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ProQuest Congressional Universe & Insight
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ProQuest Congressional Universe & Insight


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Review of what Universe & Insight are, how to search both, and contents of both

Review of what Universe & Insight are, how to search both, and contents of both

Published in: Education

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  • 1. ProQuest: Congressional Universe & Legislative Insight Lisa Smith-Butler Working Smarter March 18, 2014
  • 2. Legislative Insight  What is it? ◦ ProQuest Legislative Insight provides:  access to compiled federal legislative histories that are available from 1836 to the present;  documents are available in PDF format; and  comprehensive coverage is attempted but is not always available because some documents are missing.
  • 3. How Do I Search Insight?  Insight can be searched via: ◦ Citation which includes Public Law number, Statutes at Large citation, or enacted bill number; and ◦ Keyword.
  • 4. Documents Needed for a Legislative History  A compiled legislative history requires a researcher to examine: ◦ bills; ◦ House and Senate reports; ◦ House and Senate hearings; ◦ Congressional Debate published in the Congressional Record; ◦ Committee prints; and ◦ Presidential Signings.
  • 5. Enacted Bill & Related Bills
  • 6. The Debate/Congressional Record
  • 7. The Reports
  • 8. Hearings
  • 9. Committee Prints
  • 10. Presidential Signing
  • 11. Historical Context  Not only does ProQuest Legislative Insight provide the researcher with the PDF format of relevant documents, it also provides historical context into which the legislation can be placed.
  • 12. ProQuest Congressional Universe: How Does It Differ from Insight? While Insight provides access to compiled legislative histories from 1836 to the present, Congressional Universe provides access to: ◦ compiled legislative histories; ◦ non-compiled legislative histories; and ◦ congressional hearings, reports, debate, and bills that were not enacted into law.  As an example, the Patient Protection Affordable Care Act, because it was enacted as law, can be found in Insight. Hillarycare, never enacted, can be found as bills, hearings, debate and reports in Universe.
  • 13. Universe Coverage  Congressional hearings from 1824- 2003;  Congressional Committee prints from 1830 to the present;  Congressional Research Services (CRS) reports from 1916 to the present;  Unpublished Congressional hearings from 1824 to the present; and  Congressional debate from 1789 to the present via: ◦ Annals of Congress (1789 – 1824) ◦ Register of Debates (1824 – 1937) ◦ Congressional Globe (1833-1873) ◦ Congressional Record (1873 – Present)
  • 14.  Universe also provides access to: ◦ member names and committees from 1985 onwards; ◦ federal regulations from both the Federal Register and the Code of Federal Regulations; and ◦ political news from:  Washington Post from 1987 to the present;  Roll Call Newspaper from 1998 to the present; and  CQ Political Transcripts from 1995 to the present.
  • 15. How Do I Search Universe?  Universe can be searched by: ◦ Keyword that can be restricted by date or Congress; ◦ an index created by ProQuest; or ◦ citation of bill, Statutes at Large, Public Law, or U.S.C.
  • 16. Congressional Universe
  • 17. Scroll Down the Page…
  • 18. Questions?  Stop by the Reference Desk in the library;  Email the Reference Desk @;  Email your librarian liaison;  Call the Reference Desk @ x 4020; or  Call your librarian liaison.