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Nuts & Bolts & PLNs
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Nuts & Bolts & PLNs


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Another PPT for the MILI program. This one is about some basic computer skills, Firefox Add-ons, and personal learning networks.

Another PPT for the MILI program. This one is about some basic computer skills, Firefox Add-ons, and personal learning networks.

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  • 1. Nuts & Bolts & PLNs
    Passwords, Browsers, Email, & Personal Learning Networks
    LeAnn Suchy
    MILI 2010-2011
  • 2. Usernames and Passwords
    • Be original
    • 3. Be creative
    • 4. Use CAPS, numb3r5, and $ymbo!$
    Image from Flickr-
  • 5. Usernames and Passwords
    Take quotes you like to make a password…
    “‘Tis but a scratch, I’ve had worse.”
    From Monty Python’s Holy Grail, 1975, becomes:
  • 6. Email
    • Different web identities
    • 7. Keep work & play separate
    Image from Flickr -
  • 8. Browsers
  • 9. Mozilla Firefox
    Firefox is your safest bet and will work best with web 2.0 tools
    Image from Flickr -
  • 10. Utilize the Firefox Search Engine
  • 11. Make Firefox Search work for you
    Firefox Search Engine comes with many searches, like Google and Wikipedia
    But there are over 700 other searches you can add with Firefox
  • 12. Get more search Add-ons
    When you click “Manage Search Engines” this box pops up.
    Rearrange your search engines here and click “Get more search engines…” to go to their site and search for more!
  • 13. Get more search Add-ons
    When you click “Get more search engines…” you’ll go here:
  • 14. Get more search Add-ons
    One search engine I suggest you all add is Shmoop
  • 15. Add-ons: more than search engines
    Firefox also has
    Add-ons that can allow you to do almost anything you’d want your browser to do.
    Add-ons are created by users, and currently there are over 12,000 of them.
  • 16. Add-ons: more than search engines
    To find your Firefox Add-ons, go to Tools, Add-ons
  • 17. Firefox Add-ons
    To find more Add-ons, just click the Get Add-ons tab and then the “Browse All Add-ons” link
  • 18. Firefox Add-ons
    “Browse All Add-ons” will lead you here:
  • 19. Personal Learning Networks (PLNs)
    Image from Flickr -
  • 20. What does your online PLN look like?
    Image from Flickr -
  • 21. Teachers & librarians are blogging about education
  • 22.
  • 23.
  • 24. Teachers & librarians are tweeting about education
  • 25. Follow tweeting news & magazines
  • 26. Follow other tweeters of interest
  • 27. There are tons of fabulous videos on YouTube you can use in your classroom.
  • 28. Follow YouTube Channels for video updates
    has a bunch of different channels.
  • 29. National Geographic channel
  • 30. Periodic Table of Videos
  • 31. TED Talks channel
  • 32. YouTube EDU
  • 33. Searching for YouTube channels
    Do a search.
    Click on the Search Options link.
    Click on the Channels link.
  • 34. Searching for YouTube channels
    After clicking on “Channels” you’ll then get a list of channels, like this:
  • 35. Facebook
  • 36. Expand your online PLN to expand your continued learning
    Image from Flickr -