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Lindsey Sloughportfolio

  1. 1. portoflioLindsey R. Slough 01.
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  3. 3. Foundation Cube Project 04. Norris Hot Springs Spa 06. Blacksburg Middle School 10.03.
  4. 4. By exploring transitions from open to close in cubes, patterns and designs be- gan to emerge. These designs were then combined to create larger 6” by 6” cubes. The materials chosen for the design had to complement the design itself and not become forced. Aluminum allows light First Year Studio to bounce throughout the space and en- 6” Cube Project hances the open spaces in the cube.04.
  5. 5. 05.
  6. 6. Norris Hot Springs Spa began as an empty cut out in a Montana hillside. With a program of 16,000 square feet, color and serenity guided the design into a more personable and comforting spa that provided an escape from the cold Montana weather. The inte- rior of the spa is surrounded with warm, vibrant col- ors, giving a true escape from the weather outside. With long glass windows and indoor/outdoor pools, the spa creates a connection between this warm in- terior and the beautiful Montana landscape. The ex- Second Year Studio Norris Hot Springs Spa, MT terior is home to an infinity pool that allows a swim- mer to get lost in the Montana mountain ranges.06.
  7. 7. 07.
  8. 8. The main materials found throughout the spa are natu- ral woods and glass that stay in tune with Montana’s natural beauty. These natural materials are enhanced through the use of light in the space. In many cases, the light gives direction and order to the space such as is seen in the Hallway. By using the spectrum, guests are easily guided in the right direction and are also given a more simple way of determining which dressing room they were assigned to. Light also affects the mood in the space. In this spa there are multiple mood pools that are ultimately controlled by the color and hue used in each. In the main wading pool area, the light purple quietly travels throughout the space, complementing the dark Mountain ranges seen through the large glass windows.08.
  9. 9. 09.
  10. 10. When exploring the poverty rates in America it can be as- sumed that individuals are not prepared for life outside of their parents homes and their k-12 education. Of course this knowledge must start at home, but many find themselves in homes that cannot support to teach children healthy eating habits, the importance of physical activity and how to inter- act with the natural environment. Through this new school system students will participate in on campus farming that will sustain the school and also those in need in the com- munity. This responsibility will not only teach healthy eating, but will also disperse responsibility to students and provide an alternative for physical activity. Responsibility will also be taught through their service in the dining center by cooking, cleaning, and serving those who attend the school. Students will also learn imperative skills through healthy snack kiosks dispersed throughout the school to provide a constant re- minder of healthy eating and service. Students will also learn about sustainability through this project and also through the many sustainable features in the school such as bio filtration systems, rain water collection systems, and simple recycling efforts. All of this knowledge will be carried from the school Second Year Studio into the families and communities which will eventually Blacksburg Middle School lead to lower poverty rates and more sustainable societies.010.
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  12. 12. In our current education system there is a gap between the students who excel in school and those who struggle. This variance is heightened when students are separated by their success and forced to adapt to the cookie cutter education. The results of this are clear, America is rap- idly dropping in all subjects across the world and students are continuously unprepared for the career field after their education. In this new school, students will learn the basic knowledge in a learning plaza that is quick and straightfor- ward. From this point, students will break off into workshops relevant to the topics taught that day and will participate in labs, seminars, and other interactive learning environments to provide a wide variety of learning tools for students. Instead of conforming students to the educational sys- tem, the educational system will conform to the students.012.
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