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QR Code Trends in 2012 provides creative ways to incorporate QR codes into your marketing.

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Qr Code Trends

  1. 1. The QR Code Trend for 2012
  2. 2. Mobilize All Your Marketing Channels withQR CodesIt’s time for marketers to wake up and start thinkingabout how they can communicate more effectivelyusing new and innovative marketing tools. One way is toinclude QR codes in direct mail, e-mail, business cards,landing pages, print ads, social media and promotionalproducts. Incorporating QR codes within multiplecommunication channels to create innovative andintegrated marketing campaigns is a great way touse them to reach customers and prospects.What is a QR Code?A QR Code (aka Quick Response Code or a SmartCode) is a special type of bar code that can be readby smart phones. It connects your marketing messageto the mobility of a smart phone. The adoption rate ofsmart phones has exploded in the recent monthsthereby creating a new method for marketers to delivermessages to their audience. Strategic use of QR codesputs messages into smart phones, thus making themmobile.Most smart phones already come with a QR codescanner/reader. If the app is not already pre-loaded,it can be downloaded for free from one of the websitesbelow: • BeeTagg • OptiScan • QuickMark • NeoReader • Google Zxing Read reviews and download a different QR code reader from: www.qrstuff.com/qr_phone_software.html
  3. 3. How QR Codes WorkFor marketers to understand how they can use the QR codein their marketing campaigns it’s important to first understandhow QR codes work. Also, you must plan where to take theuser after scanning. Moreover, the content has to be mobiledevice friendly or include mobile optimized pages. QR codesare an effective medium to drive people from offline staticcontent to online mobile content.Using QR Codes in MarketingWhen a QR code is scanned it can direct the smart phone totake any of the following actions: • Point to a website, landing page, signup page, offers, coupons, Facebook page, YouTube videos, purchase page, white paper download – the options are limitless. Anything that can be done on the web can be done here, hence “Mobilize Your Web Messages” • Request a cell phone number and respond with a customized text message (SMS). This is an easy and cost effective method to use promotions to build an opt-in list that marketers can send real time offers to • Request an e-mail address and automatically send an e-mail to the address provided • Display any type of text on the smart phone • Automatically save contact information into any smart phone with one click, making it available to the user 24/7
  4. 4. QR Codes on Direct MailHere’s an easy and effective way to use a QR code with a promotionaloffer to build your subscriber opt-in list and to mobilize your print: • Place the QR code on a postcard with a “call-to-action” offer. o Note: The secret to the success of any marketing campaign is a compelling call-to-action and is true for QR codes as well. Prospects should immediately understand the value they will receive on scanning the code • Send a saturation mailing to where your best prospects are located. • When the recipient scans the bar code it opens a landing page form. • The prospect fills out the form and submits. • An opt-in user is created in the list and the system responds with the offer that was promised. • ROI reports are available to identify the lead source and more drill down campaign analysis. • This may look and sound very complex, but it’s not. MyBizPromos has made it very easy to build this campaign even if you are non-technical and have little or no experience in marketing. • The QR code can also be used in a similar manner when printed on brochures, flyers, posters, name tags and event banners.
  5. 5. Scan this QR code to see it in action.QR Codes on PostersQR codes can be placed on posters and displayed in store windows, table tents oncash-wrap counters, dining or retail tables, on signs and banners, and special eventhandouts. These are just a few creative ways retail businesses can promote theirproducts and consumers can receive immediate offers.For example, restaurants can promote their menus to local foot traffic who want receivedaily specials. Attract a lunch crowd by sending a “daily specials” text message at 10:30am each day, just when people are starting to think about lunch.Here’s another example of how a poster can generate new and repeat customers: Cell number{ } A restaurant promotes their new mobile take-out menu with a QR code placed on a poster displayed in their front window. The offer includes a 15% discount on first-time take-out orders. When the QR code is scanned it opens the restaurant’s mobile take-out menu. At the bottom of the page the guest is required to provide their cell number to receive the 15% discount. Once they submit their cell number they receive their mobile coupon. At the bottom of the mobile coupon page guests are invited to provide additional information including e-mail address, first and last name and birth date to a become VIP member. As a VIP they will receive additional promotions and offers including an SMS message each day at 10:30 a.m. with the daily lunch special.
  6. 6. QR Code for RealtorsRealtors can place QR codes on sign riders on their “ForSale” signs. No more running out of flyers. Whenprospective buyer scans the QR code they instantlyreceive detailed property information. At the same time,the realtor is notified of the scan. This real-timecommunication is a big advantage in contacting aprospective buyer while they are at the property. And, itallows the buyer to save the information in their cellphone for future reference.QR codes In Emails/NewslettersAdvertise products in newsletters and e-mail them to yoursubscription list. Include a QR code for each advertisedproduct with links to their respective web pages orwebsites.On Landing PagesUse an e-mail campaign to promote an educationalwhite paper or video. Place a QR code linking therecipient to the content, making it available on theirmobile device.
  7. 7. How do I Generate QR Codes? MyBizPromos is an integrated marketing platform that will generate QR code campaigns for you. It’s a complete campaign creation and marketing application that provides the ability to generate and integrate QR codes into e-mail, direct mail, web, text message, social media and video campaigns. To generate QR codes in MyBizPromos simply point to where you would like the QR code. Click the QR code icon, point to what you would like the QR code to do and it’s done. About MyBizPromos.com MybizPromos.com is a multi-channel integrated marketing platform designed for B2B and B2C marketing campaigns. It’s the first marketing platform that combines e-mails, direct mail, Personalized URL’s, web, banner ads, landing pages, forms, surveys, videos and social media channels. It’s easy to use and designed for the Do-it-Yourself user for fast ROI, growth and a new level of success. Looking for ROI analytics to optimize your campaigns? MyBizPromos provides a wealth of information to make intelligent decisions about your marketing campaigns. Visit our website at www.MyBizPromos.com. is exciting and easy to use5010 E. Shea Blvd., Suite D-208, Scottsdale, AZ 85254 • 480.245.7385 • mybizpromos.com