Onsite SEO -- What you can do on your website to improve your rankings


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Website improvement your SEO checklist step one to improve your site. Start with well selected domain names and URL. Clean URLs are important for SEO. Create relevant wording in your domain name to rank higher in search engine results pages. you should be thinking and planning your SEO even before your site is up and going.

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Onsite SEO -- What you can do on your website to improve your rankings

  1. 1. Keywords Lesson Onsite Checklist
  2. 2. Onsite SEO – What you can do on your website to improve your rankings. This lesson will show you how Optimize your wording.
  3. 3. Keywords in the Domain Name Bad Keywords are example a domain about dogs that has a name www.happyloveglowtoday.com
  4. 4. Picking relevant a relevantdomain before you being.A site about dogs could be something like www.everythingdogs.com
  5. 5. Is you do a proper keyword analysis you can find out whatthe top search terms are for your topic. Check to see how many search are for your term like about dogs could be www.aboutdogs.com
  6. 6. You will rank better for the termabout dogs with a domain name containing the keywords The trick is finding one that is available as I’m sure with many of the best terms they are taken 
  7. 7. This is a screen shot of adwordskeyword tool for about dogs as a keyword. Notice the amount of monthly searches for the term. More searches means more traffic.
  8. 8. Even though about dogs comes up well, its not 1999 anymore and most of the best domains are gone. Check some other options with less searches and which has less competition.
  9. 9. When you are ready to registeryour relevant domain name youshould go ahead and reserve it. You can also hyphenate words like www.about-dogs.com which will show up well.
  10. 10. This is a time consuming processbut well worth it as a first step to SEO of you site. Pick words that are searched, do synonyms and add in hyphens and plurals.
  11. 11. Clean URLs and URLs with keywords. It’s a great way to keep your siteorganized as well as add some extra onsite SEO
  12. 12. Clean URLs are actual words not just the index.php?id=3004 extensions. Many database driven sites will have these type of extensions. Although indexable by Google it is not preferred.
  13. 13. Use keyword and clean URLs like www.example.com/about- dogs.php Using your keywords as your page file name is a great way to add extra wording and SEO to your site.
  14. 14. Thanks for watching, don’t forget to comment favorite Subscribe Visit www BlogAboutWeb.com For Game gameysite.com Mobile Games Site Play Free