V3 Continual Service Improvement - ITSM Academy Webinar


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From ITSM Academy's October 2007 Webinar

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V3 Continual Service Improvement - ITSM Academy Webinar

  1. 1. Continual Service Improvement p You are here © ITSM Academy
  2. 2. About ITSM Academy Accredited ITSM Education Provider ITIL® F Foundation (V2 and V3) d ti d ITIL® Foundation Bridge Course ITIL® Practitioner, Service Manager ISO/IEC 20000 certifications Practical workshops PMI Global Registered Education Provider Public Training Center in Fort Lauderdale, FL Corporate on-site classes p Over 10,000 learners trained since 2003 2007 - Awarded Federal Government Schedule Contract (GSA) allowing ITSM Academy to become a premier provider of ITSM education to the US Government 2 © ITSM Academy
  3. 3. Continual Service Improvement (CSI) Purpose, Purpose Goals and Objectives Continually align IT services to changing business needs Identify and implement improvements throughout the service lifecycle Determine what to measure, why to measure it and define successful outcomes Implement processes with clearly defined goals, objectives and measures Review service level achievement results Ensure quality management methods are used E lit t th d d 3 © ITSM Academy
  4. 4. Continual Service Improvement Value Enables continuous monitoring and feedback through all lifecycle stages Sets targets for improvement Calculates Return on Investment (ROI) Calculates Value on Investment (VOI) 4 © ITSM Academy
  5. 5. Business Value of Measurement To Validate To Direct To Justify To Intervene Why Wh are we monitoring and measuring? it i d i ? When do we stop? Is anyone using the data? Do we still need this? 5 © ITSM Academy
  6. 6. Metric Types Service S i metrics ti Technology metrics Process metrics P i 6 © ITSM Academy
  7. 7. CSI Supporting Models and Processes PDCA Model 7 Step 7-Step Improvement Process Continual Service Improvement Model © ITSM Academy
  8. 8. Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) Model 8 © ITSM Academy
  9. 9. 7-Step Improvement Process Identify first 1. Define What • Vision You Should • Strategy Measure • Tactical Goals 7. Implement 2. Define What • Operational Goals Corrective You Can Actions Measure M Goals 6. Present and 3. Gather the Use the Data Information 5. Analyze the 4. Process the Data Data 9 © ITSM Academy, ITIL® Overview V3 R1 0607
  10. 10. Continual Service Improvement Model Vision & Business What is the Vision Objective Baseline Where are we now? Assessments How do we Measurable keep the Where do we want to be? Targets momentum going? Service & Process How do we get there? Improvement Measurement Did we get there? and Metrics 10 © ITSM Academy
  11. 11. Want to Learn More? Now available ITIL® V3 core b k books (www.itsmbookstore.com) ITIL® V3 Foundation course ITIL® Foundation Bridge Course (V2 to V3) Coming soon (Q1 2008) Service Manager Bridge Course g g V3 Capabilities and Lifecycle courses Practitioner Bridge Course 11 © ITSM Academy
  12. 12. ITSM Academy, Inc. 12 © ITSM Academy
  13. 13. Questions and Answers Thank you for attending ITSM Academy, Inc. info@itsmacademy.com www.itsmacademy.com 1. 888. 872. ITSM (4876) 13 © ITSM Academy