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Emotional Stress and Sleep Disorder
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Emotional Stress and Sleep Disorder






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Emotional Stress and Sleep Disorder Presentation Transcript

  • 1. MR. X AND MRS. Y
  • 2.  Last winter, people noticed there is something fishy behind Mr. X’s successful smile. Others were trying hard to solve the mystery behind Mrs. Y’s happiness secret. This is not a love story and Mr. X and Mrs. Y are not related in anyways, but they both have something strange in common. They both perfectly know how it means to be sleep deprived.
  • 3.  It all started when Mr. X accepted the offer at the “Emotional Stress” firm. Well, the name of the firm is not exactly that, but this nickname is created by the firm’s employees since this is how they feel about it, especially Mr. X.
  • 4.  At first, he tried to ignore his stress and distract himself, but it just got worst. He was up all night thinking about millions of things. He de-cluttered his bedroom, stopped smoking and drinking coffee, changed his mattress, sheets, and lights and tried reading books, listening to relaxing music and going to bed at the same time every night.
  • 5.  It worked for sometime but then the wandering mind kept him awake once again. He started having naps in his car during the lunch time, at his desk and even in the firm’s washroom, but as he became more tired, his performance went lower and his stress level increased which itself contributed to his insomnia. It was like a dead end loop with no hope.
  • 6.  Enough is enough! He said it loud to himself one morning in front of the mirror while shaving. Part of his face was covered with blood after he cut the area accidently following another restless night.
  • 7.  5 weeks later, in front of the same mirror, he felt something is different. He never believed in anti anxiety medicine, but after seeing his doctor it looked like the best choice knowing his current condition. Outside, he noticed flowers and birds again. Having a better sleep he started eating healthier, exercising more often. He felt ready to make necessary life changes as a long term plan.
  • 8.  But what is Mrs. Y’s happiness secret if she had the same sleeping issue? It was less than two years ago when things didn’t work out between him and Mr. Z. She didn’t know how to put her broken pieces together and start over. She used to rely so much on “Z” that she didn’t know how to move forward on her own. She was scared, lonely, heartbroken and sleepless.
  • 9.  One of her friends suggested a very good therapist working just two blocks away from her house. She decides to take the therapies advice and started behavioral therapy, worked on her confidence, started doing yoga and meditation.
  • 10.  She also tried relaxing techniques before and at bedtime. Listening to natural sounds was very soothing in addition to breathing and visualization techniques.
  • 11.  She felt so good after a while that not only she slept well, she also joined a few clubs and used her extra time to do more volunteering jobs. Volunteering made a big difference in her life and happiness.
  • 12.  She didn’t get where she is today fast but all the hard work were totally worth it in terms of her long term happiness. Today she loves and respects herself; gets a lot of support from her, friends, family and community and sleeps at night like a baby.