ISO 20K is Not Scary


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We look at ISO 20000 in a fresh perspective: not as a certification endpoint in the IT Service Management Journey, but as a good place to begin representing the minimum critical activities necessary to achieve basic, overall ITSM maturity.

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ISO 20K is Not Scary

  1. 1. ISO/IEC 20000 is NOT Scary! i S ! © ITSM Academy, 2010 1
  2. 2. About ITSM Academy Accredited Education Ft. Lauderdale, Dallas & ITIL® Foundation Washington, DC - Public ITIL Foundation and Managers Bridge Corporate on-site Classes ITIL Lifecycle, Capability and MALC Virtual Classes ITIL® Practitioner, Service Manager (V2) g ( ) Courseware Licensing Certified Process Design Engineer (CPDE)® Alumni Program Microsoft Operations Framework (MOF) Foundation PMI Global Education Provider ISO/IEC 20000 Foundation / Federal Government (GSA) Go ernment PMI PMP Exam Prep Contractor Practical, Value-Add Workshops Certified Woman-Owned Apollo 13 - an ITSM Case Experience™ Tens f th T of thousands of learners d fl Visible Ops: The Class trained since 2003 ITIL, MOF, ISO 20K Awareness ITSM Professional Diplomas And More! A dM ! Welcome! © ITSM Academy, 2010 2
  3. 3. What is ISO/IEC 20000? An auditable international standard for service management that promotes an integrated process approach to effectively delivering IT Services that meet b i t business and customer requirements d t i t It certifies effecti e processes effective It does not assess the quality of a service or product ISO/IEC 20000 is applicable to all IT service providers (internal, external, shared). © ITSM Academy, 2010 3
  4. 4. ISO/IEC 20000 Structure Part 1: Specification (Shalls) – 23 pages p ( ) p g Defines the minimum critical activities for effective service management processes Requires id R i evidence of all process activities f certification f ll ti iti for tifi ti Part 2: Code of Practice (Shoulds) – 41 pages Describes ITSM best practices that support the requirements of P 1 f Part Is not required to achieve certification Part 3 provides guidance on scope definition, applicability and demonstration of conformance for service providers. © ITSM Academy, 2010 4
  5. 5. ISO20K is Based on P-D-C-A Act Plan Establish objectives and processes Take action to continually necessary to deliver results improve performance of that meet customer i f f the processes requirements and organization policies Check Do Monitor and measure p processes and services Implement the processes against policies, objectives and requirements/report results lt © ITSM Academy, 2010 5
  6. 6. Management responsibility Management system (3) Documentation requirements Competences, awareness & training Plan, Implement, Monitor, Improve Planning & implementing (4) (Plan, Do, Check, Act) Planning & implementing Planning new services (5) new or changed services Service Delivery Processes (6) ISO/IEC 20000 Foundation Courset Capacity Management Service Level Management M t Information Security Management M Service Continuity Service Reporting Budgeting and and Availability y Accounting for IT g Management Control Processes (9) Services Change Management Configuration Management Release Relationship Processes (10) Resolution Processes (7) Release Processes (8) Business Relationship Management Management Incident Management Supplier Management Problem Management © ITSM Academy, 2010 6
  7. 7. ITIL and ISO 20K ITIL is a framework for ISO 20K is an auditable defining and improving international standard service management for service management processes ISO 20K provides an ITIL is one body of impartial benchmark for knowledge that can help ITSM implementations meet ISO/IEC 20000 ISO 20K improves requirements (although documentation requiring not an exact match) evidence of intentions ITIL is not auditable or and activities prescriptive (documents and records) Together they ensure a sustainable g y program of continual service improvement. © ITSM Academy, 2010 7
  8. 8. Start of the Race or Finish Line? ISO 20K’s minimum critical ISO 20K certification activities provide a scalable demonstrates effective, starting point implemented processes © ITSM Academy, 2010 8
  9. 9. What are Minimum Critical Activities? Essential activities that must be performed to achieve effective service management Define the “what to do,” not “how to do it” Are not based on a single framework Provide a starting place to assess current practices Red: not performing Yellow: performing, but needs improvement Green: performing successfully Activities can be implemented using a combination of successful internal procedures and one or more ITSM frameworks (e.g., ITIL, MOF, COBIT). © ITSM Academy, 2010 9
  10. 10. Sample “Shall” Statements All suggested service Management shall communicate the g Each service provided p improvements shall b i h ll be importance of meeting service shall be defined, agreed assessed, recorded, management objectives and need and documented in one prioritized and for continual improvement. or more SLAs. authorized. Procedures shall define the recording, Management with The release policy stating prioritization, business impact, appropriate authority the frequency and type classification, updating, escalation, shall approve an of releases shall be resolution and formal closure of all information security incidents. documented and agreed. policy. Problem management shall be There shall b a policy on Th h ll be li Requests for R t f responsible for ensuring up-to-date what is defined as a changes shall be assessed information on known errors and configuration item and its for their risk, impact and corrected problems is available to incident management. constituent components. business benefit. Source: ISO/IEC 20000 -1:2005 © ITSM Academy, 2010 10
  11. 11. Sample “Should” Statements “The SLAs should include only an appropriate subset of the targets to focus attention on the most important aspects of g p p the service.” “Incident management should be both a proactive and reactive process, responding to incidents that affect, or potentially could affect the service.” “A known error should not be closed until after successful resolution. resolution ” “Where an outage can be caused during normal service hours, the people affected should agree to the change before implementation ” implementation. Source: ISO/IEC 20000 -2:2005 © ITSM Academy, 2010 11
  12. 12. What are the Advantages? Overcomes the enormity of ITIL and other frameworks f k Provides an easy to digest roadmap Requires R i management support t t Is auditable (internally or externally) Uses surveillance audits to ens re s r eillance a dits ensure continual service improvement Can neutralize political or cultural issues Improves documentation and tool usage It just makes sense! © ITSM Academy, 2010 12
  13. 13. Should Your Organization Get Certified? Yes, if certification will Offer competitive advantage Meet client requirements Achieve regulatory compliance Provide a clear objective Sustain continual improvement efforts If a certificate is not significant to your business, management can still set an organizational goal of “self-certification” to give till t i ti l l f “ lf tifi ti ” t i staff a measurable outcome. © ITSM Academy, 2010 13
  14. 14. How Can I Learn More? (1) ISO/IEC 20000 Qualification Scheme © ITSM Academy, 2010 14
  15. 15. How Can I Learn More? (2) ISO/IEC 20000 Special Interests Group (SIG) h // l f Mission To increase the visibility of the benefits achieved through the ISO/IEC 20000 standard and certification, enabling those seeking adoption of ISO/IEC 20000 or certification a ki d i f 2 ifi i knowledgeable roadmap. INTERESTED IN BECOMING A MEMBER? PLEASE CONTACT © ITSM Academy, 2010 15
  16. 16. How Can I Learn More? (3) © ITSM Academy, 2010 16
  17. 17. Questions and Answers Thank you for attending ITSM Academy, Inc. 1. 888. 872. ITSM (4876) © ITSM Academy, 2010 17
  18. 18. IT Service Management Professional (ITSMP)℠ Diplomas ITSM Academy is Licensed by the Commission for Independent Education, Florida Department of Education, offering occupational ITSMP℠ Diplomas. On our website, this symbol indicates courses which accrue clock hours toward a Diploma as: Change Manager Support Manager Service Level Manager © ITSM Academy, 2010 18
  19. 19. ITSM Academy Affiliates © ITSM Academy, 2010 19