July 2011 Advisory Minutes


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July 2011 Advisory Minutes

  1. 1. Minutes Academy for Lifelong Learning Advisory Committee July 20, 2011 11:15 AM LRNC, Room 205Present: Cheryl LeJune, Anne Criddle, Donn Peterson, Noemi Silva, Judy Dankers, ConnieNelson, Leta Towle, Roy Lazenby, Cynthia Hobart, Don Hobart, Carol Edwards, Susan Chapman,Donna McCarty, Sharon Samson, Gene Chism, Genevieve Chism, Elsie Markuson, LindaGabrielson, Carolyn Severson, Sarah Walter11:25 AM Call to orderCheryl LeJune called the meeting to order and welcomed members. There were no correctionsto the June minutes.Committee Reports:CurriculumThe curriculum committee continues to work on obtaining speakers for classes during theSpring Semester 2012. I know that January seems like it’s a long time off but remember thatwe have to turn in the schedule several months before the semester starts so it can beorganized, turned in, printed and distributed to ALL members and the community. There is alot of “behind the scenes” work required by several people to bring the schedule to fruition. Soplease keep working on getting those class commitments and getting them on the calendarASAP.I’ll be out of town the last week of July but will keep up with my emails. So remember to sendme an email as soon as you get something scheduled. We will plan having another curriculumcommittee meeting in mid-August. Date and time to follow.Copies of updated Spring working calendar will be distributed at Advisory Committee Meeting.Thanks for everyone’s commitment to making ALL classes interesting and relative to ourmembers.Sarah WalterALL Curriculum ChairmanHome 281-859-6077Cell 281-323-8086Email sarahwalter@sbcglobal.netCommittee Members: Cheryl LeJune, Connie Nelson, Cynthia Hobart, Donna McCarty, GailPeart, Judy Dankers, Leta Towle, Linda Gabrielson, Peggy Presnell, Sarah Walter, SharonSamson, Susan Chapman, Suzanne Altenberg.
  2. 2. Invited to join the Curriculum Committee: Elsie Markuson, Jo Anne Yeakley, Josie Don, KathyeAllen, Marie Dennis.In answer to a suggestion, Sarah said she will not be planning any classes for off campuslocations.Bus TripsThe July 19 bus trip to Waco went very well. Lunch was at George’s Restaurant and the foodwas excellent. The video at the Texas Ranger Museum was very informative and there weremany exhibits (too many to cover in one visit). From there we went to the Dr. Pepper Museum.The highlight of that visit seemed to be the soda fountain room where we enjoyed a freesample and many purchased ice cream floats, etc. forOur next trips are as follows;Aug 9 - Telephone Museum & Houston Museum of Natural Science - Sharon SamsonSept 13- Bellville/ Newmans Castle - Marsha DuggerLast week I got our bus trip dates for the 4th quarter. We did not get our first choices this timebut we did get a bus for each month.October 1 (our 2nd choice) Gonzalez Come and Get It FestivalNovember 6 (our 2nd choice) Wurst Fest, Houston Zoo , or ???December 22 - this was the only December date that was left when I was called back.A bus trip committee meeting has not yet been scheduled. At that time we will decide ourdestination for November 6, whether or not to plan a trip so close to Christmas Day, and ask forvolunteers to plan those trips. The next committee meeting needs to be sometime in the nexttwo and a half weeks since I am having knee surgery on August 10.Submitted by: Sharon SamsonCommittee members: Ann Candela, Ginny Harwell, Peggy Presnell, Connie Nelson,Carol Edwards, Joan Camenson, Susan Chapman, Cynthia Hobart, Donna McCarty, Liz Gannon ,Marsha Dugger, Louise Rugaard, Ann LinerEventsRegistration for Fall classes will be held Saturday, September 10, from 9:30 to Noon. No otherplans for this event have been made as yet. Let communications know when a planningmeeting is set so they can pass it on.Kathye AllenHeritage LiaisonNothing to report at this time.Susan Chapman
  3. 3. Communication and MembershipWe have 576 active members of ALL at this time. We are continuing to keep the membersinformed of college events that may interest our Cy Fair ALL members weekly with "For ALL toRead". The summer schedule will be complete by this next week and our MOD 2 classroom isno longer available for our use.Gene Chism, Leta TowleOutreachWe have made several community contacts this month and have distributed the new brochure.We are now waiting for more copies and will revisit with it and copies of the fall schedule. Thefollowing contacts were made: (1) Thomas A Glazer Senior Center, contact is Lisa Rice. Shewould like to place brochures in our classroom this fall. The Senior Center has an excellentindividualized computer program-from basic to advanced. They are seeking Instructors andassistants. Brochures were given to students in one of the classes. (2) Bear Creek CommunityCenter: Bear Creek will no longer post our brochure because of the $20.00 registration fee forALL. (3) Copperfield Estates, West Road, Richard Stewart is the new Community RelationsManager. We will bring more brochures and a copy of the Fall Schedule. He feels residents willbe interested in "42" and "Mah Jongg" in addition to the general classes and otheropportunities on campus. (4). Green House Village, West Road, Senior apartment for age 55 +under construction. We have a scheduled meeting with Joanne Ciechowski on Friday, July 22,2011. Joanne would like brochures to distribute in the rental package. Joanne asks that wemake it clear that this is not a subsidized apartment complex but a sliding scale arrangement.They will have a club house and on -site activities and she is interested in the ALL program andlibrary LIFE program to present information for marketing purposes at Green House.Connie Nelson and Judy DankersPublicityNothing to report at this time.Joan CamensonMeet You There ReportFuture dates for 2011:July 26, 10:00 AM – Tour of Pearl Fincher Museum of Fine Art, 12:30 PM – Lunch - Hasta LaPastaAugust 7, 1:00 PM – Lunch, 3:00 PM – Musical Theater at Lone Star College CYFAIR –“Hairspray”August 22, 2011 - Movie and lunchSeptember: Open
  4. 4. October 10: Kleb Woods and lunch TBDNovember 8: Houston ZooDecember: Old Town Spring and lunch TBDEVENTS AND DATES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGEAction Items1. All campuses want a membership registration number. We are trying to get it into theschedule.2. Cheryl and Sarah had a meeting with Dr. Moore-Davis. We have been assigned HSC 105/106for our classroom this Fall for day use before 6PM. Noemi Silva will see about blocking outWednesdays for just our use for advisory and committee meetings. In the future, when thenew building opens up and class room assignments have settled, we may be able to have abigger classroom. We also may be able to schedule a lecture room for a few classes we knowwill have a larger attendance than usual. We will have a cubical in the Continuing Educationdepartment.Additional Items1. Although we have no name and no details yet, our foundation account has been set up.2. We are collecting company names and information of those with community volunteeraward plans.3. We are not yet willing to refuse refunds for bus trips at this point. It has not been a bigproblem yet. But refunds will come 2 to 3 weeks after the trip.4. Donn Peterson will work with Gene Chism on the transition of responsibilities for theCommunications chair.5. Roy Lazenby invited us to attend the Fall open houses of the other campus ALL programs.Their dates should hopefully be included in the ALL catalog to be mailed out.12:20 PM AdjournedThis meeting was adjourned at 12:20 PM. The next Advisory Committee meeting is scheduledfor Wednesday, August 17, 2011, at 11:15 AM. Room assignment to be announced at a laterdate.Respectfully submitted,Anne Criddle, Secretary