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Blogging rubric

  1. 1. Blooms Digital Taxonomy Blog Journalling RubricBlooms Taxonomic Level: UnderstandingRelevant Key Words: Interpreting, Summarising, inferring, comparing, explaining,exemplifying, blog journalling, commentingIntroduction:This is a rubric for the Blog journalling. This is examining the process of recording andreporting events and process using blogging tools. Blog journalling here, is used as a formof reflective practice for class activities and learning rather than for personal journalling. Blogging Understanding Timeliness1 The entry or entries have poor These simple entries lacks insight, depth or The entries are spelling and contain grammatical are superficial. The entries are short and irregular. Events are errors, they are short, typically 1 to are frequently irrelevant to the events.They not journaled as 2 sentences. They lacks structure do not express opinion clearly and show. they occur. and or flow. The entry appear to be little understanding. hastly written often using in informal language or text style abbreviations.2 Some of the entries have poor The blog journal posts show some insight, The entries have spelling and contain grammatical depth & are connected with events, topic or some timeliness with errors. The entries have some activity. Entries are typically short and may most key events structure. But the entries does not contain some irrelevant material. There are being journalled. have consistent flow or show some personal comments or opinions which Some comments are linkage/cohesion between entries. may be on task. The posts shows some replied to. The blog entry may contain a link or understanding of the topic. image.3 There are few spelling and The posts show insight & depth. The Most events are grammatical errors. The journal content of posts are connected with events, journalled as they entries have structure. The posts topic or activity. These journal entries may happen. Most flow and have linkage/cohesion contain some irrelevant material but are for comments are between the entries The journal the most part on task. The replied to in a timely posts contains appropriate links or students.personal opinion is expressed in manner. The reply images. These are referred to an appropriate style & these entries shows shows within the text. a good depth of understanding. understanding4 The spelling and grammatical The blog journal posts show insight, depth All events are errors are rare. The journal entries & understanding. They are connected with journalled these are have structure and are formatted events, topic or activity. Entries are relevant regular & timely. to enhance readability. The entries with links to supporting material. The Comments are flows and have linkage/cohesion students personal opinion is expressed in replied to in a timely between posts.The posts contains an appropriate style & is clearly related to manner. The replies appropriate links or images, with the topic, activity or process. The posts and show a depth of the image sources being opinions shows a high level of understanding & acknowledged. The images and understanding & they relates events, relate to the links are referred to within the text. learning activities & processes to the comments purpose of the activity and outcomes.Andrew Churches Blog Journalling Rubric - Blooms Digital Taxonomy 02/01/09
  2. 2. Exemplars:This is a blog entry about a class trip to the local zoo. The tripwas arranged to support a science unit of work on conservation.The trip took place on 19th November. Students are Middle Yearsstudents (year 8)Level 1Zoo24 November 2007Went to the Zoo. Coool trip. Charles trippedova LOL. All the girlz laff @ him – shame! Loveda geraffe and the tigaThis entry is superficial and shows limited understanding of thepurpose of the trip. Blog writing or authoring is at Level 1.Spelling and grammatical errors. Lacks structure and flow. Thisentry has not reached an acceptable level for understanding.Level 2Science Zoo Trip20 November 2007The zoo trip was fun and the teachers were really nice to take ustheir. We saw lotz of animals. I liked the tiger but they areendangered in the wild in Africa. Our group took some cool fotoswith the class camera. My favourite is the one with Charlesfalling over. Here is one of the Giraffe. The giraffe is amazin.Its neck is so long it can reach leaves high in trees. This entry is related to the purpose of the trip, it is more timely but does contain errors –spelling, grammatical and factual. The student has included an image. Authoring at level 2.This entry shows a limited level for understanding.Andrew Churches Blog Journalling Rubric - Blooms Digital Taxonomy 02/01/09
  3. 3. Level 3The Conservation Trip to the Zoo19th November 2007.Todays trip to the Zoo was really enjoyable. The Auckland Zoo haslots of animals from many places. The tiger was my favourite. Theyare such a beautiful animal but are endangered in the wild throughout India and Asia. I cant believe people kill them for medicenceor fur coats.The Giraffe is such a cool animal, it can eat leaves high in treesthat other animals can reach. Giraffes are not endangered butthere homes are being reduced as land is used or farms. I foundsome info on giraffes is a better entry, focused on the purpose of the trip. The student has included links toresearch but justed inserted the link rather than formatting this. The student has linkedissues to the animals they saw. The post is relevant and timely. Blog writing or authoringis at level 3. The entry is structured, with links (the links are raw and need processing) andimages, few errors. This entry has reached an acceptable level for understanding.Andrew Churches Blog Journalling Rubric - Blooms Digital Taxonomy 02/01/09
  4. 4. Level 4Conservation Trip to Auckland Zoo19th November 2007The Science class went on a trip to Auckland Zoo as part of ourconservation unit. The teacher gave us a workbook to work throughand asked us to look at the endangered animals.Tigers are endangered throughout the world.Tigers are hunted and poached for their fur andfor use in medicences. There are several speciesof Tigers like the Siberian Tiger, the SumatrunTiger. I found some information about Tigers atAnimal Planet – TigersGiraffes are amazing. They are so well adapted totheir Niche. Their neck has the same number ofbones as our but is so long. This lets them eatsleaves high in trees. This is a huge help forthem as they dont have to compete with otheranimals for food. Animal Planet – Giraffe. Giraffe - class photoThe trip was really cool. It was nice to get outof the classroom, but it was very useful to see the animals wehave been learning about. I still wonder if it is fair to keepanimals in zoos. Wild animals should be in the wild, but I guessthe wild is shrinking. We need to take responsibility for this. Iwould like to help. I might join the WWF rangers on the WWF website.Mr Ts Blog entry on the trip is really good and the photos arereally good, even the one of Charles.This entry is well structured and shows insight and understanding. The student hasincluded relevant and appropriate links, the entry is well structured and flows. The studentoffers personal opinion which shows depth of understanding and insight. The post isrelevant and timely. Blog writing or authoring is at level 4. The entry is structured, withprocessed links and images, few errors.This entry shows an good level of understanding.Andrew Churches Blog Journalling Rubric - Blooms Digital Taxonomy 02/01/09