Volunteer Orientation Draft


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this is a draft to test

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Volunteer Orientation Draft

  1. 1. Welcome to LSS! A volunteer tutorialYour voluntary work at LSS is crucial tochanging lives and inspiring hope. Come journey with us to see how…
  2. 2. We’ve been there…Did know that when you volunteer at LSS, youcontribute to the work and devotion that began 145years ago? The work of LSS began in 1865 when Charlotte and Pastor Eric Norelius volunteered to care for four orphaned immigrant children whose parents had died.
  3. 3. … and so have you Volunteers have helped shape the mission, the values, and the heart of service at LSS – Adoption Services – Homeless Youth Programs – Employment Services – Disaster Relief – Personal Support Services – Older Adult Services – Refugee Resettlement – Financial Counseling – And more
  4. 4. Our MissionLutheran Social Serviceof Minnesota expressesthe love of Christ for allpeople through servicethat inspires hope,changes lives, and buildscommunity.
  5. 5. The ImpactOur 2,300 staff and over 11,000 volunteers serve nearly100,000 people of all ages in each of Minnesota’s 87counties and in more than 300 communities. With an annual budget of $94 million funded from public, private and charitable sources, LSS is the state’s largest, nonprofit social service organization.
  6. 6. Congratulations!! You just completed the Introduction to Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota section!Ready to test your volunteer knowledge?No, take me home Yes! Let’s go!
  7. 7. Statement #1Voluntary work canmake a huge differencefor an organization.Yes No
  8. 8. Yes It Can!In recent years, volunteers are taking on morework that requires specific skill sets,qualifications, and experience.LSS volunteers provide financial leadership,program direction, musical and artisticinspiration, and much more.
  9. 9. Statement #2 As an LSS Volunteer, you have rights and Responsibilities.Yes No
  10. 10. Yes. You have RightsAs a Volunteer it is Your RIGHT:• To be assigned a meaningful task• To be oriented, trained and supervised during the duration of your activity• To ask questions about your task and seek feedback about your performance• To be treated with respect and kindness at all times by every member of the organization for which you volunteer• To offer input and feedback to the organization about the job or task you are performing in an effort to improve your situation and the needs of volunteers in the future.• To be trusted with confidential information which may be necessary to fulfill your task• To expect that your time will be used efficiently and effectively
  11. 11. Yes. You have ResponsibilitiesAs a Volunteer it is your RESPONSIBILITY• To follow the rules, policies and procedures of the organization• To sign any paperwork necessary before volunteer work begins• To meet time commitments and show up ready to work. Also, be considerate and give adequate notice if you will be unable to fulfill your responsibilities• To perform your tasks to the best of your ability• To accept assignments without complaint but to provide constructive feedback if your expectations arent met so that a new assignment may be given if appropriate.• Do not take on more responsibility than you can handle and dont agree to commitments that you cant keep• Respect the confidential nature of issues shared with you in order to complete your job. Click here for more information about the Volunteer Protection Act
  12. 12. Statement #3 Volunteers don’t need a job description. They know what they are doing.It Sure Helps! No Way
  13. 13. It Sure Helps!Regularly scheduled volunteers and staffmutually benefit by having a job description thatclearly outlines roles and responsibilities.It’s always helpful to have a road map to success. Then when you get lost,you know how to get back on track!Plus, if you have additional gifts to share that are not part of your positiondescription, speak up and let your supervisor know!
  14. 14. Statement #3Volunteers can’t do thesame kind of work asemployees. Backgroundchecks and referencesare only for paid staff.Yes No
  15. 15. No Way!Your contribution of time and talent is a true asset notonly to the organization, but to the men, women, andchildren you impact. If your experience with LSS allows you to work with children, older adults, people with disabilities, or other “vulnerable populations” you will be asked to complete a background check and provide references. Thank you for yourcommitment to the safety and security of those YOU serve.
  16. 16. Statement #4 Once you start volunteering in one area of service, you cannot serve in another area.Variety is the It’s good toSpice of Life stay in one place
  17. 17. It’s Your Choice!Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota is committed to the physical,emotional, and spiritual needs of thousands of Minnesotans.We invite you to explore the variety of ways you can get involved!Most importantly, THANK YOU for your thoughtful andcrucial role in ensuring that ALL people have the opportunityto live and work in community with dignity, safety, and hope.
  18. 18. CONGRATULATIONS! You have now completed the LSS VolunteersGo back to Tutorial! Go on to VolunteerHome Registration
  19. 19. Enough about us! Tell usLSS Volunteer Registration about YOU!Please complete the followinginformation. We value yourcontribution and would like to keep you First Namein the loop. Click on the followingoptions if you would like to receivemore information from us. Last Name Sign me up to receive the Address LSS Changing Lives Newsletter Sign me up to receive the LSS E-Newsletter Email Address Sign me up to receive ongoing volunteer and advocacy alerts Special Interests