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  • The World Famous Dark Horse – bar and grill in boulder
  • Cool, dive bar, eclectic, fun, friendly, quirkyAccording to many reviews on, the WFDH’s ambience is described as whimsical, a dive, a dark dirty little bar, rich woody establishment, a college bar, a crazy yard sale at a hoarder's house (, 2011). This is how the WFDH wants to be and should be described. It is not a ritzy, bling-y, heath food establishment. The people who come to the WFDH are looking for a greasy, cheap, and delicious burger and/or wings and a beer or soda to wash it down.
  • No social media plan – want a plan or at least guidanceNo planning & promoting online for events and specialsSocial media marketing is free. It takes time to nurture people online, but it has little or no hard costs.
  • from 1920s era shoes and a big boy burger statue, to a horse-drawn hearse.
  • College students and young professionals.
  • Weekly meeting to determine posts.
  • #1: 10 hrs/month = 120 hrs#2: 4 hrs/month + 15 hrs (operation of promo) = 47 hrs + 2 kegs of domestic + 2 hrs of contracted work#3: 4 hrs/month + 20 hrs planning, creation and implementation = 64 hrs + 6 hrs of contracted work


  • 1. a Digital Marketing plan
    The World Famous Dark Horse
  • 2. The World Famous Dark Horse
    Boggles the mind and gratifies the senses
  • 3. SWOT
  • 4. The Situation - Routine
    Handbills on CU campus or Pearl Street
    Fliers in Dark Horse
    Facebook page event
    Few Facebook posts promoting event
    Ad placed in the Colorado Daily
    Combination of e- and traditional marketing
  • 5. The Problem – Digital
    No digital marketing plan
    Lack of online event planning and promoting
    Other means of marketing too expensive
    Competitors using digital marketing
  • 6. The Solution - Differentiate
    Not like any bar in Boulder
    Eclectic mix of items hanging from the ceiling
    8,000 square feet – one of the largest
    Low beer and food prices
    Free parking
    Walking distance to Colorado University (CU)
  • 7. Competitive Overview
    Pure competitive market
    Valued pricing strategy
    Food margins – poor
    Alcohol margins – excellent
    Bring in customers for the food
    Get the customers to drink alcohol
  • 8. Competitive Pricing
    Price comparison: burgers and cheeseburgers.
    Based on online published prices.
  • 9. Persona
    Male & Female
    Age: 24-44, social media 24-34
    Live, work, play in or around Boulder
    Go to school, have gone to school at CU
    Families (daytime)
    Singles (nighttime)
  • 10. Promotion
    Improve engagement on Facebook
    Contest to 1000
    Jiffy burger Facebook fan page
    Additional media - TBD: YouTube
  • 11. Implementation – Promo #1
    Improve engagement on Facebook
    Post one of the following every day on Facebook:
    Informational posts (sports, trivia, news, etc.)
    Specials/events reminder
    Questions about the WFDH
    Other engaging comments
    Additional engagement (TBA Management)
    Best Trike Race photo contest
    Best Band photo contest
    Best [Special Event] photo contest
  • 12. Implementation – Promo #2
    ‘Contest to 1000’ Facebook Fans
    Facebook fan page reaches 1000 fans
    All fans receive access to a coupon for free 9 oz. beer The coupon will be good for one day only.
    Steps to success:
    Posts on fan page will begin mid-May
    Coupon delivery is TBD
    Delivery date determined by fans
    Weekly meeting to determine posts
    Engage fans once a week
  • 13. Implementation – Promo #3
    Jiffy burger Facebook fan page
    A burger that includes bacon and peanut butter.
    Those brave enough to try it, love it, cult style.
    Steps to success:
    Determine voice of Facebook fan page
    Build Facebook fan page for Jiffy burger
    Promote on WFDH fan page
    Weekly meeting to determine posts
    Engage fans once a week
  • 14. Legal & Ethical Considerations
    World Famous Dark Horse must have permission to:
    Post photos of customers
    Post videos of customers
    GOAL: Entice Facebook fans to post photos.
  • 15. Distribution = Internet
  • 16. Timeline
  • 17. Budget
  • 18. Unintended Consequences
    Pros & Cons
    Negative publicity through digital
    Too many customers
    Additional requests for parties
    Run out of food/beer
  • 19. Questions?
  • 20. Thank You