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Geography 10 powerpointchaffey

  1. 1. Julie WalingaCynthia Molina Edgar FrancoAlexia Hartsell Jessica Hizey
  2. 2.  We mostly eat Mexican food. Our salsas and guacamoles are made by hand. Even our drinks Jamaica and Horchata along with fruit juices. Our family is united and we spend holidays together and make tamales
  3. 3.  Great Grandparents were deported during Great Depression Grandparents plan to return but end up in Juarez, Chihuahua Parents come to Covina then to Ontario
  4. 4.  The Zambrano Family started in “Lomalta, Jalisco Mexico” . Everardo Zambrano (my Great Grandfather) and Benito Zambrano moved from plantation to a pueblo called “El Volantine” He had 11 children, one being my grandfather.
  5. 5.  My Grandfather got married to my grandmother and had 8 boys and 5 girls. My mother pull factor to cross the border was to live a better life. My mom met my dad in Los Angeles and moved to San Fernando where they got married.
  6. 6.  My parents have lived in San Fernando from 1982 – 2006. My mom gave birth to my 3 younger brothers during that time period. Our push factor from San Fernando to Fontana was because of the end of my dads career industry.
  7. 7.  1909-Great Grandfather traveled to New York Came from Hungary Traveled continuously Settled in Prescott, Arizona
  8. 8.  1800’s-Family traveled from the Netherlands Lived in Boyden, Iowa Made a living on family farm 1986-Dad moved to Southern California
  9. 9.  Grandpa is German, his family came from Germany. Grandma is Swedish, her family came from Sweden, she speaks a little bit of Swedish. They came to California for a short amount of time and have lived in Pennsylvania for many years with most of the Hartsell Family. Grandpa was in the Korean War and my dad was in the air force when I was little.
  10. 10.  Both my grandparents are Mexican, they are from Jalisco, Mexico. Moved to California for a better life. Both came from big families Have 5 kids total and 9 grandchildren They’re very religious and stand strong to their beliefs Everyone in the family speaks Spanish Grandma still cooks Mexican food We celebrate Mexican mothers day, Christmas on Christmas Eve, and get together for everyone birthdays They’re very religious and stand strong to their beliefs
  11. 11. 1. The most interesting thing I learned was that my grandma spoke Swedish, I never knew that before and also that she at one point was a hair dressed because that’s what I want to do.2. Some interesting facts are that Grandpa Hartsell was in the Korean War and that my Gallardo grandparents lived in the same city when they were younger.
  12. 12. The common thing about the stories inour group is that each one relates backto an ancestry that traveled toAmerica. Looking at the bigpicture, none of us would be heretoday without the courage of our pastfamily members.
  13. 13. Taking the time out to learn about thefamilies history has given a sense ofpride in who we are and where wecome from. Having thisunderstanding makes us moreconscious and aware ofcultures, especially the ones to whichwe are related.
  14. 14. The group is connected to the classbecause we learn about the origin andgeography of different cultures.Eventually, everyone ended uptogether and has their own story andbackground, but each adds a personalcharacteristic to the group.
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