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All minutes 09.19.13

  1. 1. Minutes Academy for Lifelong Learning Advisory Committee September 18, 2013 11:15 AM HSC, Room 106 Present: Cheryl LeJune, Sarah Walter, Donn Peterson, Anne Criddle, Susan Chapman, Jennifer Snider-Batula, Maureen Cummings, Gene Chism, Connie Nelson, Genevieve Chism, Lou Master, Noemi Silva, Pat Chandler on speaker phone 11:15 AM Call to Order Cheryl LeJune called the meeting to order and welcomed members. There were no corrections or additions to the August minutes. Committee Reports: Curriculum I am happy to report that Lou Master and Jennifer Snider-Batula have volunteered to take over some important functions of the Curriculum Committee. Jennifer will be the "go to" person on scheduling classes on the calendar. People will contact her to obtain class dates and times and will forward the Speaker Info Sheets to her attention. Then Lou will compile the information on the Speaker Forms into the proper text format for printing the Spring 2014 Class Schedule. He will also manage the class listing spreadsheet that the college uses to build the classes in the college system. Please welcome both of them and get info to them as quickly as possible. The Fall Semester is off to a good start. The first class on Monday was very full. We have lots of new members and our returning members still enjoy classes offered in the ALL program. This is an excellent program that the college provides for the community. Sarah Walter Curriculum Committee Chairman Bus Trips Tuesday, September 10 we went to the Houston Museum of Natural Science. The cost was $12 for admission to the permanent exhibits as well as the Faberge exhibit. Lunch is on your own. Many went to Bodegas Taco Shop and had a delightful lunch. Many changes have occurred at HMNS and the Egyptian Hall and Paleontology Halls were amazing. On Saturday, September 14 we had registration for the fourth quarter bus dates: Saturday, October 19: Harvest Festival at Heritage Village in Woodville
  2. 2. Saturday, November 2: Wimberley Market Days Saturday, December 21: Christmas show at the Liberty Opry All of the trips filled and there is a wait list. The committee is now planning our first quarter trips for 2014. We call for the bus dates on October 1. Submitted by Sharon Samson Committee members: Joan Camenson, Marsha Dugger, Ann Liner, Kathy Morley, Louise Rugaard, Sharon Samson, Evelyn Carrington, Deanne Rosenberg, Judy Holmes Events Over 300 people came to the Fall Open House on Saturday, September 14, with 290 registration forms being turned in. Twenty to thirty volunteers showed up to help. Dr. Levy, Dr. Ivan Harrell, and Sharon Jones, director of C.E. over Tomball and Cy-Fair campus were in attendance. Communication and Membership Our membership remains at the 737 level at the end of the 2012-2013 school calendar. This figure will change as the new/renewal membership forms are processed. The registration and open house went well. Saw lots of people. I am two suggestions: When we get rich can we have two staplers at the new member registration table? There is still a problem with the registrations tables being right in front of the doors where people collect prior to going into the "big" room. Lots of noise and crosstalk makes for confusion. (We will need to re-think the logistics of the room layout for traffic flow for next time) Respectfully submitted, Donn Peterson Outreach This month we placed Course Schedules in the following places; Amesbury Park Ladies Bunco Club Bear Creek United Methodist Church Pine Forest Country Club Deerfield Village Rec. center
  3. 3. I was very sad to learn that Judy Dankers has resigned from the Outreach Committee. She has been so devoted to this committee, she will be greatly missed. Connie Nelson Maureen Cummings expressed interest in helping Connie on this committee. Publicity: Nothing to report. Joan Camenson Meet You There A Meet You There table was in place for Saturday's fall registration, and fifty people showed an interest by signing up to receive emails about future events. I am currently working on the email database. When our first event is announced in the next couple of weeks, I will send out emails as well as notify Donn Peterson through the blog. Thank you, Evelyn Carrington Action Items 1. Committee reorganization – We are in a transitional period. Considering succession for several Advisory Committee members, Cheryl proposed some changes and possible future realignments for the Committee as we start the new academic year. The positions for Publicity and Heritage Liaison were removed today from the Advisory Committee by agreement of the present Committee members. Additional discussion is expected for further organizational changes. 2. Volunteer recruiting – We need to actively recruit volunteers to replace current committee chairs and assist on committees. Positions with openings available are ALL Advisory Board chairman, Curriculum, Communications/Membership, Events, and Secretary. Please forward any recommendations to Sarah Walter or Cheryl LeJune. We may have a volunteer recruiting meeting in October. We also could have an announcement made at the start of each class about the need for volunteers to step up. 3. There will not be a combined catalog for the Spring 2014 classes. 4. A Global Membership is being offered to allow the participant to attend any ALL class on any Lone Star College campus. The fee is $55. 5. Sarah Walter and Cheryl LeJune will get together with Noemi to discuss our upcoming budget for ALL events and supplies. 6. In conjunction with the 10th anniversary of the CyFair campus, Dr. Levy would like to hold an ALL event. We would like to ask that it be in the spring of 2014. 7. The Lone Star College Cypress Center is now opened. Noemi will drop off some ALL class schedules there.
  4. 4. 8. ALL members are the only student group on campus to still get free tickets to the Center for the Arts events. This will be in effect for one more year. You will need a current student ID and be on the paid members list. Five dollar tickets will be available to others age 60 and over. 9. There was a discussion on being able to open our room for classes and then locking it back up again. The Curriculum committee will work on who has keys and on what days. 10. We offer a special thanks to Kathye Allen and Judy Dankers for their time and efforts serving on ALL committees. Both are taking a much deserved break at this time. 12:15 PM Adjourned This meeting was adjourned at 12:15PM. The next Advisory Committee meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, October 16, 2013, at 11:15 AM, HSC, Room 106. Respectfully submitted, Anne Criddle, Secretary