Scanning Into Sharepoint


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Scanning documents into MS Sharepoint

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Scanning Into Sharepoint

  1. 1. ScanFlowStoreScan directly into SharePoint Platinum Alliance Partner
  2. 2. Your paper documents always digitally available in SharePoint? Use ScanFlowStore!Because of the digital era, digital archives have become more accessible. However, creating a digital archive that will allow you to easilyorganize and retrieve your documents can take a lot of time and effort. With ScanFlowStore, the manual scanning process is a thing of thepast. With one press of the button your document can be scanned and automatically stored within Microsoft SharePoint. Your document canbe stored as a searchable PDF, allowing you to retrieve your document using a simple search within Microsoft SharePoint.ScanFlowStore is a middleware application, which means that the end user does not see the software while working with it. The end user onlyuses the Xerox Multifunction Device to create their scan; no additional steps are required to store the document within Microsoft SharePoint.The benefit of this is that no additional product training is required.With ScanFlowStore you have the ability to work with meta data. Meta data is information that can be entered on the Xerox user interface thatwill accompany the scanned document and can be used for storing and/or categorizing the scanned document. ScanFlowStore is able to scana document directly into the correct Document Library within Microsoft SharePoint. Within the Document Library, subfolders can be createdbased on meta data to ensure proper filing of your document. In addition, you can use meta data to populate the filename and file propertiesof the document.No more wasted time trying to locate the documents that you need. All documents will be stored in the right place and accessible to every onethat needs them. Together, Xerox and ScanFlowStore, are bringing you one step closer to a digital office.ScanFlowStore User Experience ScanFlowStore is able to scan a document directly into the ScanFlowStore correct Document Library within Microsoft SharePoint. Within Sharepoint scanned documents can Within the Document be intelligently filed in every: Library, subfolders can be created based on meta data · Document library to ensure proper filing of · Folder your document. In addition, · Subsite you can use meta data to populate the filename and file Now it’s possible to store all scanned properties of the document. documents directly in any desired place within Microsoft Sharepoint. With one press of a button your document can be User advantages scanned and automatically · Save time and money stored within Microsoft · Optimize productivity and efficiency Sharepoint. Your document · Enhancing sharing and security can be stored as searchable · User friendly PDF, allowing you to · Store documents directly in Sharepoint retrieve your document · Text searchable PDF Files using a simple search within Microsoft SharePoint.X-Solutions® Europe X-Solutions® NA Inc. Supported Xerox devicesAmersfoortseweg 12 18805 W. Catawba Ave For more information about supported Xerox devices,3751 LK Bunschoten Suite 102 please contact your Xerox representative or visitThe Netherlands Cornelius, NC 28031 +31 (0)33 4225800 Tel. (704) 899-9931Fax +31 (0)33 2994329 Fax (704) ScanFlowStore Platinum ® Alliance POWERED BY X-Solutions® Partner© 2008 X-Solutions®. XEROX®, The Document Company®, Xerox Alliance PartnerTM, Xerox Business PartnerTM, the digital X, DocumentCentre® and the identifying product namesand numbers herein are trademarks of XEROX CORPORATION. All non-Xerox brands and product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies.Product appearance, build status and/or specifications are subject to change without notice. X-Solutions® and ScanFlowStore® are trademarks of X-SolutionsTM. ScanFlowStore-us-SharePoint-2.3