Article marketing hidden power of internet marketing part 110

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Discover how Article marketing can be an effective internet marketing strategy. Many marketers have forgotten that articles can create a powerful viral marketing. Too many SEO specialist focus on link …

Discover how Article marketing can be an effective internet marketing strategy. Many marketers have forgotten that articles can create a powerful viral marketing. Too many SEO specialist focus on link building tricks that are outdated.

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  • 1. SEO Marketing Strategies<br />10 Killer Ways To Beat Your Competitors<br /> Written by:<br />Part 1: The hidden power of Article Marketing<br />Why is article marketing one of the most powerful way to get quality inbound links? Many marketers already forgot about this SEO technique. Some don’t even know how to use it. For article marketing to be an effective SEO campaign, you’ll need to know how to implement this SEO marketing technique to get tons of inbound links automatically.<br />Discover the hidden benefits of article marketing <br />Article marketing is the fastest and most powerful way to spread your knowledge around the World Wide Web. Posting articles is a proven way to help increase search engines ranking and your web exposure. More inbound links means more traffic. More exposure means more sales. Article marketing can easily translate to more sales, if done right. There are four main benefits that articles can do for your website. <br />You can become an expert in your field <br />You build lots of quality links<br />You articles will go up ranking (driving more customers to your site)<br />Article can boost your website ranking at the same time<br /> <br />If you have useful well written articles about subjects related to your site, you gain credibility. This is especially important if you are in a small niche. If readers find a quality article on your site, they will return to look for more information or refer your article link to a friend. Nothing beats a good viral marketing. <br />Article marketing is FREE and is good for the search engines too<br />By promoting your articles online for free on several websites it will be indexed by search engines quickly. Article marketing is one of the most reliable free SEO marketing strategies, no matter how the Google algorithm changes. <br />Most people go online to search for information by typing keywords into the major search engines (Google, Yahoo and Bing). Search engines try to match what people searched for by providing relevant website content in the search engine results.So if you have used the same keywords your targets used on the search engines in your articles, your articles will be listed on the top of the search engine results. More target readers can find you through these niche articles.<br />Search engines place emphasis on the use of keyword search terms in the headline and the body of web content. Using your keywords in this manner, <br />will encourage the search engines to present your articles to web visitors, when they search with such keywords, thereby driving targeted traffic to your website. <br />How to implement Article Marketing in 3 easy steps <br />Step 1: Write for your targeted readers <br />Your articles must be targeted and relevant to those readers who are likely to buy from you. Ideally you should choose a niche and write about tips and solutions. You can compare different products or services in your article. You can provide advice or tips about a certain problem. Make sure you don’t write like a sales man. Your article should a problem-solving document. Choosing a target group helps you understand what your customers want and helps your write a better article. This is the most important step of the article marketing, because it will help to select the right keywords to use in your article marketing. These niche keywords can quickly go up in the ranking. <br />Step 2: How to find keyword search terms to promote you articles?<br />To get the right keyword search terms for your articles, you’ll need to:<br />List out the search terms that are related to your chosen niche, targets <br />List out the search terms of your products/services <br />Use Google Adwords Keyword tool to get more related keywords<br />Use Word Tracker to find missing keywords<br />The Google keyword tool will probably give you several related search terms and their synonyms. You can then use those specific search terms to create the headlines of your articles and also use them in the body of your articles.<br />Try find as many words or phrases your targets may use online to search for anything relating to your niche. This can break or make your article marketing, so spend some time to find the right keywords. <br />For example, if your chosen niche is shoes, you can then list the following words/phrases as possible search terms that may be used for your niche, that is men shoes, women’s shoes, kids shoes, shoe brands, shoe sizes, shoe charts etc. <br />Step 3: How to publish articles to get quality inbound links<br />Let’s face it. You need links! Your articles will be a crucial part of your SEO marketing campaign. It is important to be on the first three pages of an organic search and if your keywords are used properly, articles can help. If you are posting your articles around the web, a resource box appears at the bottom, which contains information about you and a link to your site. How do you start submitting your articles? <br />
    • Do you keyword research first Your articles should be targeted to your SEO campaign to drive up your search engine rankings. These keywords must relate to your site or they are useless.
    • 2. Decide if you are going to write the articlesEven if you don't consider yourself a good writer, there are many places to get help on the web. If you aren't confident in your writing abilities or you simply don't have time you can hire someone to write for you, get free articles, or buy PLR articles.
    • 3. Write about applicable topicsYour articles should always be related to your site and your products. If you write an article about dogs and link it to your site about horseback riding, it is not going to help your business much.
    • 4. Where will your articles be published? There are three main channels to distribute your articles: Ezines, Announcement Lists, and Article Directories. Publishing to Ezines in your field gives you targeted traffic. Announcement lists are subscription email lists where you can publish or find articles. Article directories give you instant publication and are indexed by search engines, raising your ranking.
    • 5. Spend time on the Resource Box! This is as important as the article itself because it is the only place you can talk about your business. What is written here can evoke a click or.... not. The box should contain less than 450 characters and should contain biographical information about you and a link to your site and/or your email address. Need more help with article marketing?
    • 6. Killer Strategy 2 coming soon… visit