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Otg client-case-studies

  1. 1. Off the Grid Public Relations<br />Client Case Studies<br /> Advertising + Blog Development + Case Studies + Email Marketing + Green Marketing + Social Media + Trad Public Relations + Business Strategy + B2C Ticket Sales Promotion + B2B Webinars<br />3218 E. Colonial Drive Orlando Fl 32803 www.offthegrid-pr.com 321.281.8378<br />
  2. 2. Some of our clients<br />Florida Council on Compulsive Gambling<br />
  3. 3. Examples of our Web site Works (B2C)<br />Video email app to encourage word-of-mouth ticket sales<br />Successful e-commerce promotions won a 2009 Silver Communicator Award.- Web Design<br />
  4. 4. Examples of our Web site works (B2B)<br />Our detailed Case Studies, including ROI analyses, encourage more B2B prospect opportunities for our customers.<br />
  5. 5. Case Study: NASA FutureFlight Central <br /><ul><li>Complete Reintroduction of NASA FutureFlight Central
  6. 6. Press/Media coverage: Won Popular Science “Hot New Technologies of Year 2000”; USA Today, BBC, Discovery Channel, ABC Nightline.
  7. 7. Hosted successful 300-person Key Aviation Influencers Launch Event; DFW, LAX, and SFO sign up as customers.</li></li></ul><li>Case Study: Healthy Chef Creations<br /><ul><li>Created “Momilicious” brand identity, web content creation; initiated Mommy blogger contest.
  8. 8. Results: Launched Feb 2010, new product orders already 20% of total order revenue in first month,</li></ul>.<br />
  9. 9. Case Study: MomsLikeMe Orlando<br /><ul><li>Launched Twitter program creating 2 contests to increase memberships. Results: Increased membership signups 50% in 3 month period.</li></ul>.<br />
  10. 10. Case study: Our Body the Universe Within | Biz Dev + Creative Strategies<br />OTG negotiated the Florida Hospital partnership which included several components. Key was a FH employee and partner discount – enabling Our Body to lift ticket sales 20% through the hospital’s distribution channels.<br />
  11. 11. Case Study: TCT Solar [ Jacksonville]solar water heating<br /><ul><li>PR support for TCT Solar’s participation in the Environmental Defense Fund’s Florida TV ad awareness campaign, Faces of Climate Change. 10-sec Spots were shown over 50 times in Florida metros throughout June and July 2008, greatly enhancing the company’s visibility to green commercial projects. (eg. Sandals Hotels & The City of Tampa were engaged as a result of our strategic PR.)</li></ul>.<br />
  12. 12. Case Study: Solaris Communities<br /><ul><li>Garnered Over $7 million in advertising equivalent Impressions via television, national & regional magazines over a 4 month period</li></ul>.<br />
  13. 13. Case Study: InPhonex (VOIP startup)<br /><ul><li>SEO + directory + inbound link placements increased web traffic 30% in first three months; Jumpstarted webinar series for value-added resellers, including first White Paper for VARs. Results: Brought first 100 VARs into program.</li></ul>.<br />
  14. 14. Case study: Solar Direct Ad Design<br /><ul><li>Goal: “Upscale” the</li></ul>Perception of Solar Thermal<br />for large commercial projects<br />Messaging: Solar doesn’t <br />have to be ugly.<br />It can be a Smart Eco-Chic<br />addition to a building’s <br />architecture and cityscape.<br />
  15. 15. Case study: Pure Zing’s Blog 31-Day Give-away<br /><ul><li>Problem:A natural products Blog site had zero traffic;</li></ul> client desired to use blog to increase newsletter <br /> subscriptions and pass-through traffic onto their product<br /> review website.<br /><ul><li>Solution:OTG designed an integrated marketing</li></ul> campaign combining a 31-Day product giveaway<br /> contest on the blog with a nationwide press release<br /> announcing the start of the contest. Strategic postings to“freebie” <br /> blog sites were also used to attract new-comers.<br />Commenters are encouraged to win by posting creative writing<br />and product use ideas.<br /><ul><li>Results: Daily blog traffic to the Giveaway</li></ul>averaged 50-81 blog posts per day, with a peak of<br />180 people blogging in one day. As a result of this<br />Campaign, the client’s newsletter subscriber base doubled to<br />5000 subscribers.<br />
  16. 16. Case study: Solar Direct’s Email Marketing<br /><ul><li>Goal:250,000 </li></ul> promotional emails delivered<br /> to In-house Email List (15,000)<br /> and targeted consumer lists<br /> nationwide<br /><ul><li>Average Results (In-house):
  17. 17. 37% Open Rate
  18. 18. 40% Click-through
  19. 19. Best performing campaign led</li></ul> to a 200% ROI in sales conversions.<br />
  20. 20. Examples of Our Results<br />Clients expect hundreds of thousands of eyeballs & 6-digit dollar returns in their PR and marketing coverage. We deliver.<br /><ul><li>NASA:
  21. 21. Over $3 Million in agency-attributed consultative service sales, breaking NASA into a new commercial market sector ( airports and airport planning/design firms).
  22. 22. Secured over $5 Million (equivalent ad dollars) of top-tier PR placements.
  23. 23. Awarded Popular Science Magazine’s “Best Top Ten Technologies for the Year”
  24. 24. Solaris Home Systems/ Affiniti Architects (Green Building; Sustainable Community).
  25. 25. Garnered 3 national “Green Home” awards for the client, while also attracting publicity for their LEED GOLD homes.
  26. 26. Secured $7,000,000 in Florida and national media placements in 6 months
  27. 27. Solar Direct (Solar Energy)
  28. 28. Secured $3,500,000 (equivalent ad dollars) of PR placements in Florida regional publications in one and one-half year.
  29. 29. Attracted $250,000 of systems design project solicitations via targeted PR placements in regional business journals.
  30. 30. InPhonex
  31. 31. Increased web site traffic ranking 50% within 3 months via strategic web directory placements, back links and targeted advertising placements; jumpstarted monthly webinar series for value-added resellers.</li></ul>PR Placements include NY Times, Newsweek, Entrepreneur Magazine, Business Week, USA Today, BBC News, ABC Nightline, as well as numerous Florida radio and TV placements.<br />
  32. 32. How committed are we to client’s results?<br /><ul><li>Our market and PR strategy analyses have been acknowledged by clients as among the best-in-class experiences on a level with premiere management consulting firms.
  33. 33. We thoroughly enjoy the challenge of incentive-based performance relationships with our clients.
  34. 34. We work with clients in defining their project expectations, defining goals in quantitative terms (eg. PR placements, customer opens/click-throughs/purchases and/or new customer acquisition). It is our delightto exceed your expectations…and our own!
  35. 35. Exactly how committed are we? Simply put, we will not take a client unless we see a significant “win opportunity” for our mutual marketing partnership occurring within the first two weeks of collaboration.</li></li></ul><li>Customer Testimonials<br />Thorell’s business acumen was core<br /> to my vision of creating a Healthy Lifestyle <br />adjunct to our core health insurance business.<br />You can count on them for strategic insights<br /> and delivery.<br />Michael Ashker, Former President and Founder of<br /> Imerica Financial Services<br />OTG rapidly learned our business and has become<br />a core partner to our executive management team.<br />They not only noticeably improved our market position <br />In Florida but brought us to a position of Thought <br />Leadership in the solar energy market.<br />Dale Gulden, CEO of Solar Direct<br />Your team did a great job for us...<br />Tom Pirelli, Chairman Solaris Home Systems & The Arial Foundation<br />At the time we brought in OTG, we had zero customers and <br />revenue for a $14 M project that was costing us $3.2 M in annual operating costs. Lisa raised a marketing plan from ground<br />zero and totally executed, not only bringing us a new<br />customer set but helping us gain full cost-recovery inside 2 years. <br />Dr. Steve Zornetzer, Director of Information Science and Technology<br />, NASA Ames Research Center<br />
  36. 36. www.OffTheGrid-pr.com<br />Just a very brief introduction to our work.<br />Contact us if your product or service requires<br />changing the way the world usually thinks.<br />3218 E. Colonial Drive Orlando Fl 32803 www.offthegrid-pr.com 321.281.8378<br />