Capabilities Overview


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An overview of Harrison Hayes' capabilities.

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Capabilities Overview

  1. 1. CapabilitiesOverview
  2. 2. Introduction • Harrison Hayes, LLC is a strategic consulting firm focused on Innovation and Transactional Advisory. Specific areas of expertise reside in our unique, creative process that results in the creation of deliverables that exceed our clients’ expectations. • With the cumulative expertise of its principals, Harrison Hayes has been engaged by over 120 companies in 37 countries. • Service offerings include: • Whitespace Opportunity Identification Tightspace Opportunity Identification • Post Launch Tracking Studies New Concept/ Validation • GAP Analysis Tangible Plans for New Business Opportunities • Market Segmentation Technology Scouting • Emerging Market Analysis Competitive Intelligence • Competitive Brand Mapping PESTEL Analysis • Product Development Strategy Voice of the Customer (VOC) Studies • Affinity Proponent Recruitment Custom Epidemiological Analysis
  3. 3. InnovationCapabilities • Harrison Hayes approaches ideation and innovation from a scientific perspective by validating our ideas through research and analysis while determining the clients appetite for innovation. We find “whitespace” and “tightspace” opportunities to enhance our clients service and product portfolios. • Evolutionary 1-3 years • Revolutionary 4-6 years • Disruptive 7-10 years • Methodology Summary: • Research • Primary- Use of Key Innovation Leaders recruited especially for each client. • Secondary- Syndicated, publically available, and internal resources are utilized. • Ideation • Use of Innovation Concept Platforms for potential innovation opportunities. • We narrow down concepts and begin to create a business platform around the most viable. • Concurrent Validation • Validate chosen concepts with a Quantitative Research Survey for targeted respondents. • Strataject Report™ • The culmination of all of our research customized and formatted to the clients needs.
  4. 4. Licensingand TransactionAdvising • Product Acquisition and Licensing has evolved into an essential element in the development and commercialization process. Whether seeking to expand your geographic presence through a distribution agreement, or to procure a novel therapy to fill a gap in your product pipeline, this is only valuable if backed by committed resources. • Our areas of expertise: • Market Due Diligence • Acquisition Advising • In-licensing/Out-licensing • Technology Scouting • Competitive Market Landscape Analysis • BioArbitrage Investing • An asset is identified in which the owners undervalue it against the market value. • A BioArbitrage Fund purchases the asset and sells it on the open market for an immediate return.
  5. 5. Additional Services • Custom Epidemiological Analysis- This provides insights and data tailored to specific client needs. These include requests involving specific populations, religious views, demographic factors or geographic conditions around the world. • Emerging Market Analysis- identifying the most appropriate geographical areas for introducing new offerings through primary KIL/KOL research and supplementary secondary analysis. (A PESTEL Analysis is a valuable tool when strategically examining emerging markets.) • Tangible Plan Approaches for New Business Opportunities- Using similar methodology to concept validation, but customizing the research for purposes of product introduction, we deliver an actionable sales and business plan for new concepts and the business case needed to support the findings. • Technology Transfer Center Identification- Harrison Hayes identifies the commercialization opportunities from university R&D and matches them with appropriate suitors in private industry, who contain the infrastructure capable of supporting market introduction and sustainability.
  6. 6. Perry Lewis VP– Strategy & Operations 704-972-2412