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Researching South Carolina Legislative History

Researching South Carolina Legislative History



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Southcarolinalegislativehistory Presentation Transcript

  • 1. South Carolina Legislative History Professor Lisa Smith-Butler Fall 2013
  • 2. South Carolina Legislative History To begin a limited compilation of a legislative history in South Carolina, begin by visiting South Carolina’s Legislature Online site.
  • 3. In South Carolina, the legislative process is similar to that of the federal legislative process. A bill is introduced in either the House or Senate, read, and then referred to the appropriate committee. While in committee, there may be hearings on the bill as well as committee reports and staff analysis.
  • 4. The bill may be amended or left intact. It is then reported to the floor of the legislative chamber where it is debated. It is voted on and either fails or passes both the Senate & House. If it passes both chambers, it is engrossed and sent on the Governor. Once the Governor signs it, it is then enrolled as a new law.
  • 5. Documents Needed Bill Committee Hearings & Reports Staff Analysis House & Senate Debates Governor Vetoes or Remarks
  • 6. Process of Compiling a South Carolina Legislative History Begin by checking the History and Reporter’s Comments at the end of a statutory provision of the South Carolina Code of Laws. The History note provides a citation to the session laws, the Acts and Joint Resolutions of the State of South Carolina.
  • 7. South Carolina Legislative Bill Information Once the researcher obtains the bill number from the South Carolina session laws, consult the South Carolina Legislative Digest. In this loose leaf, look up the bill by number. It will then list the bill’s sponsor, provide a brief abstract about the purpose of the bill, list the South Carolina Code of Laws to be amended, and the committees to which the bill was sent. This resource also has a subject index, a sponsor report, and cross references.
  • 8. Consult the South Carolina House and Senate Journals on the dates debate is indicated. Today, much of South Carolina’s legislative history or bill information is placed on its Internet site, South Carolina Legislature Online, at . State archives can also be contacted at (803) 896-6104 for additional information.
  • 9. Consult South Carolina Code of Laws @Legislature Online
  • 10. South Carolina Code of Laws @ Legislature Online A quick look at this resource quickly reflects that while it does publish a code, i.e., a subject arrangement of the laws currently in force, it is not an annotated code. How do we know this? An annotated code would include citations and references to the History & Reporter’s Comments, i.e. the legislative history.
  • 11. South Carolina Code of Laws (West) Annotated
  • 12. Locate: South Carolina Code of Laws §63-1-10 Enacted 2008, House Bill 4747 (2008)
  • 13. Bill Variations of H.B. 4747 (2008) S.B. 1153 (2008)
  • 14. Senate Journal Debate & Discussion
  • 15. Committees & Reports
  • 16. South Carolina Legislative History on Westlaw Next?
  • 17. South Carolina Code of Laws §63-1-10 Enacted 2008, House Bill 4747 (2008)
  • 18. Legislative History on Lexis Advance
  • 19. Conclusion Questions? Stop by the Sol Blatt Jr. Law Library Reference Desk. We’re glad to help! Call 843-377- 4020 or email .