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Picasa for ALL

  1. 1. Picasa 3Digital Photo ManagementPresentation for ALLApril 30, 2013byRichard Gillespie
  2. 2. 2What is Picasa?Picasa softwareprovides a simple wayto organize, view, editand share the photoson your computer
  3. 3. 3What Picasa is NOT• Picasso• Web app• Container• Mobile App• Multi-User• Drawing• Image Manipulation
  4. 4. 4Two things to knowTwo things to know• Picasa does not store the photos onyour computer• Your original photos are alwayspreserved.
  5. 5. 5Library WindowLibrary WindowFolderListThumbnailsPhotoTrayShortcut BarMiscellaneousFolderShortcuts
  6. 6. 6Library WindowLibrary WindowShortcut BarShortcut BarImportNewAlbumFolderTreeStructureViewOptionsCaptureFromWebcamFiltersSearch pictures
  7. 7. 7Folder ListAlbumsPeopleProjectsExportsFoldersAlbumsPeopleProjectsAlbumsPeopleFoldersProjectsAlbumsPeopleExportsFoldersProjectsAlbums
  8. 8. Folder Management
  9. 9. 9Managing FoldersSelect action for desiredfolder and press OKIf SCAN ONCE is selectedthe folder will only bescanned the first timePicasa sees the folderIf REMOVE FROM PICASAis selected The folder willnot be Shown In PICASAONLYIf SCAN ALWAYS isselected the folder will bescanned every timePicasa sees the folder
  10. 10. 10Adding FoldersClick onImport
  11. 11. 11Adding FoldersImport ScreenSource ofPicturesWhich Directoryare they goingHow do youwant the folderto be named?
  12. 12. 12Adding FoldersDecision TimePictures fromSource.Separated byFolder (Date)DestinationDirectoryEnter Folder NameOrToday’s dateORDate Pictures taken What is to be doneImport All/Selected or CancelWhat is to be doneWith card
  13. 13. 13Adding Foldersfrom Thumb DriveAfter copying “grayed out”Foldersby date
  14. 14. 14Adding FolderFoldersAdded by dateandquantityof files/pictures
  15. 15. 15Ordering Folders1. Select Folder2. Select View Options3. Select SortBy Name
  16. 16. 16Ordering FoldersNow foldersare alphabetical
  17. 17. 17Ordering FoldersVarious sortoptions
  18. 18. 18Naming FoldersName your folders something meaningful to you
  19. 19. 19Naming FoldersFirst stepSelectFolderThen selectEditDescription
  20. 20. 20Naming FoldersPop upName the folder
  21. 21. 21Naming FoldersNew NameDateDoes not changedate on picturePlace TakenDescription
  22. 22. 22ThumbnailsBy default the thumbnails do not display the file name
  23. 23. 23ThumbnailsSelect viewSelectThumbnailCaptionSelect Option
  24. 24. 24ThumbnailsFile namesshown
  25. 25. 25ThumbnailsTo manually change the orderLeft Click and hold on picture and drag it to location desired
  26. 26. 26ThumbnailsOrder has now been changed
  27. 27. 27ThumbnailsNaming (renaming)File (picture) names can be confusing. Name them something meaningfulto you, so you can find them or organize easier
  28. 28. 28ThumbnailsNaming (renaming)1. Selectpicture (file)You want toRename
  29. 29. 29ThumbnailsNaming (renaming)2. Select fileAnd RenameORSelect pictureand press <F2>
  30. 30. 30ThumbnailsNaming (renaming)3. Pop upChange nameto NEW name
  31. 31. 31ThumbnailsNaming (renaming)New nameAnd pressRename
  32. 32. 32ThumbnailsNaming (renaming)New Nameon picture
  33. 33. 33Browsing with Scroll BarYou can scroll through the files and pictures in the thumbnail view Click onOverscore UpArrow to goUp one fileClick on upArrow to slowly“scroll” upLeft click andHold on sliderTo move throughFilesClick on downArrow to slowly“scroll” downClick onUnderscore downArrow to godown one file
  34. 34. 34Viewing Photos1. Selectfolder2. DoubleClick ondesiredpicture
  35. 35. 35Viewing PhotosNow you will see the picture in the EDIT WINDOWTo see the picture in in its actual sizeClick on
  36. 36. 36Viewing PhotosNow you see just a portion of the picture in the edit windowTo see another portion on the picture. Click the pointer in that portionof the selection frame or drag the highlight in the selection frame
  37. 37. 37Viewing PhotosYou can set the degree of enlargement by selecting the slider
  38. 38. 38Viewing PhotosSlide to the left to see more area
  39. 39. 39Viewing PhotosSlide to the right to see less area (more detail?)
  40. 40. 40Viewing PhotosTo return to normal press the “Fit Picture Inside Viewing Area” button
  41. 41. 41Viewing PhotosTo view the nextPicture in the folderClickTo view thepreviousPicture ClickTo view thepictures in thisfolder as a slideshow ClickTo return to thelibrary Click
  42. 42. 42Basic OperationsSelect desiredFolder andDouble click onpicture
  43. 43. 43Basic OperationsEdit Tool BarCrop – Crop thisphoto in a differentformatStraighten – Fix acrooked photoRedeye – repairredeye flaws in thisphoto.I’m Feeling Lucky -One click fix for lightingAnd color.Auto Contrast – Fixexposure withoutaffecting color.Auto Color – RemovesColor cast automatically.Retouch – RepairBlemishes, dust andScratches.Text – Add/edit texton a photo.Edit in Creative Kit –Edit a photo on-line usingCreative Kit.Fill Light –Adjust theAmbient light in the photo
  44. 44. 44Basic OperationsAutomatically CorrectPicture looks greyClick onYou are now in the edit mode
  45. 45. 45Basic OperationsAutomatically CorrectPicture isbrighterIf you do not see animprovement or dolike the change selecttheThe button not only improves colors but it might correct a bad exposuregive it a try on some “bad” pictures
  46. 46. 46Basic OperationsManual CorrectChoose theSecond tab andwe find themanual operationsfor
  47. 47. 47Basic OperationsCroppingDouble click on desired picture and it will be in the Editing screenSelect theCropButton
  48. 48. 48Basic OperationsCroppingVariousCroppingOptionswill beavailable
  49. 49. 49Basic OperationsCroppingIn manualYou selectarea youwant.
  50. 50. 50Basic OperationsCroppingFinal resultcroppedpicture
  51. 51. 51Basic OperationsStraighteningSelect PictureOrient the pictureIf not correctWith the OrientationArrows
  52. 52. 52Basic OperationsStraighteningNow picture isCorrectOrientationdouble clickon it to moveto edit window
  53. 53. 53Basic OperationsStraighteningSelectStraightenbutton
  54. 54. 54Basic OperationsStraighteningNotice GridLinesSlider toControlWhen satisfiedClick Apply
  55. 55. 55Basic OperationsRetouchSelect picturewith flawto RetouchSelect RetouchButton
  56. 56. 56Basic OperationsRetouchIdentify flawarea. MoveView areaandEnlarge areaAs necessary
  57. 57. 57Basic OperationsRetouchEnlargeFlaw AreaSelect BrushSize
  58. 58. 58Basic OperationsRetouchFollow instructionsRepeat asNecessary untilsatisfied. Do notBe afraid to clickon Redo Patch,Undo Patchor Cancel asneeded, untilsatisfied.When satisfiedClick on Apply
  59. 59. 59Basic OperationsRedeyeFind pictureWith “redeye”And double clickTo bring toThe Edit screenAnd click onRedeye button
  60. 60. 60Basic OperationsRedeyePicasa willLook for the“redeyes” andHighlight withGreen squaresIf there are moreHighlight with theCursor. WhenSatisfied click onApply
  61. 61. 61Basic OperationsRedeyeWill not workOn “white eye”
  62. 62. 62Fun Things
  63. 63. 63Fun and Useful Image Processing I
  64. 64. 64Fun and Useful Image Processing II
  65. 65. 65Fun and Useful Image Processing III
  66. 66. 66AlbumsHold the Control Key as you select multiple pictures in the same folderplacing them in the Photo Tray.
  67. 67. 67AlbumsSelect the Album Button. Type in Album Name Press OK
  68. 68. 68AlbumsPhotos now in Album “Test”
  69. 69. 69AlbumsGo get more Photos from another folder
  70. 70. 70AlbumsWant more pictures from another folder? Place thesePhotos on HOLDHoldButton
  71. 71. 71AlbumsSelect more Photos (remember Control Key). Then select AlbumButton and select desired album
  72. 72. 72AlbumsNow all your Photos are in your Album “Test”
  73. 73. Now What?You have uploaded your pictures,You have cropped, edited,made an album.What are you going to do now?
  74. 74. 74Collage?Press Collage Button
  75. 75. 75Collage?OutputSizeArrange photos by leftClick hold and drag. Setfore/back ground by right click
  76. 76. 76Print?Select photos for printing (remember Control)
  77. 77. 77Print?
  78. 78. 78Print?Just want one picture? Select photo. Select Print
  79. 79. 79PrintSelect PrinterSetup
  80. 80. 80PrintClick onPaper Size
  81. 81. 81Print?ChoosePaper Size
  82. 82. 82PrintSelect Print
  83. 83. 83Print from On-line Provider
  84. 84. 84Print from On-line Provider
  85. 85. 85Print from On-line Provider
  86. 86. 86References and Helps• Picasa Help and Support– http://support.google.com/picasa/?&ctx=picasa• Geeks on Tour– http://geeksontour.com/• YouTube– http://www.youtube.com/