Bedsider: Sharing Is Caring


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Notes from DC Health STAT Presentation.

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Bedsider: Sharing Is Caring

  1. 1. Bedsider: Sharing Is Caring NotesSlide 1Hi, I’m Lawrence Swiader, and I’m the Senior Director of Digital Media at TheNational Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy. I’m delighted tohave this opportunity to give you a tour of the Bedsider birth control supportnetwork.Slide 2I was asked by the great museum thinker, Mike Edson, this question at aconference session we did together. That question, and my answer--which youcan guess was a resounding no--frames my presentation today.Slide 3Bedsider was created to address the significant problem with unplannedpregnancy in the U.S, especially among young single people in their 20s. Sevenin ten pregnancies to single women aged 18 to 29 are unplanned.This is the case even though most people think pregnancies should be plannedANDMost people also say it’s important to them to avoid pregnancy in their lives rightnowBUTAmong those having sex and not trying to get pregnant: 19% use nocontraception at all and 24% use it inconsistently. [Intentions don’t matchbehavior]ANDAmong those who say it’s very important to avoid pregnancy now, 34% say it’slikely they’ll have unprotected sex in near future.With this as the situation The National Campaign in the late summer of 2008started to look closely at the reasons that people weren’t getting BC right so wecould reduce the number of unplanned pregnancies. What were the reasons--beyond cost and access to BC--for the failure?
  2. 2. Slide 4We started our research by taking a look at whats was out there now. And thestate of sexual health and behavior change is not pretty. What does this any ofthis have to do with sex? The answer is: Not very much at all.[Why do the people with vaginitis look so happy?]Slide 5With Bedsider, we’ve tried to address the real issues and hurdles that womenface at every stage, and give them tools they can actually use to stick with theirplans to not get pregnant before they’re ready. Part of it is education, for sure.But it’s education in a voice that makes sense and comes from the POV of thewomen we’re speaking to.Goals: (1) take the fear and mystery out of birth control; (2) help women find the method of birth control that’s right for them; (3) help them understand how to use it consistently and effectively, and; (4) to gradually encourage women to consider using more effective forms of birth control over time.Slide 6Here’s one view of the Bedsider home page. You can see at the bottom the linkto real stories, where you can compare methods by watching videos of realwomen, talking about both the good and the bad aspects of birth control. Soyou’re able to choose a method by identifying with a real person, not a medicalobject.And these Real Stories are shared. They can be found on It’s Your Sex Life andon College TV stations and clinic waiting rooms. And that’s what sets Bedsiderapart from other efforts in reproductive health. We’ve set for ourselves a big hairyaudacious goal that we can only achieve through partnerships.Slide 7This is a shot of the method explorer. Our goal was to demystify the objects.What does an implant look like? Nobody actually knows!Slide 8Knowing that we can’t be all things to all people, the Method Explorer is sharedvia an RSS feed to allow partners to add their own branding and to customize fora local audience.
  3. 3. Slide 9Another example.Slide 10A view of the method explorer on our mobile web site.Slide 11The Where to Get It section is a comprehensive clinic look-up for reproductivehealth representing a number of national data sets--and we are adding to itconstantly.Slide 12Here’s a view of it on 13With our branding (and others) at the bottom.Slide 14Here’s an example of one of our 24 Fact or Fiction videos. These animationstackle popular myths like, you can’t get pregnant if you have sex during yourperiod, or if you have sex in a hot tub.This is also an example of my goal to create once and produce everywhere.These videos are also found on YouTube, on many college TV stations runningas a PSA, on Navy ships, and on MTV’s site IYSL.Slide 15It’s Your Sex Life sharing Fact or Fiction content.Slide 16A widget that helps you discover whether you qualify for free birth control that isalso available on mobile. Most who qualify for free birth control don’t know it. Thewidget is running on many other websites and blogs and drives a lot of traffic toBedsider.
  4. 4. Slide 17I’ll finish with our work with The Ad Council--maybe the ultimate sharing model.With its ad agency partners they got us pro bono creative services to create TV,radio, print, and web ads. Then, they ask TV, radio, web, and print outlets todonate their time and space for the ads. The result has been over 2 milliondollars’ worth of nationwide exposure.Slide 18Here’s one of the ads...This poster does a great job of reflecting the values of theBedsider program.Slide 19The truth is that we don’t know if it works yet. Over the next two years ouremphasis will be placed on understanding Bedsider’s effects. Early results from apilot test we finished last year are very good. Since the November 10 launchBedsider has had nearly 2 million visits.Bottom line: We approach all the content we create with an eye towards sharingto support the entire reproductive health community so that in the end, it doesn’tmatter who completes our mission--only that it is completed.Slide 20Thank you!