Ict Maths Partnering With Other Teams Sept 09

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We are committed to develop Nigerian partnerships.

We are committed to develop Nigerian partnerships.

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  • 1. ICT Maths Partnering with Other Teams. A Proposal
  • 2. 25 Weeks ...– ...Doing What?
    • Exposing partners to TfT Model.
    • Supporting them to make use of ICT tools and implement the model.
    • Colleagues need ICT basics or equivalent skills.
  • 3. Outputs of the partnership
    • Global objectives, learning activities and outcomes for one course.
    • A Moodle site for the institution.
    • A Course template and Course logo.
    • A Course Outline, 2 lectures, MCQ bank.
    • One On-line Test.
    • (
  • 4. The Concept
    • NOT to produce digital materials for an entire course- a lesson learnt from ICT Math and DI.
    • Rather, Produce with HANDS ON support, 2 lectures and associated PPT or other teaching resources.
    • A gradual INDEPENDENT digitisation of more course materials, until the ENTIRE course is developed.
  • 5. Advantages of this approach
    • Realistic and achievable with ease.
    • Confirms and stimulates commitment of partner.
    • Impact assessment can be made using experience with topics treated using the technology and other topics taught in traditional way using the same set of students.
  • 6. Activity 1- A Day at FNS Interactive Lab.
    • 4 Presentations on sensitisation and publicity; demo class-teaching with technology.
    • Thereafter partner team starts digitisation of notes for 1 course, prepares a general overview and structures the notes in modules.
    • Each team -a Min. of 3 members.
    • Max of 12 participants supported at a time.
  • 7. Activity 2- Critical Success Factors.
    • On proposal writing, the need for committed participants, strong institutional support, openness and sharing, critiques, transparency, and impact assessment.
    • Presentation to decision makers. (Principal Officers, Deans and Directors-in an internal arrangement- Dean, some HODs and some Professors).
  • 8. Activity 3- For Team and Techies.
    • Training on Moodle.
    • Workshop on “the e-learning project models”.
    • Outputs to include a Moodle site for partner institution .
    • Guideline for techies to produce templates for partnership.
  • 9. Activity 4- 2 Weeks intensive On-line pedagogical training by consultant.
    • Exposure to and experience with blended e-learning.
    • One month of interaction and exchanges with consultant will follow the intensive on line training.
    • ICT Math Team will participate in the training and exchanges to stimulate better participation.
  • 10. Activity 5- On objectives, outcomes and activities.
    • Team to bring:
    • Syllabus and course content for 1 course with learning objectives and outcomes+main introduction for the course.
    • Digitised lecture notes for 2 lectures, complete with learning objectives and outcomes.
    • PPT presentation for 1 lecture.
  • 11. Activity 6- 2 Days on Moodle+Other Interactive Tools.
    • More Moodle for team and techies
    • Participants come with laptops/jump drives, 1 digitised lecture and MCQs.
    • 1-Day hands-on with UP, CP, Camtasia and Screencast-Uploading and Annotating.
    • Participants go back with lecture on Moodle and assignment to independently prepare and upload resources for 2nd lecture at their institution.
  • 12. Activity 7-Fine Tuning
    • On- site review of problems with uploading of second lecture and other resources.
    • Team provides support to conclude the production at partner institution.
    • A follow up technical workshop to address shortcomings if any of institutional techies.
    • A mini workshop on Moodle help resources.
  • 13. Activity 8-25 Weeks are Over!
    • Conclude all Unfinished business.
    • All untidy matters treated.
    • Introduction to Community of Practice.