Minutes Sept 22nd 2010


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Minutes Sept 22nd 2010

  1. 1. Minutes Academy for Lifelong Learning Advisory Committee September 22, 2010 MOD 2 – Room 101 Present: Cheryl LeJune, Peggy Presnell, Anne Criddle, Gene Chism, Joan Camenson, Leta Towle, Sarah Walter, Sharon Samson, Donna McCarty, Genevieve Chism, David Timmermeyer, Judy Vela, Marsha Dugger, Sandra Walker, Suzanne Altenburg, Carolyn Severson 11:15 AM Call To Order Cheryl LeJune called the meeting to order and welcomed members and guests. Committee Reports: Curriculum Hopefully Curriculum Committee members are busy searching out volunteer teachers for the Spring Semester. A Spring Calendar was email to members showing the holiday schedule and other dates that will not be available for classes. I’ve heard from a few people about possible speakers….but at this time the calendar is basically open. Please nail down dates and times and send me the descriptions for the classes you arrange. If you are working on a multi-part program, these need to be finalized and scheduled ASAP so that other classes can be scheduled around these extended classes. I need everyone’s help on this, especially since I am a bit distracted right now. Feedback from several people leads me to believe that classes for this Fall’s Semester are going well and are being well attended under our new Open Attendance policy. It really made registration easier and we are still having good attendance. The college will take the sign-in sheet from each class and develop the class roster that will actually match the group that came to class. Thanks for everyone’s help and good wishes…..and thanks to those who are taking on extra “facilitating duties” to cover my classes. Now get out there and sign up classes for the Spring Semester. Submitted by Sarah Walter - Curriculum Committee As facilitators, we were asked to hand the class sign-in sheet to MOD 101 as soon as the class is over. Some names may be difficult to read, so a typed roster should be made available. We do not yet have feedback from the college if our open registration this time works for them. Events and Trips Bus Trips
  2. 2. On September 29 we will see the sights of Quirky Houston (Orange Show, Flower Man House, Beer Can House, and Art Car Museum). Cost for the trip will be $7 and includes all entry fees and driver’s tip. Lunch will be additional at Niko Niko’s. Here are our bus dates for the fourth quarter and our tentative plans: Saturday, Oct 16 – 1940 Air Terminal Museum at Hobby Airport, cost $11 Monday, Nov 22 – Tour of Eagle Point Rum Distillery, lunch at Top Water Grill, Kemah, Cost $4 plus lunch and shopping Saturday, Dec 11 – Lost Pines Christmas in Bastrop, cost TBA Sign up for September, October, November and December trips began during fall registration and all trips have a wait list. Submitted by: Sharon Samson September 21, 2010 Committee members: David Timmermeyer, Sharon Samson, Ann Candela, Ginny Harwell, Peggy Presnell, Ann Candela, Connie Nelson, Carol Edwards, Joan Camenson, Susan Chapman, Judy Vela, Cynthia Hobart, Donna McCarty As busses become less available, we may need to have more “meet you there” activities. Liaison with Heritage at Towne Lake Many residents of Heritage at Towne Lake turned out for the recent ALL Open House and Fall Registration. Every week ALL the NEWS, Meet You There, L.I.F.E. and LSC-CyFair events are posted on our community bulletin board in The Heritage Lodge. ALL brochures are displayed for the taking in the Lodge and are included in welcome packages given to new residents. Submitted by Susan Chapman Communications As of the 21st of September we have a total of 406 paid members. We have registered 130 new members. The committee has sent the following 'welcome letter' to each new member along with an attachment explaining the process of getting a student id card. Attendance has been very good in classes this semester. The new procedure of a 'sign in sheet' has really been successful. Continue to encourage people to attend and enjoy the classes so they will feel a part of our ALL group. Welcome letter: We "Welcome" you to the A.L.L. ( Academy for Lifelong Learning ) group at Lone Star College CyFair. Your name has been added to our email list and each week you should receive information as to what is going on at CyFair and with the A.L.L. group. This information will arrive as “ALL – The News”..
  3. 3. An attachment to this email will give you information as to how you may obtain your college ID card. This ID card is free and offers you several advantages at the college and in the community. One example is that when we have a play or other performance at the college, students are charged only $5.00 as opposed to the normal entrance fee of $12.00 to $15.00. Should you have any questions then please feel free to contact us. Please allow us to ask what are your hobbies or other interest? We use this information to help form groups that might wish to share with others. Please take a few minutes to read the attachment that has been included with this email. It is important to us that you enjoy your fellowship with the A.L.L. group and we look forward to hearing from you. Interested in serving as a volunteer? Drop us a short note and we will pass it along to the committee. The monthly Advisory Committee meeting minutes will now be added to the ALL blog. Outreach – No report Publicity – No Report Meet You There Report On August 24, twenty-four people went on the tour of Cypress Top Historical Park and nineteen people went to lunch at Cypress Station Grill. Future dates for 2010: September 25 11:00AM – Tour of Wunderlich Farm (some uneven walking surfaces involved) 12:30PM – Lunch at Strack Farm Restaurant October 12 10:00AM – Railroad Class 11:30AM – Lunch at China Inn 1:00PM – Tour of Gulf Coast Railroad Museum November 5 9:30AM - Tour of A J Foyt Showroom 11:30AM – Spring Creek BBQ
  4. 4. December 7 – ALL is reserved for 20 people and lunch must be prepaid by 16 Nov 9:30AM - Tour of Brookwood Community 11:45AM – Lunch at Café at Brookwood Submitted by Donna McCarty Action Items 1. Cy Fest, Saturday, October 9, (10AM-2PM) All is looking for 4 people to man two hour shifts at the ALL information table. 2. We are still looking for an Events Committee Chair. 3. Need an extra committee planning meeting to focus on long range planning rather than immediate needs: use of budget, focus days, parties, events, etc. Date set for October 4 at 9AM in MOD 2, room 101. This meeting should last at least a couple of hours. 4. Peggy Presnell will check with Walgreens on arranging for free (if you have Medicare, otherwise need to pay) flu shots to be offered to ALL members on campus. Comments Joan Camenson wondered how the bus lists filled up so quickly on Fall registration day. We may need to rethink how we do it in the future. Also, the fee and sticker table was placed too close to the conference room entrance. Cheryl LeJune attended the Faculty open house in MOD 1 last Thursday and was able to talk with staff and get some volunteers for future ALL teaching spots. ALL class printed class schedules for every Lone Star campus will go to a common cover page starting with the Spring schedule. We plan to still not include registration numbers, and prefer the non-slick surface. These will not be mailed out but will be available on campus. Cheryl LeJune attended a web training class on campus and was certified. She will now be allowed to speed up ALL information, changes and updates on our web page. 12:15 PM Adjourned This meeting was adjourned at 12:15 PM. The next Advisory Committee meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, October 20, 2010 at 11:15 AM in MOD 2 – Room 101. Respectfully submitted Anne Criddle, Secretary