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Leader coaching model overview   right management
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Leader coaching model overview right management


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  • 1. Leader Coaching Overview © Right Management 2014. All Rights Reserved. Leader Coaching - Overview What is Right Management’s approach to coaching? Right Management leader coaching practice provides unmatched flexibility and support to organizations who seek to support their HR Strategies with best in class development of key leaders. With global reach and capabilities, Right Management is the world leader in high quality coaching services bringing with it a rigorous process that matches the right coach with the individual and organizational need, while bringing consistency of delivery and outcomes to our clients across their footprint. Our approach is business-oriented and solution-focused. Right’s Coaching Model is based on research and best practice. All of Right’s coaches are trained to provide quality and consistency in their coaching through skillful use of the Right Coaching Model. While employing the Right Coaching Model, Right’s coaches can specifically tailor the coaching to the needs of the individual leader, regardless of level and organizational culture. THE RIGHT MANAGEMENT COACHING MODEL  Align with the Organization: Preparing the Foundation A core tenet of our approach is to involve the coaching program Administrator, Leader’s Manager and other stakeholders early and integrally to the process. These individuals provide critical contextual data on the situation and set parameters for better matching.  Design the Coaching Plan: Creating Awareness and Planning As coaching commences, 3-way dialogue between Coach, Leader, and Leader’s Manager ensures alignment and facilitates goal setting. Assessment, feedback, and development planning are all cornerstones of our process.  Accelerate Performance: Achieving and Measuring Success Steps include “coaching to the plan” and “measuring results” to facilitate evaluation of success for the leader and how value adds up for the organization.
  • 2. Leader Coaching Overview © Right Management 2014. All Rights Reserved.  Coach Matching - How does Right identify the coaches for each of our leaders? o The research, our experience and review of best practices show that the coach/leader relationship is the most important factor (up to 50% of the success) in determining the successful outcome of the coaching. o To identify the best possible coach match and to ensure the best outcomes, it is crucial for Right Management to understand the organizational culture, the business strategy and the goals for the leader. We ensure that we have a solid understanding of background and critical success factors through interviews with your coaching, HR or OD sponsor and the sponsoring manager when possible. We work closely with you to understand the leader’s development needs as well as personality and learning style to help us determine potential coach match. This is critical to providing a strategic match. We will typically provide two (or three) bios for consideration by you and the coach. We ask the leader to interview the potential coaches. We can provide an interview tool to assist leaders with possible questions they might consider asking a coach. At times, the HR sponsor and leader’s manager may also wish to interview the coaches as part of the selection process.  Coaching Resources – What are your coaches’ qualifications? o At the heart of our success is our ability to draw upon a vast pool of experienced, talented coaches. We believe that the best coaches have a combination of competencies, including business experience, knowledge of adult learning and the psychology of what helps people grow and change, as well as a deep understanding of systems and organizations. For coaching at the strategic level, our coaches need to have coached for a minimum of 8 years and our professional coaches have a minimum of 500 coaching hours of experience; our master coaches have a minimum of 1,500 coaching hours of experience. Many of our coaches also have additional coaching training and accreditation by the International Coach Federation (ICF) and/or other ICF- accredited coach training programs. Our coaching team includes coaches who are certified psychologists with strong business backgrounds.  Coaching focus - Do you provide remedial and developmental coaching support? o Our focus is on the leader development. It is the area where we can best support organizational goals and key outcomes for the clients we serve.  Coachee - What levels within an organization does your coaching best support? o Director level and above, to include C-suite.  Length of programs - What is the duration of the coaching work you provide? o Our coaching assignments typically range from 6-12 months.  Assessments – Does Right Management conduct assessments as part of the coaching process? o Yes. Right Management has a robust assessment practice and integrates best in class assessments into its coaching approach. Right Management Coaching can seamlessly incorporate assessment tools that are already in use or preferred by your organization. We may recommend the use of supplemental assessment(s), as appropriate for the individual coaching needs. Right Management will work with your team as part of the launch process to define assessments to be used for coaching engagements.  Technology - What role does technology play in our coaching practice? o To support our client’s needs for flexibility in delivery Right Management deploys the latest in secure technology with high quality video and audio for coaching that will include virtual delivery. We are a high touch oriented firm and will design solutions to meet the unique needs of the individual and organization to seamlessly blend face to face or virtual delivery techniques that will create the right experience and drive the desired outcomes.  Reporting - What reporting capabilities do you offer? o Right Management has the ability to provide key stakeholders with access to reports that track multiple engagements as they progress through the 6- 12 month coaching process. Our Coaching Management System offers clients a consolidated report outlining key milestones for each coaching assignment. It can be an important tool in managing outcomes and assessing progress at a high level and is useful when managing coaching assignments across a large geography. As an option Right Management
  • 3. Leader Coaching Overview © Right Management 2014. All Rights Reserved. can provide thematic analysis of data collected from a large number of coaching assignments to identify organizational issues and spot trends. This is done while maintaining the strict confidentiality between coach and coachee.  Commitment to Quality o Our philosophy is one of client focus and long term relationships. The only way we are able to attain this is by a commitment to quality in our approach, design and delivery of coaching services. We are continuously improving and refining our approach. Client feedback and Right’s Quality Assurance Program for Leader Coaching ensure consistency in quality, standards and service, wherever we are delivering solutions to our clients.  Success criteria – What have you found to be some of the keys to a successful coaching partnership? o It is important that we come to understand the client’s culture and leadership priorities o It is equally important that the client and Right Management align around a coaching process and protocol o Alignment around outcomes o Shared internal lessons learned o Leadership’s commitment to coaching o Agreement to ongoing conversations and business reviews o Meeting with key leaders between the organizations WHY RIGHT MANAGEMENT?  Right Management’s Leader Coaching solution is achieved through our combined coaching expertise and unique consulting vantage point. We are change and effectiveness consultants at the organizational level and at the individual level. We coach individuals but we view Leader Coaching as a strategic talent management initiative.  Utilizing our global footprint and 500+ business-savvy Coaches who are recognized experts in the field, we deliver coaching with on-the-ground resources and consistent delivery wherever our Clients are.  World-class coaching techniques are supported by innovative tools, giving clients a clear line- of-site for optimizing leadership potential and ROI. For example, our Coaching Management System offers Clients a web-based system to better manage coaching programs and resources with utilization and progress reports, quality metrics, and ROI measurement. CONTACT: Lisa Tintner Business Development Consultant Right Management 525 W. Monroe, Suite 1500 Chicago, IL 60661 United States Phone +1.630.247.9291
  • 4. Leader Coaching Overview © Right Management 2014. All Rights Reserved. Right Management Leader Coaching Leader Level Definitions EXECUTIVE/ C-SUITE LEADERS These are the very most senior leaders in the company, representing the C-suite. They are overall responsible sustaining the highest level of shareholder value and while reporting directly to the CEO, are also accountable to the Chair and the Board of Directors for setting the direction of the organization and ensuring it is executed properly. STRATEGIC LEADERS These senior executives are responsible for creating the organization’s mission, vision, and executing on the company’s strategic direction. They include new leaders to the organization or people newly promoted to larger Executive Roles. The coaching focus is on their strategic view and its impact on the organization, building and sustaining alignment with the strategy, and tackling systemic, cultural and environmental issues. Coaching assignments typically include executive skill building, development of the senior team, and the leader’s work/personal issues. DEVELOPING LEADERS These people are currently in leadership roles and need to enhance their leadership effectiveness, or are individuals who have changed their role and need to develop additional competencies. They include new leaders to the organization or people promoted to new and increased roles. The coaching focus is on examining success factors, changing specific behaviors, meeting existing challenges, altering current outcomes, enhancing interpersonal skills and addressing ‘here and now’ observations for development. EMERGING LEADERS These are high-potential individuals who may be new to leadership roles, are being groomed for higher-profile positions, or have been identified as “leaders of the future.” The coaching focus is on exposure to new concepts, understanding the organization, improving personal and professional insight, social awareness and skill building.