Ignite Your Growth V2


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Learn how to ignite your company\'s growth with MyBizPromos integrated marketing solutions.

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Ignite Your Growth V2

  1. 1. MyBizPromos provides a powerful web-based platform combining multiple marketing channels to deliver your unique message through technology, design and data. Use MBP to easily combine direct mail, e-mail, digital, mobile and social media into very innovative and sophisticated campaigns that will engage your audience and help you reach new levels of success.MBP Channels: Direct Marketing – The Sales and Marketing Workhorse Digital Marketing – Connecting Marketing to Mobile Devices Social Media – Tap into the Powerful Network Custom Solutions – Your Solution, Your Way Ignite Your Growth
  2. 2. Multi-Channel Marketing WorksIncrease Response RatesDesign and execute new marketing campaigns that leverage the full spectrum of marketing channels. Personalized direct mail, permission-based e-mail and internet technologies can be employed to dramatically increase ROI. Coordinate marketing campaigns using multiple channels and take advantage of the “multiplier effect.”A survey completed by YesMail in July 2002 revealed that response rates increase dramatically with an increase in the number of personalization elements. As the number of personalization elements increases from one to seven, the click-through rate more than triples, increasing from 4.7% to 14.8% Source: Banta Corporation White Paper, Developing Effective Multi-Channel Strategies Ignite Your Growth
  3. 3. 1 Data Connection Create Campaigns 2 Create multi-channel campaigns w/ direct mail, e-mail, mobile messages, forms/surveys, Facebook promotions, video, and coupons. Your segmented MyBizPromos data Machine 4 Steps to Ignite Your Growth w/ MBP Launch marketing campaigns for: Analyze campaign • Acquisition • Retention results and adjust your • Loyalty • Branding message, offer, or call- • Offers • Promotions to-action for the next • Cross Sell • Up Sell wave if necessary • Nurture • Win back4 Track ROI Launch Campaigns 3 Ignite Your Growth
  4. 4. Direct Marketing – the Sales & Marketing WorkhorseWhy Use Direct MarketingDirect Marketing is the most effective means of reaching thousands even millions of prospective customers through targeted and personalized messages. The most common forms of direct marketing include: Direct Mail – postcards, letters, flyers, catalogs E-mail – messages and newsletters Mobile – text messaging and mobile appsDirect Marketing, when combined with other marketing channels, can help create brand recognition to a large new audience, stay top-of-mind with people already familiar with you, and build customer loyalty with existing customers. The key to successful direct marketing as well as multi-channel marketing lies in thought out, coordinated and well-managed campaigns. Keep messages and images consistent throughout each channel. Sales and Marketing Workhorse
  5. 5. 4 Easy Steps to Create a Direct Mail Campaign Using MyBizPromos.com1. Select a Format - Select a direct mail format using MBP design studio. Choose from five different options: small postcard, large postcard, small folded card, large folded card, and tri-panel.2. Create the Card - Upload images and copy for the front and back of the piece. You can also upload completed JPG designs. See Image Specs PDF for design details. Add additional marketing elements in this step such as QR or coupon codes, pURLs, or keyword text messaging.3. Choose Recipients - Import your own mailing list/s. Include data such as e-mail addresses and cell phone numbers for future marketing campaigns. If you don’t have a mailing list you can purchase one on the MBP website.4. Pay and Send - Pre-pay for your direct mail campaign through MBP secure payment system. Consider creating a multi-channel campaign that includes direct mail, e-mail, and pURLs. See Marketing Pricing for additional pricing options. Once your payment has been processed you can send your mailing. MBP will print and mail or drop-ship it in two business days. Sales and Marketing Workhorse
  6. 6. Making it Personal – Direct Mail1. Use MyBizPromos to create and send high quality direct mail postcards and greeting cards.2. Utilize segmented mailing lists to send highly targeted messages.3. Increase direct mail response rates with personalized greetings, relevant messages, variable data and compelling graphics.4. Include a strong call-to-action and contact information such as phone number and website. Variable Data Sales and Marketing Workhorse
  7. 7. Getting More Personal – Direct Mail with pURLs1. Use MyBizPromos to create and send multi-channel direct mail campaigns that include personalized URLs (landing pages with surveys or forms).2. pURLs direct users to a personalized landing page to complete a survey or form, collecting valuable information for sales and marketing.3. Add a digital coupon on direct mail to encourage additional interaction from the recipient. Personal URL Sales and Marketing Workhorse
  8. 8. The Advantages of E-mail MarketingOne of the fastest vehicles to deploy a marketing campaign as well as see results is E-mail Marketing. Because you use an opt-in list, people who have given you permission to contact them, they are more likely to read and respond to your message. Most people respond to an e-mail within 24-hours - allowing you to adjust your message, offer, or call-to-action for the next wave if necessary.MyBizPromos allows the quick creation and delivery of professional looking HTML e-mails, announcements, promotions and newsletters to help grow your business. Take your e-mail to the next level by incorporating QR or coupon codes, keyword text messaging, or custom landing page for a multi channel message. The MPB e-mail design studio uses point-and-click technology so no technical or graphic design skills are required.Remember the 3 basics of Direct Marketing to include in any campaign: 1. Personalized content 2. Relevant message 3. Compelling design Sales and Marketing Workhorse
  9. 9. E-mail Made Easy1. Use MyBizPromos design studio to create and send highly personalized e-mail messages to segmented opt-in lists.2. Recipients can read and respond to the message at their convenience.3. Include a QR or coupon code as an added incentive to respond quickly.4. Track and view response rates using MyBizPromos Dashboard for further segmentation. Sales and Marketing Workhorse
  10. 10. Connecting Your Marketing to Mobile DevicesWhat is Mobile Marketing?Simply defined, Mobile Marketing is marketing to a mobile device, such as a cell phone, smart phone or personal tablet. Common forms of Mobile Marketing include: E-mails / newsletters Mobile landing pages Mobile text messaging Offers with QR codes Social mediaNine out of 10 Americans own a mobile phone and use them to stay connected to friends, colleagues and brands all day, every day.MyBizPromos offers strategies and easy to use software tools to integrate Mobile Marketing into your marketing campaigns to help increase response rates, get your message out, and grow your business. Connecting Your Marketing to Mobile Devices
  11. 11. What does Mobile Marketing look like? Mobile landing page w/ form E-mail/newsletter Text messaging Mobile offer w/ Sign up with MyBizPromos and QR or coupon receive 250 double- sided business cards with QR code FREE! www.mybizpromos.com Connecting Your Marketing to Mobile Devices
  12. 12. How it Works – Mobile Offers1. Use MyBizPromos to create and deploy a mobile message with an instant coupon to an opt-in list.2. Individuals getting e-mail on their mobile devices will receive the coupon code.3. Recipients present the coupon code, saved on their mobile device, at check-out for instant savings.4. Measure and track the results of each scan. Mobile coupon Scanned at Check-out Instant savings Connecting Your Marketing to Mobile Devices
  13. 13. Tap into the Powerful Network of Social MediaThe Need for Social MarketingOne in every 13 people on earth is a Facebook user. If you’re not communicating with customers through Social Media you’re not reaching your audience where it lives and plays. The power of social media can help you grow and interact with your fan base, convert prospects into customers, and create a buzz about your business.MyBizPromos provides an easy to use design studio to help you get “social” and leverage the latest tools and trends to achieve measurable results. Add “Like” to all of your digital marketing material Create custom landing pages Post promotions on your Facebook page Send out Tweets Collect leads and generate sales Track results Tap into the Powerful Network
  14. 14. Simplifying Social Marketing1. Use MyBizPromos to design simple yet highly creative Facebook pages using the design studio with drop-and-drag technology.2. Post Facebook landing pages to your Fan Page and draw interest to your company.3. Include contests, promotions, sweepstakes and coupons in page content to increase traction and measure response rates.4. Add “Like” to all of your digital marketing with the MBP design studio. Tap into the Powerful Network
  15. 15. Custom Solutions – Your Marketing, Your WayMyBizPromos provides a wide array of easy to use tools to create and deploy marketing campaigns using multiple channels. These tools can be combined to create some very innovative and sophisticated campaigns. If you have campaign requirements that cannot be met by the solutions we provide, please contact our marketing experts and we will find a way to implement your requirements. Our strength is our flexible technology that our experienced programmers can easily enhance to meet your specific needs. For more information about Custom Solutions, please contact us. Your Marketing, Your Way
  16. 16. MyBizPromos – Contact Us Lori Scott, Director of Sales and Marketing lscott@mybizpromos.com 480.245.7385 – O 602.920.0902 – C 5010 E Shea Blvd, Ste D-208 Scottsdale, AZ 85254 Visit us at: www.mybizpromos.com Find us on: Facebook, Twitter and YouTube Contact Us