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Funeral negotiator handout

  1. 1. Planning Cemetery and Funeral Purchases Pre-Plan? Yes! Always! Pre-Purchase? Not necessarily so. “Everyone should plan their funerals. But the decision to pre-purchase is a personal decision. It depends upon your family’s desires and needs. Every family is different. Families should never pre-purchase a funeral because of sales pressure to do so.” Ken Lambert Advantages to Pre-Purchasing: 1. Price is frozen and will never increase. 2. You and your family are less vulnerable to over-spending on the funeral. 3. You make decisions before you die. You control the funeral even after you are gone. 4. Pre-purchasing relieves the burden from your family at an emotionally, stressful time. 5. Substantial discounts for pre-purchasing funeral plans. 6. Cemetery property can often be purchased at about half-price. 7. You can save thousands of dollars and are protected from cost increases. Caution: Purchasing a Funeral or Cemetery Property Without Ken Lambert is like going to Court Without an Attorney. 1. Make sure you know everything that is needed and what is not included in any contract. 2. Know the difference between “Trust Funded” Funeral Plans and “Insurance Funded.” 3. Never make a purchase without thinking it through. And - Never in a Hurry. 4. Know what a funeral should cost. The funeral should be negotiated before signing. 5. Know all your options – not just those volunteered by the funeral home and cemetery. Kenneth C. Lambert Advisor, Funeral Negotiator 281-357-0195 Toll Free: 1-888-669-4947 Ken Lambert is a former Air Force Pilot, Ken Lambert is not a funeral director. He works for no Squadron Commander, and Mortuary Officer. In funeral home or cemetery. Ken is an independent, funeral 1994 using computers and negotiation, Ken consultant who helps families decide what to do. Then, he saved a friend over $9,900. Ken is a crisis negotiates the price of merchandise and services. Next, he educator / negotiator, helping families nationwide when they are most vulnerable to commits funeral homes and cemeteries to freezing the funeral home sales tactics and manipulation. negotiated prices, then providing the negotiated services.
  2. 2. “In the Event of My Death.” When planning a funeral before death or at-the-time-of-death many families are seeking the advice of a commissioned sales person at the funeral home and cemetery. Most families are ignorant of all their options and the costs. In most instances, even if a family plans their funeral in advance, their survivors are subjected to sales manipulation and pressure to up-grade the funeral and cemetery items. 1. If I or my spouse died, which cemetery will we choose? Will the choice be different if I die before my spouse or my spouse pre-deceases me? 2. How much will I pay for cemetery property and the funeral at the time of death? 3. How can I ensure my family is not manipulated into over-spending? 4. Will my family regret my decisions for generations? 5. Do I really know all my cemetery and funeral options and what the different options will cost me? 6. What will all the different options cost my family or me if I pre-pay a funeral? Or should I wait until the time of death to pay? 7. Is it a good idea to purchase our cemetery property ahead of time? 8. What are the drawbacks of purchasing cemetery property before death or at-death? 9. Can mistakes be undone? At what cost? 10. Where can I make the best deal? Does negotiating the price of the funeral dishonor my loved one? 11. What type of ceremony do I want and where will it be held? What will it cost? The time to plan a funeral is before you need it. Planning does not necessarily mean pre- purchasing the funeral or cemetery property. That is a personal decision. But an education and knowledge are critical to make sure your family is not making regrettable mistakes or over- spending. This education can be obtained from the privacy of your telephone by calling Ken Lambert at 281-357-0195. Ken also helps families at 2:00 AM in the event of a sudden or unexpected death. Whether you pre-plan or wait until it is needed, Ken’s help is available over the telephone. 281-357-0195 Toll Free: 1-888-669-4947 “Did I Make a Good Deal?” Even if you already purchased a funeral plan, Ken will review it at no-charge. Avoid surprises at the time of death with a review before hand.
  3. 3. Remember the Lending Tree Commercial with the Banker? Funeral Director: “I am sorry to hear about your loss. Can I get you something to drink before we start discussing arrangements for your loved one? We have a lot to do in a very short amount of time.” Family Member: “I really can’t stay. I just need a copy of your price list. My family has a telephone appointment with Ken Lambert. Ken is going to talk us through a funeral and show us all our different options and the different price ranges for several funeral homes and cemeteries. With Ken’s help, we will know what is available and at what price.” Funeral Director, after recovering his composure: “Our funeral home has been in your community for years. You can’t just walk away.” Family Member: “Oh, I am not. Ken says that you can compete for the opportunity to serve my family, too. Good luck buddy. Ken will call you.” When Funeral Homes and Cemeteries Compete, You Win. FuneralNegotiator.Com 281-357-0195 or Toll Free 1-888-669-4947 Ken Lambert is not a funeral director. He works for no funeral home or cemetery. Ken does not sell funeral related merchandise or services. Ken is simply an educator and negotiator for families in crisis.
  4. 4. Five Misconceptions About Funerals Misconceptions can cost your family thousands of dollars. 1. Negotiating a Funeral Dishonors Your Loved One. When talking about price, it is not about your loved one – it is about a price you are willing to pay for a service that another funeral provider can provide at half the price. One of the greatest fears of families is “Not spending enough money and appearing cheap.” This fear works against families when purchasing a funeral. Knowledge decreases fear. 2. Visitations Should be Done at the Funeral Home, Not the Church. This misconception ties your family to the local funeral home when the same or better quality can be obtained for half the price. Doing all ceremonies at the church opens the competition to several more providers who do excellent work. 3. The Federal Trade Commission Protects Funeral Consumers from Price- Gouging and Unfair, Deceptive Practices. Regulations are on the books, but seldom enforced. FTC violations occur frequently. The FTC usually only responds to complaints. Most families do not complain for fear of dishonoring their loved one. If you don’t know your rights, you might as well not have them. The FTC does not set prices. 4. The Funeral Home Knows What is Best for My Family. Not knowing all your funeral options, can cause your family to over-spend by thousands of dollars. The funeral salesman gets paid to convince your family to spend more money. It’s his job! Most families simply do what the funeral salesperson suggests. “Doing the Right Thing” is a sales tactic designed to get the family to over-spend on funeral merchandise and services. What you do not know can cost you thousands in unnecessary expenses that really do not increase funeral quality. You may regret your decisions for generations. 5. Families are Vulnerable, Especially at the Time of Death. If you do not have independent guidance, this is true. But the really vulnerable party is the funeral home, if you have the right guidance. When funeral homes compete, families win. Most funeral sales closes and “time-traps” are designed to discourage the family from shopping around and taking their time and thinking through decisions especially when death has occurred. A negotiator slows the family down so they can think through all their options and avoid mistakes they will regret for generations. Funeral homes expect families to be vulnerable to their tactics. When families know what they are doing, they can negotiate the best prices or easily go elsewhere to get better quality service and merchandise. Families do not have to bluff with negotiations – they know best and they have the real power once they know how to use it. Planning and purchasing a funeral without Ken Lambert is like going to court without an attorney. With over 32,000 hours of research in Texas and Nation- Wide, Ken Lambert knows where the best price and quality combinations can be found. Ken’s clients control the funeral. 281-357-0195 or Toll Free 1-888-669-4947 Helping Families in Crisis Since 1994 Kenneth C. Lambert, Advisor / Negotiator
  5. 5. Five Things will Save You Thousands on Funeral Costs: 1. Do all funeral ceremonies at your church and cemetery, not the funeral home. 2. Use the Cemetery Property Cooperative to Compare Cemetery Prices and buy your property from other families at approximately half-price. 3. Spend 30 to 60 minutes on the telephone with the funeral consultant / negotiator to learn all your funeral options and quickly compare funeral service and merchandise prices. What you don’t know can cost you thousands. There are over 150 funeral homes and cemeteries in Harris County. 4. Purchase your monument from certain monument companies. 5. Develop this Mind-Set - You are the customer with certain protected rights. The funeral home and cemetery must compete for the opportunity to serve your family. Funeral homes and cemeteries are car dealerships. For veterans and their families: Learn about your veterans’ benefits which cover you and certain family members. Many funeral providers do not volunteer your valuable veterans’ benefit information. Many will discourage you from using your VA benefits. Even if your family experiences a sudden death: From the privacy of your telephone, in less than an hour, you can save thousands, get a superb funeral for your loved one, and avoid mistakes your family may regret for generations. If you have already pre-purchased a funeral plan: A free confidential review of your plan can save you thousands. Does your existing plan have surprises awaiting your family at the time of death? Did they tell you everything? If Ken can’t save you money, at least you’ll know you made a great deal. Be sure. The only dumb question is the one you do not ask. When calling Ken, no questions are off-limits. Call Ken – TODAY. Get educated. You don’t have to buy anything or even make a decision. You need a starting point and need to know that Ken’s service exists so you can call him when you finally do need help. Ken does not push pre-arranged funeral plans or cemetery property. Tell your friends so they will know Ken’s service exists. Everyone eventually needs Ken’s help. 281-357-0195 Toll Free 1-888-669-4947 Kenneth C. Lambert, Advisor/Negotiator