What is Crowdsourcing? #NewCrowdSM4
  • 3. “Crowdsourcing is the act of taking a job traditionally performed by a designated agent (usually an employee) and outsourcing it to an undefined, generally large group of people in the form of an open call.” – Jeff Howe, editor at Wired Magazine @crowdsourcing#NewCrowdSM4
  • 4. • Video of crowdsourcing
  • 5. History
  • 6. 1714- British Government asks citizens for a way tofind location while at sea. #NewCrowdSM4
  • 7. 1916- Planters Peanuts Logo Contest Crowdsourced logo Final outcome #NewCrowdSM4
  • 8. 2001-WikipediaLaunches #NewCrowdSM4
  • 9. 2004- James Surowiecki writes “The Wisdom of Crowds” #NewCrowdSM4
  • 10. Jeff Howe coined the term in 2006. #NewCrowdSM4
  • 11. 2008 - IndieGoGo launched Crowdfunding @indiegogo #NewCrowdSM4
  • 12. CrowdConf @CrowdCon f in 2010 Started #NewCrowdSM4
  • 13. Icelandcrowdsources anew constitution proposal. #NewCrowdSM4
  • 14. Whois crowdsourcing?
  • 15. Mark Wilson• @crtlzee• Founder of Philanthopr “It may only take a few more disasters (individuals who despise a certain brand, etc, teaming up) to take down a brand in a public arena and scare many corps away from the idea.”
  • 16. John Tozzi• @jtozz• Reporter for BloomburgBusinessweek – covers small business, entrepreneurship, &innovationn“The main advantage is it allows you to tap a wide network of people who may specialized knowledge or insight into a particular question or problem.”
  • 17. How do you crowdsource?
  • 18. Applications & Websites
  • 19. Thumb Free mobile application Users may either request feedback from users or provide comments to others’ posts Connect with users with similar interests Reward helpful responses with Stars@thumb #NewCrowdSM4
  • 20. • Download Thumb to your smartphone • Sign up with e-mail or Facebook • Click “Me”  Click “Find Friends” • Click “Search Thumb” • Type in: (Charlotte)#NewCrowdSM4
  • 21. • Enterprise crowdsourcing • Hires a network over 2.5 million people to perform their crowdsourcing • Large companies  small businesses pay CrowdFlower to do their crowdsourcing for them@crowdflower #NewCrowdSM4
  • 22. Mollie Allick• @mpallick• Director of Events and PR at CrowdFlower“CrowdFlower gives the ability to scale 2.5 million workers…allowing work to be done a lot faster and providing a Gold Standard for crowdsourcing accuracy.”
  • 23. CrowdFlower – Mollie Allick• “Older companies can have a difficult time adapting to a new way of gathering information.”• “We embed answers so we know the correct information in advance to make sure workers are doing the tasks accurately.”
  • 24.  Collaborative production website for making music  If a production makes money, the profits are split 50/50 with the company and the artist(s).@hitRECord #NewCrowdSM4
  • 25. • “Think of this website less as an exhibition space like YouTube or Tumblr…this is more like our studio. We come here to make things together.” * • “Anybody else can download anybody’s records and remix it, sample it, add to it, edit it, and put up their version. Remix isn’t theft, it is just how we work.” ** From
  • 26. Download,edit/add, re-upload, andother userscontinuecycle untilfinal product.
  • 27. Why crowdsource?
  • 28. Advantages #NewCrowdSM4
  • 29. Advantage1: With a huge pool ofparticipants, more ideas are bound to be made. - John Tozzi #NewCrowdSM4
  • 30. Advantage 2: Feedback is gained quickly for faster results. - Mollie Allick, CrowdFlower #NewCrowdSM4
  • 31. Feedback is instantaneous.#NewCrowdSM4
  • 32. Advantage 3: Cheap for companies.#NewCrowdSM4
  • 33. Disadvantages #NewCrowdSM4
  • 34. Disadvantage 1: Requires filtering of Mollie Allick, CrowdFlower - bad information #NewCrowdSM4
  • 35. Disadvantage 2: Requires more in depth validation; accuracy is put into question - John Tozzi, BusinessWeek #NewCrowdSM4
  • 36. Disadvantage 3: Crowdsourcing relies on the creativity of the masses – masses that might not care enough or understand your brand enough to create something great for you. - Mark Wilson, Founder of Philanthopr
  • 37. Looking Ahead…
  • 38. “Brand Crowd”Companies will look to consumers to spread the word of their new products before they hit the shelves. - #NewCrowdSM4
  • 39. CrowdfundingJumpstart Our Business Startup (JOBS) Act, passed by the House of Representatives,allows new businesses to use crowdfunding. #NewCrowdSM4
  • 40. Crowdsourcing EmploymentLarge companies have begun paying people to perform crowdsourcing activities on a daily basis. - CrowdFlower #NewCrowdSM4
  • 41. Summing Up• CrowdSourcing is an efficient way of gathering information and feedback from unlimited sources worldwide thanks to the internet and social media• Large Corporations to small businesses and even individuals can make a living off of crowdsourcing• Crowdsourcing brings together numerous viewpoints information and strategies together but requires a filter