February Minutes 2 16-11


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February Minutes 2 16-11

  1. 1. Minutes Academy for Lifelong Learning Advisory Committee February 16, 2011 MOD 2 – Room 107Present: Sarah Walter, Anne Criddle, Marsh Dugger, Judy Dankers, Carol Edwards, Leta Towle, Kathye Allen, LindaGabrielson, Genevieve Chism, Donna McCarty, Sharon Samson, Peggy Presnell, Susan Chapman, Gene Chism,Autumn Raynor, and Roy Lazenby.11:15 Call to OrderSarah Walter called the meeting to order and welcomed members and guests. We have a new Events Chairman,Kathye Allen. Correction to January 2011 minutes: When Roy Lazenby asked for ideas, Joan Camenson mentionedthe idea of having a blog for the ALL Advisory Boards for all the campuses. That way we could communicate witheach other electronically in addition to in-person meetings. This had been left out of the minutes. The minutes ofthe monthly ALL Committee Meetings are now added to our blog.There was a lengthy discussion on the problem with “for credit” classes being assigned to our designated ALLroom. Autumn Raynor, the continuing education program coordinator, has tried to get us help, but it probablywon’t go our way.Some thoughts:1) Problems with constantly changing rooms: have to bring in extra chairs, have to try and notify class members ofroom/building changes, difficult for some to walk around looking for current room, need adequate set up time.2) As community members petition those higher up to have our needs be heard. Roy Lazenby suggested onerepresentative from ALL send a positive email to Dr. Levy.3) Schedule the majority of our classes to be held from noon to 4 PM when the campus is less crowded.4) Hold our classes at buildings off campus (i.e. civic centers, neighborhood club houses, churches).5) Have Autumn Raynor gain access to the current room assignment plan and we will work around it.Reality:1) At higher levels, we are being heard and thought about.2) The college exists for paying credit students – our needs are secondary. We are subordinate to credit studentsclasses and it is not just an ALL problem, but a problem for every continuing education class/program there.3) We are the ones who need to adjust and work around what is available. We have been given alternate spacesdue to absolute necessity. For the time being, perhaps we can have the Conference Center for our designatedroom.4) We are supposed to have a dedicated space when the new building opens up this Fall, but it will not necessarilybe in the new building. Sarah Walter suggested Tech 102 would be good.Committee Reports:CurriculumClasses have had wonderful attendance thus far this Spring Semester. Several classes had 30, 40 and even 50attendees. This shows that the ALL program is popular and is serving a need within the community.This semester has been a challenge because of the confusion in “room assignments”. Somehow our usual Mod 2classroom was released for use as a classroom for regular student classes…..even though we have a full schedule ofclasses. Cheryl and Sarah met with Felicia Moore-Davis to discuss this issue and we were told that the classes forthe ALL group have been assigned other classrooms in some circumstances. We have a tentative list of classchanges, but this list is still subject to additional changes. Even though we don’t like these changes, we haveaccepted them and have advised our members of the changes.Since it is impossible to send out these frequent changes through email, I have added the Class Listing (with theknown room changes) to the ALL Blog. The address for the Blog is http://lsccyfairall.blogspot.com/. The Class
  2. 2. Listing is at the top of the column on the right side. I will continue to post room changes and other class changesas I receive the information. This listing will “roll forward” so that the most current classes are at the top of thelist. Members need to be advised to “check the class listing on the blog” each morning before they head tocampus because there may have been changes made the night before. Advisory Committee members need tospread the word about how to access the Blog so members can get the most up-to-date information on classes.We have been advised by the administration that ALL can only schedule classes for the First Summer Session thatruns for five weeks from June 6 to July 12. The campus plans on tearing down the Modular Building during thesecond summer session in anticipation of the opening of the new buildings.Hopefully these “room issues” will be resolved this semester and things will smooth out in the near future.Submitted by Sarah WalterRoy Lazenby mentioned that we are the only ALL group that meets during the Summer!Bus TripsOn January 30 we traveled to Blessing, Texas where we enjoyed a buffet lunch at the Blessing Hotel Coffee Shop. Itwas all-you-can and there were many choices. After lunch we went to the Danevang Cultural Center. There wesaw a short film on Danish immigration to Texas, visited the museum where we had a scavenger hunt and thepioneer home. We were served coffee and a selection of Danish cookies.Unfortunately, the February 3rd trip to Bellville and Newman’s Castle was cancelled. Harris County decided tocancel all bus trips that day due to possible bad road conditions. Refunds will be made on Wednesday, February23, between eleven and noon, in The Friends of the Library Bookstore. This may become a “meet you there” trip inthe future.Our last trip for the 1st quarter is on March 27 to the Ladybird Johnson Wildflower Center in Austin. We will havelunch at Nutty Brown’s and then have a guided tour of the wildflower center.We were not able to get a county bus for April and May. Our only bus trip for the second quarter is Thursday, June2nd. That trip has not yet been planned.Submitted by: Sharon SamsonJanuary 19, 2011Committee members: David Timmermeyer, Ann Candela, Ginny Harwell, Peggy Presnell, Ann Candela, ConnieNelson, Carol Edwards, Joan Camenson, Susan Chapman, Judy Vela, Cynthia Hobart, Donna McCarty, Liz Gannon ,Marsha Dugger, Susan Scott, Louise Rugaard, Ann LinerEvents Kathye Allen is our new chair. A list of upcoming events and volunteers will be sent to Kathye. We are all thrilledto have her accept this position.Liaison To Heritage At Towne LakeWelcome packages are given to all new residents of Heritage at Towne Lake include the ALL brochure, registrationform and information from the website on ALL membership cost and entitlements, how to register, FAQs andSpring 2011 class information. A dedicated area on the bulletin board in the Heritage Lodge includes the aboveinformation as well as Gene Chisms weekly notes and L.I.F.E weekly topics.- Should ALL plan a FOCUS DAY, Friendswood Development Company is supportive of holding that event atHeritage Lodge (with lunch a possibility).Submitted by Susan Chapman, Liaison, Heritage at Towne Lake
  3. 3. Communications and MembershipSince we registered in January, 2011, membership has grown to 531 people. This is an amazing growth in the pastfive years. At one point we were lucky to plan for 125 members a semester. With this huge growth, the classesthat have been scheduled have had attendance that is very enthusiastic. Originally this committee was formed toimprove attendance, but this semester we are having an entirely different problem.It is very difficult for our members to stay informed of the location of our classes. So many times this has changedat the last minute. Our weekly emails that Gene Chism so successfully sends to inform the members about ourprogram is now publishing erroneous information that causes our members to make many trips across campus toeven locate the class. At that point there may not be enough seating available in the newly-assigned classroom. Inthe MOD2 Room 101, we have stored extra chairs to accommodate about 40-42 people. Our people should not beexpected to stand up during a class. This problem needs to be addressed and solved immediately.The MOD2 Room 101 classroom stands empty on many occasions that we have been rescheduled to anotherlocation. Our committee has now resorted to posting the last minute changes on the ALL Blog (See CurriculumReport).Submitted by Gene Chism, Leta TowleOutreachJudy and others manned the Welcome Table, outside the Conference Center, at the Spring Registration and OpenHouse in January. She gathered Volunteer Applications during which time she received many comments andsuggestions. She passed this information on to Sarah and Cheryl.At a Circle Meeting at Bear Creek United Methodist Church the ALL Program was discussed and much informationwas given to the group. The feedback was very encouraging.We have checked into information regarding locations of Independent Living Centers through Bear CreekCommunity Center. We hope to contact these centers to invite new members to the ALL Program.Submitted by:Judy Danker and Connie NelsonDue to our very large numbers, it was suggested that we put large scale recruiting on hold for now.PublicityNothing to report. However, Joan Camenson wanted the following information added to our minutes. There was asmall article in the February 2011 issue of Natural Awakening Magazine that talked about retirement communitiesnow opening up near educational facilities, rather than beach or resort communities.Campus Life - Going Back to School in the Golden YearsRetirement communities, typically nestled near beaches or golf courses, are beginning to emerge somewhere else:near university campuses. Educational opportunities and cultural activities there are among the perks for thosewho feel most alive in active, intellectually stimulating and intergenerational settings. Alma maters are a specialdraw for sports fans.About 50 campus-oriented retirement communities exist around the country, estimates Andrew Carle, an industryexpert and founding director of the Senior Housing Administration program at George Mason University, in Fairfax,Virginia. Another 50 are planned.This article appears in the February 2011 issue of Natural AwakeningsSubmitted by Joan CamensonIt was mentioned that Carol Edwards organized a service project for ALL members to participate in. They madeValentine cards for the Volunteer Houston program to deliver to nursing homes. A possible publicity opportunity.
  4. 4. Meet You ThereOn February 7th we had seven people tour Vintage Gifts and Antiques and eight people joined us for lunch at JesseCountry Cooking.Future dates for 2011:March 14 11:00 AM – Lunch at Julios Mexican Cantina, 1925 FM 2920 Road, Tomball TX 77377, Phone:281-255-88181:00 PM – Tour of Arbor Gate, 15635 FM 2920 Road, Tomball, TX 7377, Phone: 281-351-8851We will have a tour of their wonderful nursery facility and a discussion of a related subject (as yet to bedetermined).April 1 - 10:00 AM – Airplane Class – Mod 2 Room 101April 2 or 3: West Houston Squadron of the Commemorative Air Force Open House and Flyin at West HoustonAirportApril 25: Open (possibly Pearl Fincher Art Museum tour)May 9: Tour of Mrs. Baird Bakery, Lunch –Submitted by Donna McCartyAction ItemsFocus Day – “Houston, Our Future” No date has been set yet, but May is being considered. The campus creditclasses are over after May 14th. This could be held at the Heritage Lodge (with possibly lunch) or at the collegeConference Center. Possible outline: Harris County Judge Ed Emmett and Steve Radack, County CommissionerPrecinct 3 in the morning followed by lunch. Then Mary Evans, President Cy-Fair Chamber of Commerce wouldspeak in the afternoon.12:20 PM AdjournedThe meeting was adjourned at 12:20PM. The next Advisory Committee meeting is scheduled for Wednesday,March 23, 2011 at 1:30PM at Romero’s on Barker Cypress (or TBA).Respectfully submittedAnne Criddle, Secretary