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TCS Digital World Portfolio

  2. 2. Table of contents Introduction 1 Our Services 2-5 Technologies 6 How we work 7 Case Studies 8 1. AB InBev Marketing Sharing Platform 9-13 2. AB InBev 14-21 3. Hewlett-Packard Living Apart Together 22-26 4. Adobe LiveCycle ES2 27-31 5. Media To Serve Platform 32-35 Enabling Partner - Events 36 Contact details 37
  3. 3. IntroductionTCS Digital World is a Brussels based company with branches in London and Paris.We provide digital solutions for companies who do not have the in-house technology to deliver.Building digital solutions for ideas that advertisers and agencies come up with but do not employthe in house technology to deliver, let alone imagine that there even is a digital way to build it.That is what we love, do best and excel at.When we met in 2006, it immediately became clear that we shared refreshing new ideas on theincreasing digitalisation of the world around us. Branding and marketing being our common fieldof experience, we took up the glove and made digital innovation the core of our projects.We became more and more involved in complex projects and made them simple to deliver acrossa whole spectrum of different departments of our client companies. 1
  4. 4. Our ServicesWhether you’re a personal user or a large brand, technology should encourage and not swampyou. It can either enhance an experience or stop it.tcs digital world turns complex ideas into high performing and user-friendly products. Investingin a perfect set-up and environment ensures flawless performance and the ability to stay up todate with the latest evolutions in development.Design & development of: » websites » banners » 3D animations » personalised video » web-to-print » applications with back-end integration » search engine optimisationExamples of projects:Leffe HP storage & serversAB InBev Global & Local Hewlett-Packard BeLuxBrand website, bannering, social media. Campaign websites, bannering, personalised digital printing.HoegaardenAB InBev Global HP storage & serversBrand website. Hewlett-Packard BeLux 3D animation.Hoegaarden Happy HourAB InBev Local Adobe ES LiveCycleCampaign website with personalised video. Adobe Systems Benelux Campaign website using Adobe LiveCycle technology, bannering.Multi-Brand FIFA 2010 EMEAPredict & Win ApplicationBudweiser, Hasseroeder, Jupiler XeikonMulti-Brand, Multi-Lingual High performance Punch Graphixfootball betting engine. Web-to-print application.Belgian Beer Café SecuritasAB InBev Global Securitas Aviation SecurityBrand website for consumers & partners. A custom SlideShare like solution to control and enforce brand and messaging worldwide. 2
  5. 5. Being mobile and device ready is more important than ever. Access to info on the move is thenew standard. Interacting with friends, commerce and work when- and wherever we want isthe new lifestyle. If your customer or prospect is not able to interact with you on their mobiledevice they will simply turn to others with whom they can. latest evolutions in development.Design & development of: » mobile applications » mobile games » mobile-friendly websitesExamples of projects:Belgian Beer CaféAnheuser-Busch InBev GlobaliPad application in the Belgian pavilion on the Shanghai WorldExpo.Beck’sAB InBev GlobalA Blackberry game based on the prime ingredients of Beck’s, multiple levels.Mobile MondayAgoriaMobile friendly website, form factor neutral.Sports applicationtcs digital worldMulti-Platform sports application featuring Live Scores and push updates. Very bandwidthfriendly. One source but compiled to iOS (iPhone, iPod), Adroid and Blackberry. 3
  6. 6. Sharing is caring and the days of a brochure site are over. Today we share, communicateand move information for business and fun in real time. Our expertise includes developingplatforms on all operating systems, so they are independent from and high performing on alldevices. We build it so you can share it!Services: » marketing collaboration & sharing platform » digital assets management » music aggregation platform, DRM or downloads » automated chat solutionsExamples of projects:Marketing Sharing CenterAnheuser-Busch InBev GlobalWe call it Facebook for the enterprise. Corporate social sharing, project team sharing & digitalassets management for the global marketing teams.Media to serveUniversal Music BelgiumMusic aggregation platform. With DRM or downloads.Automated Chat SolutionsTele2, Bol.comWith our partner LivePresence 4
  7. 7. The gap between I.T. and on-line gets smaller everyday and we are constantly evolving withit too. Our managed and monitored I.T. Service simply means you have piece of mind andsupport so you can Focus on your core business.This type of hardware is getting faster, more intelligent and better value for money meaningthese days it is an investment not a cost.Hosting so you are always up, streaming and loading and interacting with your clients andfriends in the digital World. A managed and monitored hosted service where the performanceis always peak dealing and predicting.Services: » set up » monitoring » supportExamples of projects:BudweiserAnheuser-Busch InBevFIFA 2010 Worldwide Campaign.Multi-BrandAnheuser-Busch InBevFIFA Predict & Win EMEA Multi-Brand Campaign. 5
  8. 8. TECHNOLOGIES» Functional and technical analysis: UML, ERD, Enterprise Architect, Visual Paradigm, Visio» Binary and Backwards compatibility» Programming: C/C#/C++, Silverlight/WPF, XNA, Java (J2ME / J2SE / J2EE), Google Web Toolkit, DHTML, SQL, PHP, HTML5, CSS2/3» MySQL» jQuery» Networks: IMAP4, POP3, SMTP, Wiresharck, Cisco CCNA» IDEs: Metrowerks Codewarrior, Microsoft Visual Studio, Carbide, Eclipse, Netbeans, jDeveloper» Operating Systems: Android, Windows, windows mobile windows phone 7, Symbian OS, Linux, Microsoft Surface, HP Web OS, Nokia QT» Versioning: SVN, Perforce, git» Databases: DB/SQL skills» Lotus Notes» Telecom: VOIP» Project: Atlassian Jira & Confluence» Adobe Photoshop™, Adobe Indesign™, Adobe Flash, Adobe Illustrator™, Adobe After effects, Adobe Dreamweaver, Cinema 4D (basics), Acrobat™» Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, Zend» System Administration: Tomcat, Debian, Red Hat 6
  9. 9. How we workIn 80% of the cases we manage our projects according to the same methodology, using the samesteps progressing in a project. Each project is managed by a Project Manager who is responsiblefor handling the contract that we consider as the account. Every project is clearly identified witha project number and has a timing, an team, a scope and a budget.We mainly divide our projects in development driven projects and communications drivenprojects. In reality we often manage a combination of these two.Development project steps Communication project steps1. Briefing 1. Briefing2. Requirements document 2. Requirements document3. Functional document 3. Creative concept4. Technical document 4. Media plan5. Detailed budget 5. Detailed budget6. Production 6. Production7. Testing 7. Testing8. Live 8. Live9. Monitoring & reporting 9. Monitoring & reporting10. Evaluation 10. EvaluationThe steps 2 to 5 above always take place before we start production. Every step has to becomplete before going to the next one; however always in respect of the available timing.For production planning and management we use the Kanban Method. 7
  10. 10. CASE STUDIES1. Extranet and intranet design: AB InBev - Marketing Sharing Center2. Digital business analysis, information architecture and web design: AB InBev – Leffe.com3. Digital Web Marketing: Hewlett Packard - Living Apart Together (BTC)4. Digital Web Marketing: Adobe – Adobe LC ES2 Document management campaign5. Platform: Media To Serve platform 8
  11. 11. 1. ABinBev Marketing Sharing Center (MSC)Client: Anheuser-Busch InBev GlobalExtranet and Intranet DesignWe call it Facebook for the enterprise. Corporate social sharing, project team sharing& digital assets management for the global marketing teams of the world’s largestbrewing company.Brief:Anheuser-Busch and InBev always had a marketing portal. Although totally different in approachthey both were used as a central access point into the marketing information at hand. We werebriefed to integrate the existing intranets of both companies into one marketing platform with “asingle sign on” login as well as think of ways to stimulate sharing and collaboration.Process and Methodology:TCS approach to projects of this scale includes providing business analysis, informationarchitecture, web design, development, client staff training (online training and introductionroadshow), helpdesk, internal communications and project management services. Monthlyanalysis and reporting of web and usage analytics is provided.Deliverables:» Enterprise wiki & corporate social network portal - to share ideas, participate in discussions and contribute to important projects - each page can be made open to everyone or selected groups - functionalities: dashboard with real-time insights, integration with social media and aggregated news feeds, corporate social network, creation of own personal space, status updates sharing and microblogs, following members of team, Facebook-style comments.» Document & knowledge sharing center - project documentation - knowledge management and contribution» Security & access controls - content kept safe and secure with 3 levels of permissions - global (without requiring user to sign-in), space (each space can be secured by its own permissions, users must be granted access), page (every page can have its own security).Results:A sophisticated intranet marketing collaboration platform including an enterprise wiki, documentsharing centre & corporate social network portal – a high-end infrastructure with a global reach(over 900 marketeers worldwide).NB: due to Non-Disclosure Agreement unfortunately we are not allowed to show results or giveaccess to this intranet. The visuals overleaf are the designs on which production was done. 9
  12. 12. MSC - LoginMSC - Home 10
  13. 13. MSC - BrandsMSC - Connections 11
  14. 14. MSC - Temple Navigation 12
  15. 15. MSC - User Story 13
  16. 16. 2. LEFFE ONLINE PRESENCEClient: AB InBev - LeffeDigital Business Analysis, Information Architecture and Web DesignDigital marketing plan and implementation for the premium beer brand – covering thescope from business analysis to productional delivery and marketing communications(websites, social media, email marketing, banners campaigns, reporting & analytics).Brief:Leffe is a premium beer brand targeted at 30-55 year old males from higher social classes.In 2009 the brand had a Flash-based website with 4,000 visitors a month and not indexed onGoogle. Leffe had no idea if their target customers were online, had not digital marketing planand was not present on social media. TCS was asked to identify the target audience online, theirexpectations of the brand, create a digital marketing plan and develop/ roll out the necessarysteps in the plan.Process and Methodology:Step 1: Organise a survey on digital profiling on the target audience » Online survey (in collaboration with Insites Consulting) with 600 participants based on qualitative and quantitative criteria matching the Leffe target audience.Step 2: Development of a digital marketing plan & budget. » Based on the survey findings the marketing plan and annual budget.Step 3: Roll out - implementation of the following pillars of the plan: » Build a new website - following our 7-step process (see above) we developed a Drupal website with Flash containers with indexed pages and databases-stored content » Create a CRM program - program set up to manage email opt-in/opt-outs, install email campaign management and create a personal experience of the website on login. The CRM was integrated with Saleforce and allowing offline registration management. » Develop an online activation plan - to increase amount of opt-in email addresses and traffic to the website a media plan and program with compelling activation offerings was developed and communicated via online banners on 3rd party sites and social media » Deployment of a structural social media presence - set up profiles on Facebook, Twitter; YouTube and Flickr with ongoing conversation (managed by TCS in accordance with established guidelines)Step 4: Reporting, evaluation and optimisation. » Monthly reports on Google Analytics, social media channels and CRM. » Every 6 months an evaluation of the digital marketing activities - based on the reports and interpretation possible optimisation activities are suggested. 14
  17. 17. Results:» Leffe website – site visits increased over 300%, peaking at 40,000 visitors per month» Leffe Facebook Page – over 40,000 followers» Leffe Twitter account – over 600 followers 15
  18. 18. Leffe - Home 16
  19. 19. Leffe - SKU 17
  20. 20. Leffe - Detailpage Leffe Lentebier 18
  21. 21. Leffe on Facebook - Leffe AmbassadeursLeffe on Twitter - Leffe Brewers 19
  22. 22. Leffe on FlickrLeffe on YouTube 20
  23. 23. Leffe NewsletterLeffe Banners 21
  24. 24. 3. HP BUSINESS TECHNOLOGY CONFERENCE - LIVING APART TOGETHERClient: Hewlett-Packard BelgiumDigital Web MarketingWebsite and online communications campaign for an annual Hewlett-Packardbusiness technology conference on the topic of “Virtualisation” - a technologyallowing to run two different operating systems on one machine.Brief:To develop online communication campaign announcing the event, recruiting visitors andexplaining the concept of “virtualisation”, supported by a conference website for registration,agenda and post-event repository. The challenge: the target audience was no longer willing tophysically attend conference. How to explain the concept of “virtualisation” to the conferenceaudience in an engaging way.Process and Methodology: » Indicational survey which showed audience is familiar with the concept but confused with what it means exactly and tired with ‘boring’ ‘all look alike’ communication. » Concept/ creative idea - we decided that a very compelling image with a lot of stopping power was needed as a recognisable campaign umbrella and conversation-starter in social media - a more emotional image and a theme given to a business conference » deliverables: - “Living Apart Together” theme - conference website - online communication campaign - banner ads, email campaign and postcardsResults: » 30% increase of visitors compared with previous year. » Due to a compelling image the campaign was a conversation started in social media. 22
  25. 25. HP Living Apart Together - BannersHP Living Apart Together - Landingspage 23
  26. 26. HP Living Apart Together - Website 24
  27. 27. HP Living Apart Together - Email Template 25
  28. 28. HP Living Apart Together - Post Card 26
  29. 29. 4. ADOBE LIVECYCLE ES2Client: AdobeDigital Web MarketingBrief:Adobe LiveCycle is an enterprise solution enabling companies ot optimise their documentmanagement. The brief was to create online awareness campaign, generate at least 30 qualifiedleads and establish Adobe as an enterprise solution provider in Belgium and the Netherlands. Thechallenge was that Adobe LiveCycle is a very complex software to explain and marrying Adobe’s“creative and playful DNA” with the perception of a trustworthy enterprise solution.Process and Deliverables: » A survey in which we learnt audience had no idea the solutions in Adobe LC ES2 could be used for document management and would not go looking in the direction of Adobe when confronted with these kind of needs. » Concept/ creative idea - we proposed to offer the target audience an online test with 7 multiple choice questions which made them realize they need to optimize document management - incentives to complete the online test - personal analysis of where Adobe LC ES2 could solve your problems and for those who agreed to be contacted for a demo - 10 free songs download from Universal Music - a dedicated campaign website was created where you could take the test, designed in the visual brand DNA of Adobe » Online communications campaign - banners on IT media sites and LinkedIn.Results:We generated 103 qualified leads after Phase 1 (the original target was 30). 27
  30. 30. ADOBE LIVECYCLE ES2 - Email Template 28
  32. 32. ADOBE LIVECYCLE ES2 - Result page 30
  33. 33. ADOBE LIVECYCLE ES2 - Downloadplatform 31
  34. 34. 5. MEDIA TO SERVE MUSIC PLATFORMClient: Universal Music BelgiumMusic download platformA self-service, promotional media platform developed and owned by TCS DigitalWorld where we host and distribute all Universal Music Belgium digital content(3,700 artists and about 270,000 tracks).This content is hosted on secure servers and distributed through protected links.Type of content: » music, PDF, video » voucher based » multiple templates » your own campaign URLMain features: » self-service - users can manage their catalogues, create promotional websites in 5 clicks, request statistics and generate vouchers » reseller model - ability to allow partners to resell the model and to activate other partners » multiple catalogues - ability to manage different catalogues (e.g. Top 1000, Jazz Only, Most Dowloaded, U2 Discography, etc) » multiple templates - ships with 5 templates, each one with configurable options (self- service) » analytics - extended campaign-based analytics (self-service, real-time, automated email reports) » highly scalable - architecture built for the cloud, with proven delivery of up to 27 tracks, 256kbps per second » flexible model - track downloads/ album downloads, DRM or non-DRM, subscription basedResults:The Media to Serve platform has been industry proven and used by the following companies: 32
  35. 35. TCS Media To Serve platform - examples of usage: 33
  36. 36. 34
  37. 37. 35
  38. 38. Enabling PartnerTCS Digital World actively supports and enables initiatives that stimulate exchange ofknowledge on digital marketing, social media and the mobile industry. Techmap is the real world and online community that pioneers the evolution of business through the practical application of technology for marketing, advertising and Pr professionals across multiple sectors. TCS is actively involved in the chapters in London, Paris and Brussels, with presentations in Amsterdam. Mobile monday started in Finland in September 2000 with a meeting on a monday with some professionals of the mobile telephone world. This format has widely outgrown helsinki, and at present world-wide city chapters have sprung up in a loose grassroots way around the globe. This loose network has been recognized as a catalyst for mobile innovation. mobile monday defines itself as the community of professionals of mobility. TCS Digital World made the mobile friendly website, actively helps in finding expert speakers and partners for the event. The first event, organized by mobilemonday Brussels and TCS Digital World, will remain in the memory for a long time, because it has crystallized in one evening the hopes, doubts and enthusiasm of a new wave of Belgian mobile developers. TCS co-organised the first European edition of this event for mobile developers and following its great success is planning another one for September 2011. TCS was also behind 2 successful editions of industry conference dedicated to Android mobile platform for developers, influencers and business people. 36
  39. 39. Contact detailstcs digital world BRUSSELS T +32 2 256 08 91jetselaan 120 F +32 2 256 08 921090 brussels - belgium E brussels@tcsdigitalworld.comtcs digital world AMSTERDAM E amsterdam@tcsdigitalworld.comherengracht 1641016 BP amsterdam - netherlandstcs digital world LONDON T +44 20 30 51 376867 Clerkenwell Road E london@tcsdigitalworld.comEC1R 5BL - Londontcs digital world PARIS T +33 610 154 657172 rue Gallieni E paris@tcsdigitalworld.com92100 Boulogne-BillancourtPlease visit us at 37