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This presentation was created in Keynote and a version was uploaded in PowerPoint for SlideShare. iPads for Kids shows ways in which you can use the iPads in the classroom and ways to make searching for apps easier. The third slide is a YouTube video (that you can find here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q9Zyc-ntZp4) it's quite funny and worth a watch.

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iPads for Kids

  1. 1. iPads for Kids Finding and Sharing Good Apps and Applying them in the Classroomby Laurette SirkinApril 10, 2013
  2. 2. How can we best utilize these tools? How are you using them now?
  3. 3. Funny right?!?There are some things better left low tech...
  4. 4. iPads Aren’t the Answer (But Still Important)In his recent blog post for the FredRogers Center, children’s mediaspecialist David Kleeman says,“Don’t insert technology when thereal-world experience is better.”If you have a garden full of bugs,it’s better to go outside andobserve the bugs than to just lookat images of them on an iPad.Later, the iPad could come inhandy to deepen the learning andanswer questions that can’t befound in the garden, such as Link to Edudemic Article“Where else in the world do thesebugs live?”
  5. 5. ObjectivesWhat we would like teach with the iPads?Subject matter teaching or using them in centers?Is it student-driven or teacher-driven? Are they individual, or group, activities?How do you currently find apps? Do you share with colleagues? Do you ask colleagues for recommendations?
  6. 6. I’ve Got Apps...Now What?!?More than half of the young children in the U.S. now have  access to an iPad, iPhone or similar touch­screen device.
  7. 7. Reading AppHo w Ro ck et Le ar ne d to Re ad - by Ta d Hi llsBy Ran dom Hou se Dig ita l Inc . Watch and listen as words are highlighted while the story is read aloud Turn off the narration and read at your own pace Tap on the words to hear them read back to you Includes two additional games (ALPHABET DROP and BIRD’S WORDS) to help children hone their letter skills and learn to spell sight words Student-Driven/Individual Activity
  8. 8. Don’t Forget...Check the “customers also bought” section  for great ideas about other apps.
  9. 9. Science AppBB C Ea rt h W on de rsBy BBC Wo rldw ide Gives a fingertip tour of the world’s most intriguing creatures and landscapes Full of the sounds of nature, natural history clips, stunning images and pieces from landmark series such as Planet Earth and Frozen Planet and Life Explore Points of Interest with a rotating 3D globe There’s a new picture to enjoy each day of the year, accompanied by a little-known fact, maybe this is a job for just the right techno-kid in your class Teacher-Driven/Group Activity
  10. 10. Don’t Forget...Take advantage of the VGA adapters available from the Tech Department so you can display apps like these on  your Promethean Board for all to see (and hear).
  11. 11. Math AppGr an dp a’s W or ks ho pBy Fai rlad y Me dia This app provides seven mini-games in one action-packed app EDUCATIONAL CONTENT includes: Number groups (quantities, numeral recognition) Colors (orange, purple, brown, red, green, yellow, blue, pink, black, gray) Measuring (measure items in units 1- 12) Miscellaneous Vocabulary Fractions (halves, thirds, quarters) Spacial relationships (puzzles) Observation skills (spot the difference) Student-Driven/Individual Activity
  12. 12. Don’t Forget...Check the “View More by this Developer” section for  other apps if you like one you download.
  13. 13. Curricular-Based AppFla t St an leyBy Fla tter Wo rld, Inc . Create your own Flat Stanley with different flat shirts, pants, and shoes etc. Give your new Flat Stanley a name and send him/her off on his next big adventure New Flat Stanleys have been spotted in Flatter World; if, you take enough pictures, you can unlock the new Flat Stanleys so you can take your own photos with them Stanleys can even visit countries like Haiti, Cambodia, Malawi, Romania, India, Peru and Armenia to learn about the amazing things Heifer International does to help people in need Student-Driven/Group Activity
  14. 14. Don’t Forget...To go to Settings and turn off “In­App Purchases”
  15. 15. Where to Look?
  16. 16. Finding AppsiTunes app store - Education Collections, bycategory, what’s hot, new and noteworthy, etc.the Internet, blogs, websites, articles andmagazines, RSS feedsFriends, colleagues, students, and familiesSubscribe to emails (iTunes, blogs, websites, etc.)
  17. 17. Search & Swapipad4kidsteachthoughtiTunes App StoreiPad CurriculumBloom’s TaxonomyFun with iPadsAppiticiOS Education App Reviews and Websites
  18. 18. What to Searchkids with iPadsfun with iPadsiPad appsbooks for kids on the iPadwhere to find iPad apps for education?
  19. 19. Let’s explore
  20. 20. Look what I found...Reading RainbowLet’s take a look togetherhereView children’s readingprogress (share withparent’s for at homereading)Books to read or videos towatchPay a monthly fee versusper book download
  21. 21. Look what I found...Curated by Apple DistinguishedEducatorsHas an app search feature thatallows search by word or phraseThe site lets you browse apps bycategories like FlippedClassroom, MultipleIntelligences, and Bloom’sTaxonomyYou can also search by morecommon tags like subject areasand grade levelsThey even have downloadablecontent available from iTunes U
  22. 22. Most importantly... ...have fun with them!!
  23. 23. Questions?