The Random Group Social Media Presentation


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The Random Group Social Media Presentation

  1. 1. Why Social Media?
  2. 2. Powerful Tool Social Media’s capacity to influence, especially in our plugged-in day and age, cannot be underestimated. It carries an unmatchable ability to shape (or break) your brand, therefore, must be treated with special care.
  3. 3. Case Study: Blunders Company: McDonald’s (January 2012) Hashtag: #McDStories (Used Twice) Intent: To highlight the personal stories of the people who provide McDonald’s with their food.
  4. 4. Result:Observers used the hashtag to share their past problems with thechain, and/or to mock it.
  5. 5. Case Study: Blunders Company: Kenneth Cole (February 2011) Hashtag: #Cairo (Used Once) Intent: To promote their new spring collection.
  6. 6. Result:The Internet was buzzing with anger, an apology was issued, a parodyaccount was created to mock the brand’s insensitive PR, etc.
  7. 7. Case Study: Blunders Company: Celeb Boutique (July 2012) Hashtag: #Aurora (Used Once) Intent: To promote their new dress.
  8. 8. Result:The Internet was in uproar over their insensitivity, the story catapultedonto major news sources (Fox, WSJ, Macleans), and Celeb Boutiquesent out a string of apologetic tweets.
  9. 9. Case Study: Blunders Subject: The Hunger Games (March 2012) Premise: A collection of racist tweets made in the Twitterverse, regarding the movie’s casting, was compiled onto a Tumblr page, and subsequently covered by
  10. 10. Result:Within 7 hours of the article’s publication, the majority of the Twitteraccounts were shut down or made private.
  11. 11. Case Study: Blunders Athlete: Paraskevi Papachristou (July 2012) Premise: SUN - Papachristou tweeted a “joke,” making light of the West Nile virus in Athens. @papaxristoutj: With so many Africans in Greece, the West Nile mosquitoes will be getting home food!!!
  12. 12. Result:Papachristou’s tweet prompted thousands of negative comments thataccused her of a racial slur.TUE - Papachristou’s original reaction was to tweet the following...@papaxristoutj: That’s how I am. I laugh. I am not a CD to get stuck!!!And if I make mistakes, I don’t press the replay! I press Play and moveon!!!WED - Papachristou posted five apologetic tweets in less than 2 hrs.She was expelled from Greece’s Olympic Team.
  13. 13. Guidelines 1. Know the brand. 2. Don’t use social media to sell. 3. Police the media. 4. Don’t live in a bubble. 5. Don’t share too much.
  14. 14. What Is Pinterest?
  15. 15. What Is Pinterest? Pinterest is a virtual bulletin board that allows users to share images/links they find interesting or inspiring. Once shared, these images become “Pins” that can be placed on thematic “Boards” that users can customize for any topic. Once something is pinned, it can then be “Repinned” by other Pinterest users.
  16. 16. What Is Pinterest? Lian’s Definition: Pinterest is the Online Visual Gateway to your personality (or in this case, the personality of 500 Staffing)
  17. 17. What Is Pinterest? Rule #1 It’s a Visual Medium, so everything must be visually appealing.
  18. 18. Why Use Pinterest? According to comScore, Pinterest reached 11.7 million unique monthly visitors in January 2012, making it the fastest standalone site in history to cross the 10 million mark.
  19. 19. Why Use Pinterest?Pinterest has the potential to drive serious referral traffic. According to Shareaholic,based on data from their 200,000 member publishers, Pinterest drives more referraltraffic than Google+, Linkedin, and YouTube combined.
  20. 20. Why Use Pinterest? Rule #2 Pinterest is all about embodying culture. It is NOT about self-promotion.
  21. 21. Pinterest Demographics Female-Dominated and Varied in Age
  22. 22. Interesting Facts
  23. 23. Terminology A Primer on Basic Pinterest Terminology Pinterest Lingo
  24. 24. Pinterest Etiquette 1. Avoid Self-Promotion whenever possible 2. Concentrate on sharing things of value, visually 3. Promote the “Lifestyle” of the brand, not the brand itself 4. Give proper credit to the originator of the image 5. Check the links of the pins and avoid spam
  25. 25. Branding with Pinterest
  26. 26. Branding with Pinterest
  27. 27. Most Important Uses 1. Drive Traffic - to blog - to website - to other people’s sites 2. Create Links Links allow pinners to encounter your content 3. Create Leads 4. Social Sharing - Facebook - Twitter 5. Embody Culture
  28. 28. Bonus Tips Promote a Lifestyle Use it like a Focus Group Crowdsource Run Contests Inspire your team
  29. 29. Advice for Success Come up with interesting and creative board titles (Shape the Brand) Create boards that help you tell your story (Shape the Brand) Hire a photographer or great graphic designer (Get Visual) Tell people you’re on Pinterest by adding the icon to your site or blog (Add a pin) Pair every product, page or important piece of content w you want with a great image (Get Visual) Add a Pinterest share tab (Add a Pin) Encourage engagement and pinning activity by allowing others to post their pins to your profile (Encourage Sharing) New) Test, target and segment your website content based on what you learn. (Test)
  30. 30. Reasons Why 500 Staffing Needs To Be Using Google + 1. Better Social Search Rankings Google+ extends Search Engine Optimization, into Social Search Engine Optimization. There’s no question that the “+1” button is going to impact search results, but it is still up for speculation as to how exactly. Google developed into its search algorithm higher search rankings when the “+1” button is used, so if you enable consumers to +1 your content, and your competitor doesn’t, then you soar above in natural search rankings.
  31. 31. Reasons Why 500 Staffing Needs To Be Using Google + 2. Reach Unlike the Facebook Like button, the +1 button is not limited to use within the confines of the social network, but rather it’s open to anyone searching on Google. This opens up the possibility to reach a consumer audience that you were not aware of or who may not have been familiar with you and your products.
  32. 32. Reasons Why 500 Staffing Needs To Be Using Google + 3. Hangouts Hangouts are essentially Skype on steroids. Hangouts save money by decreasing travel costs, and because they are considered “social,” you don’t lose that valuable authentic connection.
  33. 33. Overview (1) Casual: Curious browsing (2) Systematic: Set goals, diagnose problems
  34. 34. Definitions Click through rate (CTR): % impressions that result in click. Filters: Applied to the information coming into you raccount, to manipulate the final data in order to provide accurate reports. Profiles: Allow you to view reports on specific domains, subdomains, or on filtered data for your webpages. Exit rate: % of site exits that occurred from a page or set of pages. Bounce rate: % of single-page visits in which the person left your site from
  35. 35. Tech Talk Skewed Stats Opaque URLs IP addresses
  36. 36. Tech Talk Shortfalls Incorrect domain settings Unlinked domains Untagged email campaigns Unlinked Adwords
  37. 37. Useful Utilities Comparisons Referral quality: What websites bring most engaged visitors? Visitor flow: Where do you want them to go?
  38. 38. Go for Goals Definition: Versatile way to measure how well your site or app fulfills your objectives. You can set up individual Goals to track discrete actions, like transactions with a minimum purchase amount or the amount of time spent on a screen. Examples: Clicking a “Submit” button on a contact-us form Visiting the “About Us” page