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The Service Desk of the Future - ITSM Academy Webiner
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The Service Desk of the Future - ITSM Academy Webiner


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Every aspect of the service desk has changed in recent years: people, processes, and technology; the use of data, information, and knowledge; and, perhaps most dramatically, users. Today’s technology …

Every aspect of the service desk has changed in recent years: people, processes, and technology; the use of data, information, and knowledge; and, perhaps most dramatically, users. Today’s technology users are increasingly savvy and self-sufficient. In this session, we explore the strategies companies are using to address trends like social support, mobile support, self-service and self-help, BYOD, and cloud computing.

Published in: Business, Technology
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  • 1. Service Desk of the Future The Great Debate #itsmacademy @ITSMAcademy Donna Knapp © ITSM Academy 1
  • 2. Donna Knapp  Author  The ITSM Process Design Guide  Service Desk Concepts, 4th Edition  Customer Service Skills for Service Desk Professionals, 3rd Edition       Curriculum Development Manager Certified Process Design Engineer ITIL® Expert/ITIL Examination Panel Certified Scrum Master Certified ISO/IEC 2000 Consultant/Manager Certified in Knowledge-Centered Support (KCS) Principles © ITSM Academy 2 ITIL® is a registered trade mark of AXELOS Limited
  • 3. Agenda  Service Desk – Current State  Service Desk – Influencing Trends  Where are we heading? – The Great Debate  Building a Roadmap  Designing a Training Curriculum © ITSM Academy 3
  • 4. Service Desk Current State Proactive Business Productivity Team Service Desk Reactive Strategic Help Desk Where is your organization? © ITSM Academy 4
  • 5. Influencing Trends         BYO… Cloud computing Mobile support Self-service Self-help Social support Virtualization Shadow IT What’s it all mean?  More contacts  Increased complexity  Increased expectations Anytime, anywhere, any device Via any channel  Real business impact when things go wrong! What makes these trends so challenging? © ITSM Academy 5
  • 6. On to the Future Life-long EDUCATION Role-based, Enterprise Genius Bar Just-in-time Training There’s an Reputation-based rewards Social media Agile Practices Peer-topeer support Intelligent LISTENING Value © ITSM Academy Lifelike avatars Self-service portals Seamless Integration App for that to the 6 business
  • 7. The Great Debate People Processes • What role will people play? • Which will be critical? Technology • What role will technology play? Information • What’s critical? © ITSM Academy 7
  • 8. Building a Roadmap Where does your organization need to be? Strategic Proactive Reactive © ITSM Academy How are you going to get there? 8
  • 9. Characteristics of a Strategic Service Desk  Delivers high-quality service at an optimal cost  Enables user productivity and self-sufficiency Serves as a trusted advisor      Forward-looking policies Predicts contacts Proactively prevents incidents and problems Drives customer satisfaction with all of IT Delivers value to the business! © ITSM Academy 9
  • 10. Key Considerations People • • • • Meet customers where they are Make customer productivity a priority Deliver a positive customer experience Don’t forget employee satisfaction! Processes • • • • Utilize frameworks and standards Adopt an agile mindset Get good at knowledge management Focus on the interfaces Technology • Get good at social • Innovate with technology • Integrate with technology Information • Understand the metrics lifecycle • Don’t wait to be asked • Demonstrate value to the business © ITSM Academy 10
  • 11. Value to the Business       Improve contribution to business objectives Increase user productivity Increase customer and employee satisfaction Increase service level effectiveness Optimize cost per… Reduce business impact  Understand how incidents affect services  Understand how service outages affect the business  Respond appropriately  Reduce mean time to…  Reduce mean time between…  Reduce reopen rate Tie goals to lagging indicators. Understand the leading indicators. © ITSM Academy 11
  • 12. Designing a Training Curriculum Required Skills     Blended Leaning Strategy Business skills Technical skills Soft skills Self-management skills     Formal Self-paced Social On-the-job Use education to enable collaboration! © ITSM Academy 12
  • 13. Parting Words  Begin with an open mind The future is now!  Get involved early in the service lifecycle  Get clear on what you can do  Benchmark your services  Don’t try to do it on your own  Adopt agile thinking and practices  Lead with great customer service “Perfection is…when there is nothing left to take away." Antoine de Saint-Exupéry © ITSM Academy 13
  • 14. See you in Nashville! – Fusion13  Donna Knapp – Session 106: Service Desk of the Future  Mike Cardinal – Session 302: Improvement Through Better Metrics  Jayne Groll – Sessions 404 and 405: Expert Focus: DevOps, Agile, and ITSM Want more info? © ITSM Academy 14
  • 15. Questions? © ITSM Academy 15