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  • 1. K.Lykostratis Fn Shear Stress response L Shear Stress Calcium Fn channel Fn L PIP2 PLC G Ra R Fn + qin TalinIn Talin Talin Talin +/- t Calpain Paxillin Calpain TalinIn Ta t Talin lin degradation a Paxillin * a Na+ -Ca+ DAG Pa exchanger TalinCl xilli FA n K i v Calpain Calpastatin FAKi IP3 RPTP i Talin Cac PKC-Ca- a RPTP qex GRB2 Paxillin a Fn PKCa Calpain PIPKIγ661 Paxillin PKC-Ca * Paxillin* PKCbas FAKi Calpastatin a Talin FAKi GRB2 + PKCi * RPTP PIPKIγ661 PIPKIγ661 FAK R aP * Talin qcc Cas IKKi Paxillin* Capacitative IKKi PKCa Fn calcium entry * SRCi-p SRC SRC FAKCa2+ qres - ER-ATPase IKKa PTP_3 Paxillin* Talin PTP_P Paxillin CSK EST * FAK * LEGEND Ik NF-kB NF-kB Fn = Affinity FAK = Catalysis * = Nuclear ERKp = Enzyme ERKpp PTP_PE nucleus ST = GTPase GEF NF-kB Talin IkBαt ERK Paxillin = GTPase * IkBβt = Adaptor Ik NF-kB PTP_2 IkBεt C-fos Fn ES _P FAK = Phosphatase C-jun T P * PT = Kinase Ik = TF MEKpp B Ik Ik Ik MEK Paxillin** B B B MEKp RasG Paxillin* Talin TPp GRB2 SOS Paxillin RasG * SRC * FAK FAK TPp RasG PTP_PE ** ** Fn FAK TP FAK Fn Paxillin ST SRC ** * RAF RAFp Talin RasG DP RasG TP * * SRC SRC Talin RasG GRB2 SOS DP RAF PTP_1 Paxillin* FAK PTP_SR * Fn * ** C FAK SRC Fn Paxillin ** Talin SOS SOS DOCK1 Paxillin** GRB2 CRK ** Talin Fn FAK GRB2 SOS FAK ** Fn Paxillin ** DOCK1 CAS Talin CRK Talin Paxill * GR in FAK B2 Pa FA xil * K ** ** li n DOCK1 DOCK1 DOCK1 Fn DOCK1 Ta CRK CRK CRK li CRK CRK CRK n n CRK CAS Paxillin Paxillin Pax*illi Paxillin Paxillin CAS* Paxillin CAS* Paxillin CAS* Paxillin CAS* Paxillin * SRC Talin ** ** ** ** CAS Paxillin ** ** ** ** ** Talin Talin ** Talin * ** Talin ** Talin ** ** Talin ** Talin ** Talin ** Talin FAK FAK FAK FAK FAK FAK FAK FAK FAK FAK ** Talin Fn Fn Fn Fn Fn Fn Fn Fn Fn Fn Fn Fn 1