W13 libr250 library catalog (books & more)


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W13 libr250 library catalog (books & more)

  1. 1. Library Catalog (Books & More)Learning outcomes:• Search the library OPAC fluently.• Locate information remotely and physically by utilizing URLs & call numbers.• Recognize that the organization of literature differs by discipline.• Cite print and film sources in APA style. LIBR 250, Section1 Winter 2013 / Terrones
  2. 2. CSULA Library webpage contains: Books, DVDs, & Journals, Course Reserves (this is called the library catalog).Databases Digital Collections
  3. 3. Location: Reference books Gov’t Documents Master’s Theses Limit by Type: • DVDs • E-books • E-journals Use the Library Catalog to search for books, e-books, DVDs, and journals.The advanced search page allows you to limit by type of source and location.
  4. 4. A call numbers the ID or “address”of a book or DVD. You use it locate the item in the library collection. Call #: BP223.Z8 L57943 1992 Location: North – 2nd Status: Due 3-4-13 Permanent link: http://opac.calstatela.edu/record=b1883002~S0
  5. 5. LC Classification OutlineBooks and DVDs are organized by subjectusing the Library of Congress (LC) ClassificationOutline.Each subject category has its assigned letter.For example:Q = ScienceQB = AstronomyQC = PhysicsQD = Chemistry
  6. 6. Understanding Call Numbers Call numbers are ordered alphabetically, and then by number.B before BF before BXQ before QE before QL
  7. 7. Understanding Call Numbers The second line contains one or more digits. These are ordered numerically.BA BA BA BA BA5 37 102 587 1248
  8. 8. Understanding Call Numbers The third line contains a letter and numbers. The letter is shelved alphabetically. The numbers are ordered as decimals.QE QE QE QE QE352 352 352 352 352B64 C85 D444 D64 D7 * .444 before .64 before .7
  9. 9. Looking up Books1. CSULA Library Home page2. Books & More tab3. Keyword search (if you don’t know the exact title, but some parts of it).4. Title search (if you know the exact title).5. LC Call # (if you know the exact call #).
  10. 10. Remember: Keywordsearches look for thesearch terms in thetitle, the subject, and otherparts of the document.This keyword search willfind the Autobiography ofMalcolm X, and the filmMalcolm X, and otherbooks about MalcolmX, the revolutionary.
  11. 11. Bibliographic Records Author, Title, & Publication Info Call #, Location, &Click on the StatusSubjectHeading formore bookson thistopic. The URL for this book record.
  12. 12. Citation Elements (4 Ws) BooksAuthor, A. A., & Author, B. B. (Year). Title of the book. City, ST: Publisher.Alexie, S. (1992). The business of fancydancing: Stories and poems. Brooklyn, NY: Hang Loose Press.
  13. 13. Citation Elements (4 Ws) Chapter in a Book (Encyclopedia articles, too)Author, A. A.(Year). Title of the chapter. In Editor, E. E. & Editor, B. B. (Eds.), Title of the Book (pp. 1-5). City, ST: Publisher.Wakeman, C. (2011). Information literacy in the context of contemporary teaching methods in higher education. In Walton, G. & Pope, A. (Eds.), Information literacy: Infiltrating the agenda, challenging minds (pp. 71-84). Oxford, England: Chandos.
  14. 14. Citation Elements (4 Ws) FilmsProducer, P. P. (Producer), & Director, D. D. (Director). (Year). Title of motion picture [Motion Picture]. Country of origin: Studio or distributor.Jacobson, N. & Kilik, J. (Producers), & Ross, G. (Director). (2012). The hunger games [Motion Picture]. United States: Lionsgate.