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Guide to presentations
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Guide to presentations



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  • 1. Guide to Presentations
  • 2. • You are required to give a five-minute long presentation.• Presentations may be done in groups WITH INSTRUCTOR APPROVAL.• A video may be produced as an alternative to a presentation.• Presentations should use some type of media or some kind of prop. – So your presentation should be done using something like PowerPoint, Prezi, a video, or even a poster board.
  • 3. You only have five minutes…• Remember that your time is limited and you need to answer your questions. – Stay focused, keep it short and sweet.
  • 4. Use a visual aid…• PowerPoint is easy to use, and through Google Docs http://docs.google.com you may create a PowerPoint even if you do not have the software at home.
  • 5. Prezi• Prezi is another presentation creator.• Prezi is online and you can have a free account. – Use your student e-mail address that ends in .edu for a better free account, with more storage.• Go to: http://prezi.com/
  • 6. Tips For a Good Presentation• When using Prezi or PowerPoint, remember that these are VISUAL aids.• Do not be afraid to include pictures and maps.• Slides that have too many words are boring. – Remember that you are speaking about your topic and you should say the words and use your presentation to make main points with. – This PowerPoint is a good example of a bad presentation, too many words, no images.
  • 7. Your Written Summary• When preparing your presentation, use your written summary as a guide.• It will help you to stay focused on your topic and help you to keep within your time limit. – You may keep your written summary until you finish your presentation, so you may take it with you when you present – BUT- I will take away points if you read your whole presentation…
  • 8. Practice• Practice makes perfect.• You should practice your presentation before you give it.• Read it to your friends, family, the dog or cat, to yourself in the mirror.• Seriously…• If you practice, the words will not seem strange as they exit your mouth in front of the class. You will have done it before, so it will be easier.
  • 9. Adding Pictures• Say I want a map of the rainforest in Africa.• I would go to Google, I would search images for African Rainforest Map.• The result would be several maps,• So I would find one I liked, click it, then right click the larger image, and copy it.• You can paste images into PowerPoint easily like this.
  • 10. Adding Pictures• Prezi works a little differently.• It will actually search Google Images for what you ask it for and will embed them into your presentation.
  • 11. Videos• Videos may be used in your presentations, they can be easily embedded into Prezi, or you can open Youtube on the classroom computer.• Just remember your time limit, you only have 5 minutes.
  • 12. Videos as an Alternative• You may also create a video as an alternative to giving a presentation.• All the rules apply to a video: – Stick to your time limit. – Make sure all writing is clear, and correct. – Make sure any audio you use is clear too. – Also turn in your written summary and use it as a guide too. – Post the video online and send me the link using Youtube or Vimeo or another video sharing site.