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  • 1. jQuery Callbacks Object Nat 2014/03/28
  • 2. jQuery.Callbacks()
  • 3. example
  • 4. methods  callbacks.add()  Add a callback or a collection of callbacks to a callback list.  callbacks.disable()  Disable a callback list from doing anything more.  callbacks.disabled()  Determine if the callbacks list has been disabled.  callbacks.empty()  Remove all of the callbacks from a list.
  • 5. methods  callbacks.fire()  Call all of the callbacks with the given arguments  callbacks.fired()  Determine if the callbacks have already been called at least once.  callbacks.fireWith()  Call all callbacks in a list with the given context and arguments.
  • 6. methods  callbacks.has()  Determine whether a supplied callback is in a list  callbacks.lock()  Lock a callback list in its current state.  callbacks.locked()  Determine if the callbacks list has been locked.  callbacks.remove()  Remove a callback or a collection of callbacks from a callback list.
  • 7. Supported Flags  Possible flags:  once: Ensures the callback list can only be fired once (like a Deferred).  memory: Keeps track of previous values and will call any callback added after the list has been fired right away with the latest "memorized" values (like a Deferred).  unique: Ensures a callback can only be added once (so there are no duplicates in the list).  stopOnFalse: Interrupts callings when a callback returns false.
  • 8. once flag
  • 9. Memory flag
  • 10. unique flag
  • 11. stopOnFalse flag
  • 12. unique memory flags
  • 13. example
  • 14. references  https://api.jquery.com/jQuery.Callbacks/  http://stackoverflow.com/questions/8070894/when-would-i-use-jquery- callbacks